Belleza’s Jake Mesh Body is OUT!

Hi Man-Maddicts!

The moment you’ve been waiting so eagerly for is finally here – Belleza’s male mesh body Jake is out!!! Yaaaay! (those of you who are part of the MBA Chat group in-world will know just excited Pondie must be!).

Jake is Belleza’s first male mesh body, and I’ve been so honoured to be a part of the alpha/beta testing team for Belleza with this one. Watching the body from the very beginning stages to the final product has been incredible, and the amount of work that Tricky and the team at Belleza have put in to making this body one that men will love is nothing short of incredible, so congrats team Belleza!! For now though, let’s take a look at the body!

Name: Jake
Designer: Belleza
Price: 2,999L
Hands – Bento hands included
Feet – Flat feet included (slink feet fit option also included)
Skins – 7 skin tones, with both smooth and hairy options. The body also includes a Catwa applier in all 7 tones, pictured above on Stanley bento mesh head by Catwa.

Want more info and to see the review? Click here to read it all!

Grab a demo Man Maddicts, you’ll be in love!

<3 Daria

Daria’s Wearing:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya with Lara bento hands
Mesh Head – Catya by Catwa
Skin – Serena skin by Spirit Skins (Available at Kustom9) – Catwa applier
Hair – Suzi by Mina Hair (Available at Fameshed)
Top – Maddy Tube Top by Maddict (Available at Rewind) Includes Belleza (Isis/Freya), Maitreya & Slink HG size
Gloves – Maddy Bento gloves by Maddict (Available at Rewind) Includes Maitreya body/Maitreya bento hands size
Pants – Luna Rubberised pants by Addams – Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Shoes – Chancla Leather Slides by Thalia Heckroth

Dario’s Wearing:
Mesh Body – Jake (beta) by Belleza
Mesh Head – Stanley by Catwa (Available at Ultra form the 15th)
Skin – Jake by Belleza (Catwa applier included with Jake mesh body purchase)
Hair – Urban Warrior dreads by Tableau Vivant (Available at Signature Event)
Jeans – Original Jeans M2 by Kalback Signature size worn
Sneakers – Jake Sneakers by Belleza (included with Jake mesh body purchase)
Backdrop/Pose – ::WetCat:: & .:LEMON:. “Alley” BackdropScene (Available at Fameshed) Note, pose has been manually edited

20 thoughts on “Belleza’s Jake Mesh Body is OUT!

  1. Hello right now i use teh latest Signature Gianni Body with Daniel Catwa head would it be worth to grab the new Belleza Jake Body? If so what are the differences (for you which make it better)

    • Honestly it’s totally a personal taste choice Longinus, go with whichever body you like the look of better 🙂 Signature has the advantage of having fitmesh already available for it, however the shape and HUD abilities of Belleza make it really appealing. I think it will get designer support in no time 🙂

  2. Lol its out it looks it great but its needs vendor support badly.
    Also the seam issue is only on Stanley head on the Daniel their is no issue.

    • Yep after a day and sleepless night (must have an addiction here). I really like the shape its a lot better in my opinion then Gianni. Not to mention the complexity is a lot better too, Even my Girl is commenting on my butt now! Guess its all fair, though the problem areas with it is though the shape is fine the skin textures aren’t the best, as you said with the neck seam. the Belleza skin with the Daniel head is almost a match for my Avenge skins. Though I can work with the Belleza Skin I just need to find body hair applier for the tattoo layer, so I can get my body hair back. If Avenge made omega skins I could use those but they can be pain to find!

  3. I got it. i like it. I am having trouble with the skin. Can’t figure yet how to get the eyebrows blond on the Catwa head. The skins that come with it have some facial shadows that I don’t love. If I can figure out how to use the layers myself, this will replace my TMP

  4. at this moment it will be not worth changing your gianni for this one… it’s improvements are way to minor for it till now.
    Yes it looks good, but for most clothes you need serious adjustments to your body.
    The alpha cuts are not perfect … and a little more…

    A lot of pics go to the total look, but don’t forget it’s just the body. The handsome face is Catwa!

