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Hi Maddicts,

Well you asked, and I’m answering! In my last post I asked you all to hit me up with any questions you might have about well, anything, and you did so yay! As promised, this post is dedicated to responding to your questions (well to the best of my ability anyway), so here we go (in no particular order):

Hey Daria. I am wondering are there any inworld classes to learn rigging and weightpainting. Do you learn from other creators who are kind enough to help out or is you tube the go to for learning? –  Jewel

Well to be honest it’s a mix of things. I taught myself rigging/weightpainting/creating by watching a LOT of youtube and throwing a lot of questions on my Facebook feed and at friends I know that create. Creating is complex, but it’s not hard per se, it just takes a lot of time to learn. For me, I work RL, blog and run events, so it took me over a year to learn, but for someone who’s dedicated to learning it you could do it way faster than me haha.

If you want to attend an inworld workshop, Builder’s Brewery is incredible for this. They’ve been around forever and run all kinds of workshops. I also recommend:

  • Haven Ditko – her youtube tutorials taught me so so much.
  • Medhue – he’s incredibly knowledgable and his videos and tools are amazing.
  • Avastar – this is a Blender add on designed specifically for SL, and it really makes the whole process so much easier. It’s 6500L (or $27 USD) but it’s invaluable, I can’t stress that enough. I highly recommend it, and I recommend watching Gaia Clary’s tutorial videos too.
  • If you’re a Maya user, Mayastar is kinda like the Avastar for Maya. I use both, but it depends on what software you want to learn. Maya costs money, Blender is free. Cathy Foil, the creator of Mayastar, has tutorials on her YouTube channel here.
  • Nalates blog – Nalates is one of the few blogs I always read, she’s always on top of what’s happening in SL in a technical sense, and looking through her past posts has taught me a lot and helped me understand the more ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of SL and Creating.

Why so man ppls do blogs and why they’re always about style umm Princess etc candy.? Why never as example RLV RP’ing , or umm read maybe better as slut , slave etc A rated.? I have found its mostly 99.99% PG rated outfits and looks and i do know there is many who simple cannot stand those kind a looks and /or clothes. Maybe time to blog some A rated also , as we all are adults and not brats ! Or i’m hoping so ! Also i honestly and seriously have found too many takes sl as rl and vice versa even when blogging ! – sunshine

More of an observation than a question I guess, but I said I’d answer anything so let me try. As bloggers we tend to blog what interests us most – for some this might be the more ‘adult’ side of SL, for others not. It’s entirely likely that there are adult blogs out there (I haven’t really looked personally), but if I look at it from my own perspective, I’ve never been one to be interested in RLV etc. Honestly beyond a basic understanding, I don’t know much else about it. There are some restrictions in place (Facebook, Flickr etc.) about nudity, so this may put some bloggers off as they won’t be able to share their posts/images as freely as they would with a PG image, but other than that it’s just an interest factor I think. For me my love is mesh bodies, heads and all things related, so if/when the time comes that adult items form part of that, I’d cover them sure.

Hmmm… I have been wondering about this for a while since I started SL last year. Do people tend to use a skin shade that doesn’t match with their own in RL? Do they use a skin that’s usually associated with a different race than they are? Is it wrong to use a skin shade that’s not the same as you are in RL? – LastYearNewcomer

Honestly that’s a good question, I think the beauty of SL is that you can be anything you want to be, and judging by the number of people with grey/blue/pink/green skin running around I’d say no, our avatars don’t resemble us in RL hehe. For me I do use a skin tone very similar to my own, but that’s really for no reason other than pale is easy to match pink with and I love pink hahaha. I’ve worn darker skins before too, and really love some of the amazing dark skins out there. It’s definitely NOT wrong to use a skin shade different to who you are in RL, or we’d all be wrong, because I promise you none of us look like our avatars (well, maybe 1% out there) haha. You do you honey! 😀

Its an old question but since you asked us to ask you anything. What about TMP? I spoke with LIveHelp and was told they are revamping the entire system I believe she used the word overhauling. When asked if we would have to pay for an update I was told we are not sure. I reached back to them because that just didn’t seem right and was told if they do an update to existing body they would not charge for that. But if they do an upgrade then that would be an entirely different product and they would charge for that. I am amazed by the responses I get from them…so my question is since you are an insider what have you heard about the long awaited changes at TMP? – Foxxy

Ahhh TMP. I get asked this a lot, and honestly I don’t know. Last I heard from them was they were revamping  the product/hud system, but that was a year ago and despite trying to reach out I haven’t heard anything from them since. I know they’re still active to some extent because I see them online, but other than that I have no clue if they’re actually proceeding.

Have you Eaten enough Chocolate? – Wes

There’s NEVER enough chocolate haha. I miss Easter Eggs already!

