Embracing your differences with Mesh and how I got four ladies half naked ;)


I mentioned in my previous post that I had recently encountered someone who felt that mesh bodies were depriving us of our individuality and making us all more ‘cookie cutter’, and discussed my reasons for disagreeing with this view. So, to demonstrate just a few of the many differences mesh can create, I asked (begged, pleaded and possibly harassed) these four lovely ladies to pose for me – they are, from left to right – Kat, Chell, Eva and Des. Thank you ladies for sharing your gorgeous bodies with us! <3

I’m obviously a mesh fan (duh), and I respect that there are many who aren’t – it’s true, they are more fiddly, they do take longer to understand and they do require appliers, which can be painful at times (mostly for designers) – but they are also a far cry from the system body (the REAL cookie cutter body, in my opinion). They are smoother, rounder, the textures are far more defined (as a result of their ability to show textures at higher resolutions than just the 512×512 of the system body) and they are, well, just more sexy!!


I truly believe there is a mesh body for everyone, it all depends on your preferences of shape, size, gender, species…. but, for my 10c worth, if you’re looking for a human mesh avi, give these a try:

Want curves, but not insane curves? Try:
* EVE Pulpy
* Lena Lush

Want insane curves?? Try:
Sking Brazilia Doll (shown far right hand side of the above picture)

Want Athletic? Try:
* Slink Physique
* Belleza Venus
* EVE Slim
* Maitreya (Shown second to far right in the above picture)

Now for what the lovely ladies are wearing (right to left):

Des is wearing:
Mesh Body – Sking Brazilia Doll
Hair – Bella by Catwa
Underwear – Low Rise Lacies by [Bewps]
Top – Lovisa

Evadnae is wearing:
Mesh Body – Maitreya
Hair – Little Bones
Shoes – Matireya Group Gift – Indigo
Top – Nicola Turtleneck by Vive Nine
Underwear – Maitreya Mesh Body Underwear by Zaara (comes with the body)

Chellynne is wearing:
Mesh Body – Lena Lush by Kitties Lair
Underwear/Stockings – MAAI
Bra – Avanti

Katrina is wearing:
Mesh Body – Belleza
Hair – Lee by Catwa
Underwear – Belleza

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