Did you hear that noise?

As an Australian, I don’t really celebrate Halloween – in fact ghosts and goblins aside, I’m unsure of the meaning behind the holiday. Something to do with Pagans?

Well, we all know Dr Google could fill me in on that one, but I’m not quite that bored because I’ve come across another gorgeous outfit, and we all know how easily distracted I am by clothes.

I absolutely *love* the jacket on this one, the textures are so crisp that it’s easy to photograph. In fact it makes me wonder what I would look like in nothing but the jacket. Perhaps I’ll find that one out a little later 😉

Marzia Outfit

I’m wearing:

Jacket and Dress – Marzia by Rowena’s Designs

Shoes – Marzia by Rowena’s Designs

Hair – Riley by Argrace

Umbrella – Polka Dot Umbrella Red by be.YOU.tiful

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