Belleza Update is OUT!

Hi Maddicts,

You have waited tirelessly for it – AND IT’S HERE! The Belleza mesh body update is OOOOUT! For those of you who own the body already, grab a redelivery. The redelivery will give you one box that has all of the bodies (both full and lite and versions) for all three bodies in it. 🙂

SO – what’s new?? A LOT! But first a few top facts I know you’re all curious about!

  1. Your old clothes for Belleza will still fit!
  2. The shape changes are minor and mostly an improvement on the rigging and subtle sculpting, so it’s still the body you know and love!
  3. The new HUD is INCREDIBLE, and still works universally across all three bodies.
  4. The ‘lite’ versions of the body are really handy – because of the reduced hands/breasts options, the overall mesh is much lighter.

So, here’s some more info about it!

To start with, there are now different options for purchasing the bodies. You can now purchase the bodies in the following ways:

  • Purchase 1 of the 3 bodies in a ‘lite’ version for 1,799L – which contains all 4 feet options, but only 1 hand option and 1 layer (tattoo), 1 breast option (natural) & the new HUD system.
  • Purchase 1 of the 3 bodies in a ‘full’ version for 2,499L – which contains all 4 feet options, all 10 hand options & all 3 layers with the new HUD system.
  • Purchase a fatpack of all 3 bodies for 4,499L – which contains all the ‘lite’ versions and all the ‘full’ versions for each body!

What’s the difference between the lite and full versions? Here’s a video from Vixie Rayna to tell you!

The release also includes many new features, updates and fixes:

Updated ALL Three Fitted Mesh Bodies (Venus, Isis, Freya)
NEW Light Body Version (Venus, Isis, Freya)
NEW Purchasing Options (Lite, Full, Fatpack)
Compatible with Old Mesh Clothing
Fixes to Venus Waist and Arms
Fixes to Body Layers to Prevent Altitude Glitch
Updated rigging

Brand New Universal HUD System
Allows Future Add-Ons
Many New Features

Improved Skin Tinting System
NEW Color Tinting Save Slots
Now Individually Tint Neck, Nipples, Body or All Three Simultaneously

Easier Alpha Selection
NEW 360 Model Rotation
More Quick Alpha Section Picks
Now 9 Alpha Save Slots

Improved Materials
NEW Color Tinting Save Slots

Updated Neck Fit
Updated Neck Sheath

Full Material Support for All Layers
NEW Texture Refresh for Individual Layers
NEW Color Tinting Available for Layers
NEW Color Tinting Save Slots

Now Save Individual Body Layers to Universal HUD

Now Save Full Outfits to Universal HUD

NEW Kill Script Option for Mesh Body
Updated Lingerie Fit (Venus, Isis, Freya)
Updated Shoe Fit (Venus, Isis, Freya)

Fixed Auto-Hide System
Full Material Support for Skins and Clothing Layer Appliers

So Belleza users, what do we think about the update????

<3 Daria

36 thoughts on “Belleza Update is OUT!

  1. I don’t know if they did it or not but I wish the hands were detachable. At least I am happy they fixed the rigging because I had many problems in the waist and neck parts.

  2. Woot just got my update and I am sooo happy to be back in Belleza again. The update is fantastic. Yay I look like me again. Can’t wait for Belleza fitmesh to start flooding the market in the meantime I can save up my lindens until they do!

    • its coming its coming
      comment from YT
      1. The rumors are true! The male mesh body will go into beta testing shortly after the female update

  3. Here is what noone has mentioned.. the change they made to the butt, has made any mesh thong, shorts etc that was for the v3, very loose in that area, and unuseable on the new body. So any of that type of mesh you have invested in, will require continued use of the old body.

    My wife was furious of this, because now 2 versions of the body must be maintained, unless you do not mind throwing away those pieces of mesh you had bought before.

  4. Super happy this is out.

    Note that it is also very low lag.
    The light version is 4740 avatar complexity.
    The regular version still ONLY 7896.
    (these figures are ‘minus’ the 400 or 1000 seen when wearing nothing).
    – That makes this body the lowest lag mesh body I know of in SL, beating even the ‘Solarian Furry’ I so often rave about when I post about graphics-lag.

    When you first put it on now, its just pops on nice and quick like any other low-lag mesh item. No longer that weird moment were you’re looking at a ball of weird body parts trying to figure out where they go.

    Some caveats:
    The color tinting of skin does NOT work on the breasts of the the light version.
    The delete scripts button does not work for either the light or full body.

    Lite is spelled light unless referring to low-calorie products in commercial advertising. 🙂

  5. Seriously Overall…. I can say I’m not as impressed. I Love my Isis body more than anyone in SL… my level of disappointment is high. We have a great hud. We just needed more alpha options nothing else in my opinion. I feel like it went back in time with the monochrome colors on the hud and the problems reading the blurry text as well as trying to decode the pictures..

  6. Hmmm has the calves and ass been fixed? Calves were way to big for the shorter ladies and the ass was to boxey which needed to be rounded and shaped more like the slink hourglass or maitreya.

  7. I’m really upset with this. I’m a mesh creator of a small brand, now I have to remake all my belleza sizes again. 🙁 Is the second time I have to do this with Belleza. Is ok they improve their bodies but they change the body 2 times. And all the old meshes don’t work.

  8. Sadly i can not add a skin via uid like Catwa heads.
    I tried the demos and Isis lite was the perfect one for me but i need to find a way of adding my skin via uid.

  9. Well got the isis lite version and i’m just in love with it.
    Can not delete all scripts, the delete scripts option still leaves 64kb on the body, but besides that all works like a charm and uis so easy to add your own skin via uiid suing the dev kit:)
    All the slink high feet shoes i have can be used with the high feet option:)
    And the alpha options can really make almost all mesh outifts fit perfectly.
    Besides, the ARC of my avatar is now less then 18.000, fully meshed (Hair, head, eyes, body, clothes).
    So kudos to all that are using Belleza:)

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