    @bhakti you need the omega relay/appliers/installer.. and be sure to wear no skinapplier with baked brows if you want to put others on it.

  5. I got it last night, and I love it! Only one single minor wish left: I’d appreciate it if in a next update it would be possible to operate the tattoo layer on each arm seperately.

  6. Hi there,

    So the male body has bento hands included. Any news of female body bento update? 🙂
    (sorry for the offtopic)

  7. I got it yesterday! I love it so far!! I love the shape it’s not over masculine which I love since I play a girly gay avatar. I had to adjust both the torso area and butt area down a bit so my body wouldn’t look out of proportion. Since we talking about the butt, I love it I finally get to have a nice plump booty compared to the other male mesh avatars (whose booty’s look like saggy diapers or flat pancakes).

    My only complaint is, I maybe the only person in the word who isn’t a big fan of the Bento hands, so I will love to rock my Slink hands with this body. but for some reason it looks out of place (I’m assuming I have to make my torso more muscly for it to fit perfectly which I DONT want to do).

    I already have some Omega clothes so clothing and tats isn’t a problem. I’m just ready for designers to jump on bored so we can get clothes made for this body.

    I give the body 4 stars out of 5. I know its a lot of improving to come along. I’m still in love with my Slink body but I’m so glad I made this purchase.

  8. Hi, I miss avatar render weight, or complexity, in your reviews. This is important for some of us. I can see Wes mention that it is better than Gianni.
    Aside from that, great work on the blog!
    My malt will demo this one. 😉

  9. This body is hell and heaven at the same time. I will leave it in my inventory I think, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

    First and foremost the neck is terrible. It’s quite very bad shape vertically, bends in the middle, and the angle at the front is not great for necklaces. Then, sadly, I find my crashes have tripled with this body over the slink, or the signature, or any other body I have. I am not sure what it is, but my computer hates it.

    And of course, designer support. There are so few clothes that fit right now.

    Maybe with a couple more updates, especially if the neck is fixed, and with some designers coming on board it might be a viable replacement for the Slink/Signature.

  10. I bought the Jake body when it came out … almost immediately I regretted it, and wished I hadn’t been so dumb to not try the demo first. THERE ARE NO HAND POSES AT ALL. Sure the hands are bento … but every other mesh body that currently has bento hands ALSO has all the standard hand poses in the hud, and at least a few (if not more) random bento animations that you can enable while not using specific hand poses. This drives me crazy … I shouldn’t have to go purchase hand posers and have yet another hud on my screen just to do the same functions any other mesh/bento body can already do. Was quite disappointed after messaging the creator and asking if it was an oversight or perhaps was in the works for a future update (since this is v1.0 BETA (why they sold a BETA version is beyond me — it wasn’t mentioned in the store that it was beta) … but was told that it was done that way on purpose. 🙁

  11. This has a lot of potential, but like mentioned by others, the neck is a nightmare (and no, IMHO that’s not an exaggeration at this time unfortunately). You can either have a poorly executed “sheath”, which results in a ruffle around the neck and looks odd, or a seam with gaps forming every time you move. The rest of the body I love (especially the legs and butt), I just hope the neck is fixed soon. I’m wearing it with an Omega skin from 7DS, and the nips all line up nicely, and liking the aplha cuts a lot (although still getting used to them). If you’re not an avid early adopter, I’d be waiting for at least the next release to see how the neck looks, unless you’re Cousin It of course and your hair hides it…. ;-p

  12. Belleza Jake’s body is my favourite. I never interested with those people who using Gianni, TMP, or Slink. This body is pretty much compatible with standard SL outfit (with a lil adjustment). Totally worth it to have and with Stray Dog’s skin it’s totally perfect :D. I don’t really care with the neck since I always use collar all time. 😛

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