Catwa’s Annie upgrade & my two cents…

(High resolution shot here)

Hi MAddicts,

I know many of you have been waiting for this one – and the good news is here, Catwa’s Annie mesh head has now been updated to include the ability to ‘upgrade’ it for extra animations. Now Annie’s update is slightly different, in that after receiving some feedback about both the price of the upgrades, and the fact that many just wanted to have some extra animations and not pay for allllll of those – Catwa Clip has reduced the number of animations in the upgrade, which has cut the cost of the upgrade too!

So a quick run down on all three human (female) heads for you:

Annie (human):

  • Standard head (9 animations included): 3,599L
  • Upgrade Activator (additional mix’n’match 10 upper & 28 lower animations): 3,360L

Check out the new animations available in Annie’s upgrade below:

Gwen & Jessica:

  • Standard heads (9 animations included): 3,599L each
  • Upgrade Activator (additional mix’n’match 12 upper & 42 lower animations): 5,000L

Along with the new animations, the heads have been updated to include a lot of new features – my favourite being the new ears (now much smoother and nicer), the longer lashes on Jessica and the ability to hide the inner eye (lacrimal) using the Neck/Hair HUD. Weird I know, but some of my favourite skins looked really odd around that part of the eye, so being able to hide it has made my life a bit better hehe.

The one concern I do have is the rendering of the heads. As a result of the ‘animation’ features, the heads themselves have a high render cost and therefore sometimes I experience glitching issues (remembering of course that I have a less than awesome computer and a varying internet connection). For me personally it’s put me off of the upgraded heads a little, and whilst I love them for photography, I stick with the ‘light’ version of the head most of the time to reduce issues. Newer buyers of the heads however won’t have access to the ‘old’ versions of the head, so I wonder if that will hold the heads back a little. In all honesty, what I would LOVE to see is the heads kept as they are (in terms of the 9 animations included etc etc for the current price) with the ability to buy an upgrade that includes EXPRESSIONS and not ANIMATIONS. The reason I say this is that the mesh required for animations is much more extensive, because if you picture it, it’s almost like each frame of the movement is a mesh. Expressions however are a sudden change of facial expression, and don’t transition smoothly – which I don’t care about honestly. I love LOGO’s expressions and the speed of movement to them, because obviously I’m a photographer, so the end look is what I’m after 🙂

So I wonder this, meshy world – what if we could keep Catwa’s best animations (the small smile is the one I use every day), and buy more expressions rather than animations? Am I on my own in wanting to see that to reduce personal lag? :)What do you think about Annie’s upgrade not including as many animations? (so it isn’t so expensive!)?

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh head – Annie by Catwa (Version 4.8 out now – upgrade activator used)
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Mona by Glam Affair – Catwa applier
Tears – Tears by Izzie’sCatwa applier
Hair – Mint by Little Bones (Available at Uber)Includes Blueberry Hoodfit size
Dress – Nova by Blueberry (Available at Uber) Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pose – Quietude by Le Poppycock

4 thoughts on “Catwa’s Annie upgrade & my two cents…

  1. I heard Catwa mention a ” lighter” series of mesh heads in development, begining with one named Sara I believe. These will be cheaper, un-animated and therefore I would expect faster on the rendering. Have you heard anything more on this than I have?

  2. I totally agree with you on this, if I could buy a hud with just expressions I would have bought this right away but I keep wondering about if I can be bothered with this hud and is it worth the cost.

  3. I bought upgrades for Annie and Jessica. To be honest, while they are cute and well done, they aren’t features I would use regularly. Some of them are so subtle you have to look very close to notice them. It’s not often I would be staring at an avatar’s face while having a conversation or otherwise. I also wonder about the investment in animations with the Bento skeleton project right around the corner. With that project It looks like face animations will be greatly enhanced along with other body extensions. I love the CATWA heads but I’m not as enamored with the animations as I thought I would be. I have reverted to the “light” versions as well. I cannot stand teleporting somewhere and having my head left behind! LOL

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