Auto-Hide for Maitreya & the Learning Center

Hi MAddicts!

I hope you’ve all had an awesome week! I’ve been busily working away on the sim this week, adding some new areas for designers to showcase their items, and adding some new tools (such as a Frequently Asked Questions/Troubleshooting boards) to the MBA Sim Learning Center. 

One of the newest additions to the MBA Sim is a really nifty little product by D&D for Maitreya users. If you haven’t heard of it already, you should really check this one out. Essentially, the DD AutoHUD is designed to help Maitreya users (and even designers) create their own little autohides! What do I mean? Well as you know many designers now sell Maitreya fitmesh clothing with ‘autohide’ built in to them (ie. they alpha out the parts of the body that would otherwise stick through the clothing). The problem is that of course, you have a huge inventory of standard mesh and other mesh clothing that you wish would do that, but they don’t!

Well enter the Autohide HUD! The HUD enables you to put on a mesh outfit, use your Maitreya HUD to alpha out the relevant parts, then easily generate the ‘code’ required to save that combination of alpha cuts into a notecard and prim. Then, all you need to do is wear the prim when you wear that outfit (which I do by saving it in my outfit), and bam – when you ‘add’ the invisible prim, it will alpha your body for you!

Sounds complicated? It’s not, in fact once you’ve done it once it’s quite simple – and there’s a youtube tutorial for it too for those like me who hate reading long notecards.

It’s only 100L, and you can grab it at the MBA Sim and on marketplace. Won’t be for everyone – and for me personally, well I change outfits daily almost (I really should re-wear clothes more than I do) so for me, I found it a really interesting idea, but given I’m always in something new, there’s not much point in creating these for outfits I wouldn’t wear again. I have added auto-hide prims to my fave pair of jeans and my favourite corset though, because if anything, I’ll rewear those!!

Well next up is Weekly Fitmesh Finds MAddicts, coming at you soon 🙂

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya (Wow Skins – Tan applier used)
Mesh Head – Jessica V2 by Catwa
Skin – Sicila by Wow Skins (Catwa applier – tan)
Hair – Laila by MINA (Available in-store as part of Mix event – 50% off)
Top – Careless by Rebel Hope (Available at FaMESHed)Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink sizes
Jeans – Jealousy by Rebel Hope (Available at FaMESHed)Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink sizes
Shoes – Redemption heels by Rebel Hope (Available at FaMESHed) Includes Belleza, Maitreya & Slink sizes
Pose – Little hearts by Le Poppycock

6 thoughts on “Auto-Hide for Maitreya & the Learning Center

  1. Hi Daria.
    I’ve gone round and round looking for the auto hide, but can’t find it. I feel such an idiot. Do you have directions for the GPS challenged among us? 🙂

  2. Im new to this whole mesh body notion. UGH I am so cornfused. Yes cornfused. I bought the Lara but don’t have a clue what appliers are or anything. And the omega??? no clue. No the auto hide, I give up. I have so many clothes that I want to preserve, maybe I should just go back to my old body.

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