Cute Sexy Cool – The Mesh Body Addict Blog!

The purpose of this blog is simple – to provide Mesh Body users (new and experienced) with honest, quality Mesh Body Friendly Fashion options, advice and Mesh Body Tutorials. At present, I blog using:

  • EVE Mesh Body
  • Lena Lush/Perky and Maternity Mesh Bodies
  • Belleza Venus Mesh Body
  • Slink Physique Mesh Body
  • and Slink Hands plus Flat, Mid and Low feet

At present, The Mesh Project body is not accepting bloggers and is therefore not included. The upcoming Maitreya body may or may not be included, depending on their blogger programs.

The blog will be updated to be made a little more user friendly over the Christmas period, plus new tutorials are forthcoming, including Omega tutorials, ‘how to use your mesh body’ tutorials and more. Want to see something specific? Let me know, use the Contact Me form, Comment and fill out my quick poll!

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