Belleza’s Jake, Animated Objects in SL, MBA Sim move and more!

Hi Maddicts!

Oh my gosh I can’t believe two weeks has gone by without having the chance to blog out to you all!! So much has been happening, but it’s all good, so let’s take a look at some updates of what’s been happening 😀

MBA Sim has moved!

That’s right, the Mesh Body Addicts sim, which houses a collection of SL’s best mesh body, mesh head and fitmesh designers, has moved to a new sim! The new sim is a total redesign of the old one and features a larger Maddict store (that’s my store), a garden featuring SL’s most popular mesh bodies (so you can purchase and demo directly from the sim) as well as MBA Bi-Monthly, AviCandy, Tori’s Styles, illi and a collection of other incredible designers like Pink Pearl Designs, Insanya, Scandalize, Belzebubble, Vision, Essenz and many more, so make sure you come over and check it out!

There are still a few areas under construction on the sim, so bare with us while we do this, but my intention for the sim has always been to give people a place to hang out, relax and easily access mesh bodies/heads, so please head on over and use it 🙂 I’m also going to be setting up a pretty forest area, and a photography area with some of the amazing backdrops I’ve collected over the years for those of you who want to take snapshots of your body, so that will be coming soon 🙂

MBA Bi-Monthly is open!

The May round of MBA Bi-Monthly is open, and we have some incredible designs for you maddicts! For those who may not be familiar with it, Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly is an event I run every second month, focused on (of course) fashion for mesh bodies and mesh heads! We have some incredible designers that take part each round, and I like to focus on showcasing not only some of SL’s best designers, but new up and coming designers that I think you will all love, so don’t miss out on checking out this event because it’s well worth your time!

There seem to be so many events these days, but MBA has always been a labour of love for me, so if you have suggestions, feedback or ideas on how to make the event even better for you guys, I want to hear it! This is *our* event, for the Mesh body/head lovers, so I’m always interested in your thoughts!!

Maddict is at 80’s Rewind and taking part in Midnight Madness this month!


That’s right – my store Maddict sells 100% Original fitmesh created by myself, is taking part in this round of Rewind, which is dedicated to 80’s roller rink fashion! For this one, we’ve created some fun tube tops and we’re selling then as 2 for 1, with one solid and one graphic version of each. The tops include sizes for Belleza Isis/Freya, Maitreya & Slink HG, and yes, there is one top that features a unicorn puking rainbows LOL.

I’ve also made some gloves for Rewind, my first bento item – these gloves are currently Maitreya size only (I don’t have the slink/vista hand kits yet) and these are also 2 for 1 with one striped and one plain version in each pack. I hope you enjoy!

For midnight madness we created some cute little tee’s for you guys – we have a floral and a rainbow version, plus you can purchase 4 additional colours/styles for 99L during the MM event – bargain! The shirts include sizes for Belleza Isis/Freya, Maitreya & Slink HG, so don’t miss out!

Belleza’s Jake Mesh Body is nearly here…

Jake is nearly here, so stay tuned for my next post which will include the review! Some fast facts for you though Maddicts:

  • The body is Omega compatible (will use an Omega installer)
  • It includes bento hands and flat feet
  • The body will come with a Catwa applier (as worn in my main pic) for a skin called ‘Jake’
  • The body adapts well to both muscular and more ‘normal’ male looks, which I love
  • It’s gorgeous!

Linden Labs announces Animated Objects

Now this is a big one – for most of you, you may be saying to yourself ‘we have animations in Second Life… don’t we?’ Well the truth is that we don’t. Think about those cute pets you wear as a companion, or horses you see on a sim – they may move, but really what’s happening is that a texture is moving on them to create that ‘movement’. Compare it to a non-bento mesh head for example – each animation was a frame/different mesh. Now with bento, that’s not the case, the bones are there to support movement, so there only needs to be one rigged piece of mesh that can move in world.

This announcement is basically saying that NPC’s (non player characters) can be created in Second Life. That horse that is simply moving alpha textures will have its own form of artifical intelligence – it’s own rig and skeleton and its own scripting to make it move independently and/or interact with your avatar. Though it’s early days, this will mean some really exciting things moving forward, so I’m exciting to see what will come out of this. Imagine a cat that can move realistically, and have an AI of its own to interact with you… I cannot wait to see!

For more info head over to the AMAZING Medhue’s channel on youtube. I can’t say enough how amazing his tutorials, videos and tools are, so please head on over and give him some love <3 Click here

Phew – see, lots going on Maddicts, and that’s just scratching the surface! Up next – exciting news!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Mesh Head – Cate by Lelutka
Skin – Klara by Glam Affair (Available at C88)Lelutka applier
Hair – Kare by Truth (VIP gift May)
Top – Betina tank top by Addams (Available at C88)Includes Belelza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Panties – Galera panty by Addams Includes Belelza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes

Dario’s Wearing:
Mesh Body – Jake (beta) by Belleza
Mesh Head – Stanley by Catwa
Skin – Jake by Belleza (Catwa applier included with Jake mesh body purchase)
Hair – Urban Warrior dreads by Tableau Vivant (Available at Signature Event)
Shorts – Jake shorts by Belleza (included with Jake mesh body purchase)

Pose – Impulse II pose 6 by Artis

6 thoughts on “Belleza’s Jake, Animated Objects in SL, MBA Sim move and more!

  1. Actually, saying the new feature will support NPC’s is way over stating things.

    Several people are calling the new feature NARM’s, non-avatar rigged mesh. To be a NPC we would need shapes and sliders for them and that apparently is not going to happen. At least that is what Vir Linden is saying now. Also, NPC’s would need to be able to walk, fly, etc. That too is not going to happen. We will mostly be dependent on Pathfinding to move these NARM’s.

    More details about these features is here:

    • Ahhh interesting! Okay that’s fair enough (I don’t play a lot of games so to me an NPC is simply something that’s non player controlled). Great read on your blog, I recommend you check it out guys!!

  2. I want to stress, as someone who regularly attends these designer meetings that. Linden Lab working on something is not the same as them promising delivery on it. This is an exploratory idea they are beginning to delve into.

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