Catwa’s Mesh Head Revolution!

Hi MAddicts!

It was the second half of last year when the mesh head revolution really started to take hold – and more specifically, it was around then that Catwa released their first mesh head, Jessica. I remember being SO excited about this mesh head, and not only because it was the first mesh head that felt like ‘me’, but because it was the first time we saw expressions with animations on mesh heads. This feature really revolutionised mesh heads, and not long after we saw other mesh head creators follow suit.

Well today the extremely talented Catwa Clip released the update for the mesh head she released in December, Gwen. Gwen only had one expression at release, with the promise of an update early this year for those who purchased it. Well, the release is OUT, so Gwen owners, get yourselves over to the Catwa store for a redelivery, because not only is the Gwen head now updated with the rest of the animations/expressions of the other Catwa heads, but for those of you who bought her as an ‘early release’ will actually get TWO heads sent to you – one with some special default lip options!


It’s also worth mentioning that the updated Gwen head features a ‘teeth clipper’ – meaning those of you that weren’t a fan of the bigger two front teeth can now get a perfectly straight smile!

Cut Gwen Teeth

Now I know, all of this is exciting – but I do have a point. That is, Catwa has just revolutionised the mesh head market ONCE AGAIN!

Amongst it’s included features, the Catwa Gwen head now offers users the ability to ‘upgrade’ their mesh head to gain access to an additional 12 eye and 42 mouth animations! Better yet, the eyes and mouth can be adjusted seperately, allowing you to combine the different looks in 504 different ways!

I’ve had a lot of fun playing with these features I must admit, and because it’s impossible for me to show you that many different features, I’m including the video below to show you what this head is capable of. You can see in my picture above I’ve been using some of the ‘sad’ and ‘crying’ animations included in the upgrade, but I’m also very partial to the witch icon (which makes her do a Samanta from Bewitched and twitch her nose) and the pizza icon (eating) lol. Oh and for my fellow photographers, don’t worry you can still ‘pause’ the eye and mouth animations for photos!

There you have it MAddicts! The Gwen head is for sale now (for those who don’t own it already) for 3,599L, and the upgrade animations are available for 5,000L. You can grab both in the Catwa store now and you can read the Gwen MBA Review here!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Gwen V4.6 by Catwa
Mesh Body – Isis by Belleza – Champagne freckled applier for Belleza used by [theSkinnery]
Skin – Maddie (Champagne) by [theSkinnery] (Available at Collabor88)Catwa applier
Makeup – Tears Appliers (Catwa version) by Izzie’sCatwa applier
Eyes – Hope Eyes (Clarity) by IKON
Hair – Khloe 2 by [e] (past exclusive item from The Epiphany)
Top – Lambert Tunic by Vinyl (Available at The Liason Collaborative) Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Jeans – Designer Jeans by Just Because (Available at Uber) – Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pose – Plausible Deniability (part of the Provocatrice pose pack) by Le Poppycock (Available at Collabor88)

10 thoughts on “Catwa’s Mesh Head Revolution!

  1. Wow… this looks awesome, but it kind of seems unfair to those of us who paid the same amount for the Jessica head. Since we supported Catwa by buying their first mesh head, I think at least, we deserve the same treatment as customers. Or are we supposed to go buy each head? Gwen is not even my style, so I wouldn’t use that one. I’ll be looking forward to the update on the other heads.

    • Only if you want that many animations. Honestly, unless you’re a photographer or a heavy role player that might use the ‘upgrade’ animations – you can happily stick with just buying the normal head and not spending the extra money. It comes with 9 animations as standard 🙂


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  3. Love, love, love this update! I was a purchaser of the pre-release head so I was happy to get a little something special at full release with the extra default mouth positions. I also grabbed the animation update and I’ve been having fun setting a mood (or set of moods) and going about my day. The only issue I’m having is with the tooth clip option. It just puts a black bar under the teeth for me, and if I try to tint it to match the tongue it tints the whole tooth. What am I doing wrong? Daria, have you or anyone else played with that?

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