Hi Daria! First, I want to acknowledge and thank you for the amazing job you do here! My question is if you are aware of any plans LAQ may have to update their mesh heads to bento – Samaria Hallison

You’re so kind hun thank you for supporting me! <3 Last I heard from LAQ was that they were considering making a bento head, but if this is actually still happening or been abandoned, I’m not sure. If I find anything new out I’ll let you know!

Your post on the Maitreya Update reminded me to ask……can you do a tutorial (with video…hopefully) on the alpha auto-hide? How to set it up and how to add it to outfits. Or point me in an other direction if that info is already out there. Thanks.

I can sure 🙂 Here’s a quick and silly tutorial for you chericolette! And of course you can see other tutorials I’ve done on YouTube here.

I notice that skin creators will describe a new skin and/or makeup applier as being for a “Catwa Bento Head” or a “LeLutka Bento Head”. Will a previous skin/makeup release for a regular mesh head work on a Bento head? – Lumina

Hey Hun! That’s a great question because it does seem a little counter intuitive I know. Basically, any Catwa applier will work on any Catwa head (same for Lelutka), it doesn’t matter if it’s bento or not. The reason skin designers write things like ‘bento’ is to simply say they created that skin with that particular head in mind, and the stretching/changes that occur with the new type of animations and slider changes that bento brings with it. Whether or not this actually makes much difference, I don’t think so, to me I use all types of skins and have never had an issue 🙂

To put it simply, it doesn’t matter, you can wear any skin on your head, just demo and make sure you like the way it looks 🙂

Well Maddicts, that’s it for today, I hope this has been useful for you 😀

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Kathy by Catwa (Expression from Animations HUD B, available in store now)
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Hair – Filia by Elua (Available at The Epiphany)gacha
Dress – Curie Crochet Dress by Addams Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Skin – Ellen (America) by Glam Affair (Available at The Epiphany)Catwa applier, gacha
Pose – Model 774 by Manifeste (Available at The Pose Fair)
Backdrop – The Town by Pseudo (Available at The Epiphany)gacha

11 thoughts on “Answering your Questions

  1. Thanks for the link to the Maitreya auto-hide tutorial! My friend locked me into my RLV ballet boots and I whined … yes, I did! … about having to alpha out myself. So, I pulled out the auto-hide “skin” and, between us, we figured out how to fix it so that when he slapped those boots on me again … TADA! … auto-hidden! It was actually quite easy when I look back on it, but at the time, it took a while for us to figure it out. What’s that? You say we could have read the manual? phsssst! Who does that! haha Still I’m glad after viewing your video to know we did it right!

  2. Great answers… I have one to add for the person about blogging… I have a blog, but it’s a combination of a “journal” of sorts and exploring SL blog that I’ve started to “add” fashion to…. basically, when I do a post on my blog, I will add what I’m wearing and where I got it, but mostly my blog is exploring SL and finding the things that I like. I started it after getting out of a five year abusive relationship on the advice of a therapist I was seeing. It was meant to help me find what my boundaries are and what kinds of things that I like. You won’t find any adult stuff on it outside of a tutorial about how to set up RLV folders and a post about Gor roleplay, but even that is PG in nature. My RL mom does read my explorations so I keep it tame. LOL

  3. Thanks for your response, pretty much what I get from the TMP person. I don’t believe its an active group any longer, I took a friend into the store last week and there were 8 people on the sim and one was the Live Help person. In the past Live Help was always offline. I think they made a beautiful body but have lost members of their team and was left with the perfectionist who is stuck in and can not overcome it. Many new creators have come and gone some good and some not so good. I am holding out for a new TMP I have almost everybody on the market but i still love my TMP just not so much the bugs. Thanks again for responding.

  4. …and now I have a Mesh Body question, that I didn’t think about until reading this!

    What about Omega?

    Is there a reason why so many Skin Makers out there seem to refuse to support Omega Appliers for bodies and mesh heads? I’ve been using LOGO’s Heads which to be honest, despite the fact that it requires a lot of attachments, I find them to be far superior over Catwa and Lelutka and most of the others, simply because they have so many more features.

    But, there are also so few Skin Vendors who support them with Omega Appliers! I was visiting a Vendor over the weekend, because you had demo’d their skin here on your Blog, wearing it on your Maitreya body on several blog entries. I went to them to try out a Demo of their skin and was pleased to find that they give out their mesh body appliers for free… but that they only to only make appliers for Catwa’s Heads and very few others, and none of them with Omega support that would make them usable on LOGO.

    So why is it that no one wants to support Omega or LOGO… as they DO have their own dev kit available that vendors could use… I’ve seen some Vendors supporting LOGO exclusively with it. So is it because LOGO just isn’t as popular? -and on the other hand, wouldn’t providing more Appliers for them, help make them more popular? Lastly, what can be done to try to get reluctant vendors to support Omega more? I tried talking to one popular skin maker and they responded like they thought Omega were content thieves and were adamant about refusing to support them!

