Daniel & Lena – New Mesh Heads!

Hi Maddicts,

The Catwa Daniel review is here! To watch the video, click play below, and to read the rest of the review you can just click HERE.

Catwa also has a new mesh head coming out very soon, Kimberly, and Genesis Labs have just released a new bento mesh head, Lena, which is at Uber this round! A quick pic is below (and it’s entirely blue, thanks to the Nvidia crash that happened to me today. If this happens to you (ie. SL goes blue) just go to Avatar Menu –> Preferences –> Graphics and make sure ‘Advanced Lighting’ is ticked. 🙂

Lena uses the same system (HUD wise) as the Genesis Labs Eva mesh head, however I did notice that it had a bit less movement in the sliders than Eva. The nose was also a little troublesome (side preview of the face shows it as crooked) but that said, not all noses are straight in RL either! Anyway I’ll be adding information for Lena shortly, but below is a sneak peek!

<3 Daria

Daria is wearing:
Mesh Head – Catya by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Hair – Editorial/Laying by Tableau Vivant
Skin – Alexa by Glam AffairGatcha Catwa applier
Shirt – Kendall Loose Shirt by Addams – Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink sizes
Underwear – Inara panties by Vinyl (Available at The Epiphany) Gatcha

Dario is wearing:
Mesh Head – Daniel by Catwa (Including rigged eyes)
Mesh Body – Gianni by Signature
Skin – Cain by Lure Includes many mesh head and body appliers
Hair – F1124 hair by Tram hair
Necklace – ChainNecklace by Blankline (Available at the Signature event)
Jeans – Original Jeans M2 by Kalback (Available at the Signature event)
Sneakers – Apollo sneakers by The Oak (Available at the Signature event)

Pose – Underwater 2 by Evo Love

In the Lena pic, Daria is wearing:
Hair – Fire by Truth Hair (Available at The Epiphany) Gatcha
Skin – Lena Vanilla by Genesis Labs (Available at Uber) Genesis Labs applier
Top – Chloe Crop Top by Foxes (Available at Uber) – Maitreya size

3 thoughts on “Daniel & Lena – New Mesh Heads!

  1. I think the Nvidia crash thing you are getting is related to Nvidia bug 200273552 … for the driver release 378.49 … I have rolled back my driver because it’s not a crash issue … it’s a known bug with windows 10 and this driver package. The bug does state it was related to DirectX 11 .. but I seem to be getting it in SL and I am pretty positive SL doesn’t use DX 😀

  2. i like my Daniel head. It is the most adaptable one I have found, and I can finally create a shape that I like. There are a couple of things I did not love. The lighting is extremely important, and unfortunately, the default lighting leaves terrible shadows, so that I have bags under my eyes and a shiny forehead. I thought the price for the add on animation hud was too high. It should have been an upgrade to the one that came with the Daniel head. I think the whole mesh body/head are still too complicated, and every vendor is proprietary. Also, some of the animations are not great, for instance, I can’t tell that a kiss is a kiss. That being said, this is the best bento head i have tried, and it is a keeper.

  3. I went the whole 9 yards on this one. Got Daniel and a new Slink body to go with it. I tried several skin combinations. I like it, but I went back to my TMP/SL head combo. ALL of my friends said this was a better combination. The main problem is the affect of lighting on these heads in SL. The default SL lighting is not good for them, and that is what most people see. I don’t know if it is materials or the skins or something with the heads but in areas with default lighting, the heads look pasty. I have lots of pictures showing the dramatic difference. With the right windlight, the head and skins are beautiful, but no one is seeing it but me. In all my Bento head experiment has cost me $150.

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