Belleza Venus Update & Omega Applier Updates are here!!!

Okay so we all know that I’m a total mesh body addict, and my favourite, bar none, is my Belleza Venus. Well good news fellow junkies – there’s a body update AND an Omega Applier update to go with it!!!

The best bits:

  • You can now wear the body with only Slink Feet (which means you can use the Belleza hands!!!!);
  • New lingerie, including a set for the ‘push up’ breasts option; and last but not least

So, how do you get it? Well Belleza will send you the update kit, and if you’re an Omega Applier user, you’ll get sent one from them too. Now, a little tutorial on how to use it all! 🙂

Now, for your Belleza, all you have to do is:

  1. Get SUPER excited
  2. Unpack the Belleza Venus Update box and wear the mesh body, hud, alpha etc as usual
  3. Now to fix your neck – you will see a bag ‘Belleza – Head Tattoo Blenders’. Unpack it
  4. Add the blender layer that corresponds to your mesh body colour. For easy reference, here’s the what’s what:

Belleza 1

Now for you Omega Applier users:

  1. Unpack the Belleza Omega Update pack
  2. Open and click the ‘Installer’ Belleza 2
  3. THAT’S IT! You don’t need to use the included Relay unless you’re using the old body, so just go ahead and apply your chosen item of clothing!! (HINT – If you use the applier and it doesn’t work, check to make sure you’ve enabled the layer just like I have below!!)

Belleza 3

As always, I hope this helps everyone! <3

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