Black Friday Sales – Where you need to go

We don’t even HAVE Black Friday in Australia, but I’m so excited that SL has one that I could pass out right now!!

Now first and foremost, I recommend Seraphim, they are a great resource for Sales, and they have a Black Friday Sales listie HERE.

So many of my faves on sale… [Free Bird], HUCCI, ColdLogic, AlterEgo….

Secondly, join the Skin Addiction group in world. Skin designers over the grid are having major sales for members of the group only, so join and wait for that list to come out at midnight!

Lastly… Be prepared for lag. Lose your scripts, your mesh bod and maybe even go invisible… this is a marathon ladies, not a sprint!

Happy Shopping <3


Add Damselfly Hair to your list… 30 to 70% off ladies!!

If you see any other non listed sales, leave a comment! <3

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