Beefing with Budgies and a bit off topic today…


As a blogger, we’re known for our weird habits (standing in our studios for hours, wearing bizzare half co-ordinated outfits trying to get a style right) and of course – breaking stuff. Yep it’s true, we’re breakers (at least I am). Now it’s totally intentional, and usually because we get some crazy idea for a photo and we can’t get the item in question to do what we want it to do…. so we’re moving it, stretching it, unlinking it… doing god knows what to it really.

It’s this habit that probably had poor Cortez, the genius behind Free Bird, thinking I’m a weirdo when I IM’d her earlier asking if there was a way to break my budgies out of their cage lol. I had an image come into my mind about a face-off with the budgie. Don’t get me wrong – love budgies, but when I was younger (around 12) we had one in my house called Captain. He was a cute lil blue budgie, and he was a breed that was able to actually learn to speak (well, parrot back phrases). My mum, being the eternal optimist, taught Captain to say “Don’t worry be happy”…. a phrase he said over…. and over…. and over…. and over…. lol. He also learnt a few other phrases during his lifetime, my least favourite of which was a little phrase my sister taught him: “Daria stuffs her bra.” As you can imagine, many fights arose out of that, but up until he passed away when I was in my late teens, he accused me of stuffing my bra whenever I was there (and probably when I wasn’t).

So, in my weird blogger mind, I decided to face-off with a bird… and since I couldn’t break him out of his cage, I brought the cage to me 😉

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled mesh body talk….

PS – No I didn’t wear Kleenex 😛

<3 Daria

I’m bitching at birds in:
Mesh Head – Slink Visage by Slink
Mesh Body – Slink Physique by Slink
Skin – Lolita by WOW Skins
Pajamas – Mona by Blacklace
Hair – Felicity Hair by .Olive.
Socks – Garter Socks (Pastel) by AviCandy
Tattoo – Love Spectrum Tattoo by Elymode (Available at the Cosmetics Fair)
Budgies – My Pet Budgie System by [Free Bird]

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