    So I guess bottom line here, why don’t more vendors support Omega Appliers for Mesh Heads?

    • Great question Jolene. Here’s the simple overview – the original system head has a UV map for it (that is, an unwrapped ‘flat’ version of the verticies/lines on the head) that creators can use to make skins. It shows eyes, lips etc etc. The way this map was created was based on how the face was created (how many quads/squares it took to create it). Perhaps think of it like pixels – the system head is a low pixel item so it’s very jagged and distorted. We’re all made of squares and triangles at the end of the day.

      Mesh heads have a much higher poly count (or to continue my example, way more pixels – they’re high definition!).
      Omega appliers are created by creators using the old UV MAP from the system avatar, and putting it into an applier. To make the old ‘low pixel’ map fit over a mesh head that’s far higher definition, well it’s difficult and the results are never perfect. It also means mesh head designers have to compromise on some aspects of quality to try and make it fit.

      Skin designers then in turn, sometimes don’t like making Omega appliers because they are very hit and miss. Eyes/lips etc will be slightly out of alignment on each model, because each mesh head is slightly different, so my assumption is that to prevent customers from thinking the skin is broken because things seem out of place, they’re sticking to using the ‘high definition’ maps (the actual uv map) for the head. This way they know everything will apply exactly as intended.

      Hopefully that makes sense – but that’s my assumption anyway 🙂

    • I have the LOGO head, too, but, for me, the Omega skin is a non-issue because if you use the Omega version, you lose all the other stuff that I bought LOGO for: eyes, lipsticks, make-ups, etc. This was my first mesh head and I used it all the time … until I found others that allow the use of Omega skins without losing their functionality! LOGO should take a lesson. But, having said that, I do agree that more skin makers should use Omega since it’s become the standard.

      • @Debs
        Oh no, you don’t lose all the makeup options with the Omega Head. Sure the built-in LOGO makeup does look awesome and great with the LOGO Skin versions. But what if you prefer to where a different skin on your mesh body, and that skin vendor provides an Omega LOGO Head Applier?

        Well, there ARE some Omega make up appliers that work fabulously on the LOGO Omega Heads. Izzie Button is one vendor who makes some great Omega makeup kits for LOGO and while they look best on the Alex Head, I use them on Chloe as well and they work just fine; and there are some others available at LOGO’s shopping mall next to their main store

        In regards to the kits from Izzie’s… I find that her lipsticks are example are far superior to the default ones that come built-in with LOGO. She also has some eyeshadow appliers that work out well too.

  5. Hi. Been in SL 10 years or so and all the new rapid changes in what we can do with our bodies makes me feel like a noob quite often.
    Don’t know how long you’ve been in SL but I used to buy just about everything from Wunderlich’s who created the most wonderful and accurate as possible historical costumes, mostly for females. She left SL for the more satisfying field of doing RL historical costume full time just as mesh was starting. Now maybe its because I was propositioned by a Goren male when I was in a full circa 1865 Victorian rig –covered from chin to toe my very first day in SL, and haven’t ever put the shock aside(his female “slaves” would have beaten me up at the least)but I miss that what there is for males in historic costume in mesh is more accurate than that for females, is more uncovered and not accurate as it could be–its more fantasy. Now I’ve nothing against sexy outfits–I have plenty I do wear, especially when I want to fit in with others at a party, event–we can all wear whatever we want or not, be whatever we want. But I’m wondering if some creators prefer to create what will sell to the largest market or are waiting for an advance in mesh–as some sit positions just don’t go with skirts, say circa 1480-1918(love the Tudor era) for our mesh bodies and bento hands and to a lesser extent, bento heads?.I used to build little cottages before mesh came in(the best software for mesh is expensive and the learning curve too steep for me), but I’ve kept mine and sometimes rezz them on my mainland parcel where the now higher prim counts allow me to use some of those older, higher prim objects, and some still work very well.(and thanks for the auto-hide tutorial!!!

  6. I have a ridiculously basic question. I can’t seem to find where you buy Catwa or Matreiya or any bento. Just a couple of heads and one off brand. I obviously need

  7. Good question about TMP. Sorry to hear there’s no news. I bought their body because at the time it was the only one Aeros used (by far my favorite skins). The TMP head seemed too expensive. Aeros is now using other mesh bodies (they did have at least one Slink too now that I think of it). Using a Signature body on my favorite Aeros skin has been very disappointing. All of this is a roundabout way of saying it’s too bad TMP has made life so difficult for their customers. I like the Aeros skins because they’re so detailed. The TMP body captured that. From what I can tell the Signature body doesn’t. Thanks for the great work from MBA.

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