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Hi Maddicts,

I hope you all had an amazing Easter! I had a long weekend full of chocolate and designing, plus some sim work because the MBA Sim, event, Maddict, AviCandy and Illi are all moving to a new sim! So stay tuned for exciting changes!

In the meantime, it’s been a while since I’ve done a Q&A, so I thought today I’ll throw the forum open to you guys. If you have a question (about blogging, mesh bodies/heads, designing, really anything I might be able to answer), just leave a comment below with your question and I’ll do my best to answer it in the next post 🙂

Leave your question below Maddicts, can’t wait to see what you’re all curious about!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Catya by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Justine by Amara Beauty (Powder Pack April 2017) – Catwa applier
Hair – MINA Hair – Inkie [Windy Ponytail] (Available at The Epiphany)
Ears – 34.SallieLanguage//VintageBunny Bento Ear&TailExtra White RARE (Available at The Epiphany)
Dress – #10 Blueberry – Cocodoll Set – M – Dress – White – Common (Available at The Epiphany)
Shoes – #5 Blueberry – Cocodoll Set – M – Shoes(Tall) – Pink – RARE (Available at The Epiphany)
Bracelet – #25 Blueberry – Cocodoll Set – Bracelets – Maitreya (Available at The Epiphany)
Necklace – #26 Blueberry – Cocodoll Set – Necklace – Maitreya (Available at The Epiphany)
Pose – Cyber-Link by WetCat (Available at The Pose Fair) – Bento pose includes Laptop and decor
Donut – +Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Rainbow Sprinkles (Available at The Epiphany)
Rug – [BunBun] DayDream – Pink Geometric Rug x

19 thoughts on “Ask me anything!

  1. Hey Daria. I am wondering are there any inworld classes to learn rigging and weightpainting. Do you learn from other creators who are kind enough to help out or is you tube the go to for learning?

  2. Why so man ppls do blogs and why they’re always about style umm Princess etc candy.? Why never as excample RLV RP’ing , or umm read maybe better as slut , slave etc A rated.? I have found its mostly 99.99% PG rated outfits and looks and i do know there is many who simple cannot stand those kind a looks and /or clothes. Maybe time to blog some A rated also , as we all are adults and not brats ! Or i’m hoping so ! Also i honestly and seriously have found too many takes sl as rl and vice versa even when blogging !

    But what i realy hope , is that A rated blogs ! Please !! Tysm !!

  3. Hmmm… I have been wondering about this for a while since I started SL last year. Do people tend to use a skin shade that doesn’t match with their own in RL? Do they use a skin that’s usually associated with a different race than they are? Is it wrong to use a skin shade that’s not the same as you are in RL?

    I haven’t really seen an answer to this and I honestly would like to know 🙂

    • Ok, I am not Daria…….but, here is a quick reply to this. It is not wrong to wear any skin color you want to….why would that be considered ‘wrong’?. These are pixel avatars that we are dressing up….you can dress them (or not dress them) in anyway your feel like. You can choose to be the color green if that is your fancy. Unlike in RL, changing your avatars attributes is super easy, painless and cheap. Soooo, you do you….it should never matter what others think about it anyway.

  4. I’m in the same boat as Jewel. Would like to attend something In-World or one on one with rigging and weightpainting

  5. Its an old question but since you asked us to ask you anything. What about TMP? I spoke with LIveHelp and was told they are revamping the entire system I believe she used the word overhauling. When asked if we would have to pay for an update I was told we are not sure. I reached back to them because that just didn’t seem right and was told if they do an update to existing body they would not charge for that. But if they do an upgrade then that would be an entirely different product and they would charge for that. I am amazed by the responses I get from them…so my question is since you are an insider what have you heard about the long awaited changes at TMP?

  6. @Jewel & et al
    As to SL training for rigging and weighting… Builders Brewery is always a good starting place (in-world).

    AvaStar (Blender addon) and MayaStar (Maya addon) are the two main tools used in SL. They greatly reduce the learning curve for SL by handling various oddities required by SL. They both have tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo. Plus I have tutorials, most are old but they are getting updated.

    Medhue, an animator, is doing streamed live tutorials each day starting about 8 or 9 AM SLT on YouTube. Of course each live stream remains as a video.

    The AvaStar-Blender, Blender, and Builders Brewery groups are good places to get information.

    In the SL Forum there is a huge amount of detailed technical information regarding the use of mesh in SL, whether things or clothes. If you are into the way-tech for lowest land impact and ACI, look for Drongle McMahon’s posts (search in Members).

  7. Hi Daria! First, I want to acknowledge and thank you for the amazing job you do here! My question is if you are aware of any plans LAQ may have to update their mesh heads to bento.

  8. Your post on the Maitreya Update reminded me to ask……can you do a tutorial (with video…hopefully) on the alpha auto-hide? How to set it up and how to add it to outfits. Or point me in an other direction if that info is already out there. Thanks.

  9. Dear Daria,

    Thank you so much for making yourself available for questions.

    I notice that skin creators will describe a new skin and/or makeup applier as being for a “Catwa Bento Head” or a “LeLutka Bento Head”. Will a previous skin/makeup release for a regular mesh head work on a Bento head?

    I ask because I have lots of LeLutka mesh head skins and makeup and wondered whether these will work on a new LeLutka Bento head. I’ve tried them on a LeLutka demo Bento head and they appear to. Thoughts?

    I’m so torn because there’s a Catwa Bento head I adore but if I were to purchase it I would not only have to learn the HUD (which I find complicated compared with LeLutka) but I would have to purchase new skins/makeup and money is an issue.

    Looking forward to your reply 🙂

  10. Hi Daria,

    I have the Catwa Catya head, and every time I log in and out my head does not keep my head shape. I have to use the gesture reset to get it to change back. Is it just me, or is there a solution to fix it without having to use the gesture reset every time?


  11. I have a question – hope it’s not too late to ask for this post – but I’ve just noticed that there’s really odd big white blotches on the heels of the 4.1 maitreya lara feet.

    Have checked everything I’m wearing to make sure there’s no peculiar alphas I’d forgotten to remove or bits of applier clothing trickery….but can’t see anything that would be causing it.

    Is it just me and my love/hate relationship with technology (because it’s always playing tricks on me, I just cant trust it!), or has anyone else noticed the same thing?

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