Announcements and Spotlight on: Erratic!

Hi MAddicts!

Firstly – I’m sorry about the issues some people seem to be having with the website, I’m not sure why it’s showing a white screen and I’m trying to work it out, so bare with me (I’ve decided I hate wordpress… just saying.) If you get errors it would be awesome if you could let me know, and thank you to those that have, because my site looks fine to me so I just go along thinking everything is dandy!! <3

Secondly – I have two majoooor peices of news… are you sitting down? (If you’re not, you probably should be, it’s hard to browse standing up).

1) I will be opening a Mesh Body Addicts sim!!! I’m so freaking excited about this, you have no idea! The sim will be a location for training workshops, and a place you can browse mesh bodies and mesh body compatible items, and a place you can just hang out at!  I’m working on it now and once it’s up – we’re going to party like it’s on sale for 19.99!!! hehe

2) I will be launching a new event, which (thanks to your feedback) will focus on Mesh Body fitmesh designers (and some high quality applier/skin/shoe designers) and will run every second month!! The event will feature a selection of permanent designers that will be in every round, plus guest designers, and will be a smaller, item specific event (kinda like a Kustom9/Collabor88 style setup). The line up of permanent designers will BLOW YOUR MIND…. but just for starters it will include Blueberry, Just Because, Vinyl, DE Designs, Miss Chelsea, HUCCI, Valentina E, Insanya, Eve….. and the list of awesomeness goes on 😉 The first round will start October 20th, so stay tuned…..

Now that the news is out of the way, I’ve decided to devote some posts to designers, both well known and up and coming, who are making some of the most amazing fitmesh on the Grid. This first designer spotlight is on….. Erratic!! If you haven’t heard of Erratic’s fitmesh for Maitreya, you need to go there right now, because you will faint at how exquisitely her fitmesh wraps around the Maitreya body!!

Currently, Erratic have four items available that are tailored to the Maitreya mesh body, and I have enormous respect for both the quality of their fit and their decision to create (at the moment) for Maitreya only. Now I know, it’s disappointing when you love something and it doesn’t come in your body’s size – but something we often forget to do is think about fitmesh from the designer’s point of view. Take Erratic for example – their fitmesh has (in my opinion) a 5/5 stars for fit. This means that no matter how I twisted, danced, jiggled and pretzled my avatar, I could NOT break this fitmesh. The reason the fit is so great however, is because hours and hours have been spent on the process of ‘weight painting’ (the process a designer uses to make sure the mesh knows how much to grow/shrink when sliders are used). In their case, Erratic have decided to make a perfect fit on one body, rather than less-than-perfect fits on all different bodies. I admire that choice (and yes I know what you’re thinking, but no I don’t know how Blueberry/Just Because manage to make amazing fitmesh for all body types… I’m pretty sure they don’t sleep).


Now with all that said (if you’re not already at Erratic buying everything they make), you can grab these leather pants (fit for Maitreya, of course!) for the special price of 149L in store at the moment if you’re a member of the (free) Erratic group. As always, amazing fit (though I will note the auto-alpha is used in these pants – but that is not due to lack of perfect fit… many of you have asked me about why fitmesh designers still use auto-alpha sometimes, and the answer is simple – if a designer wants pants to keep a certain ‘shape’, they need to deliberately not make the fit perfect, otherwise they will lose that shape. That doesn’t mean the pants don’t stretch/move with your body sliders, it simply means that if all pants were fitmesh rigged perfectly, you’d never have any unique shapes in clothing!). That said, try them, you will LOVE these!


That’s it for today MAddicts – fitmesh finds coming your way soon!

<3 Daria

Image 1 – featuring Misty (in red) and Daria (in black)
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya (both Misty and Daria)
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka (Daria) and Alex by LOGO (Misty)
Skin – Liss by Glam Affair (available at Kustom 9) – Tone 3 applier (Daria) and Tiggi (Pale) by Izzie’s (Misty)
Hair – Dara by Pr!tty (Daria) and Blown Away by Exile (Misty)
Lingerie (Misty) – Delice Lingerie (bra, suspender & thong in Cherry) by /Erratic/ (Available at Collabor88) Includes Maitreya fitmesh size & stockings appliers
Bodysuit (Daria) – Skye Bodysuit (black) by /Erratic/Includes Maitreya fitmesh size
Stockings (Daria) – Mesh Body Addicts Stockings (free gift at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair)Includes appliers for Slink, Omega, Maitreya & Belleza

Image 2 & 3:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya (both Misty and Daria)
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka (Daria)
Skin – Liss by Glam Affair (available at Kustom 9) – Tone 10 applier
Bikini (image 2) – Beth by /Erratic/ – Includes Maitreya fitmesh size
Bikini top (image 3) – Chain Bikini (top only) by [Cynful] Includes Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Maitreya & Slink fitmesh sizes
Leather pants (image 3) – Zoey leather pants by /Erratic/Includes Maitreya fitmesh size
Shoes (image 3) – Bucharest heels by Essenz (Available at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair)Includes Maitreya & Slink sizes
Pose & Car – Bikini Car Wash (Rare gatcha – red) by Image Essentials (Available at the Thrift Shop) – Both poses used come with the car, as does the sponge hehe

8 thoughts on “Announcements and Spotlight on: Erratic!

  1. I’m so jealous when such a wonderful design is just for the Maitreya. I wish it were for the Belleza also. Congratulations on your new endeavor..can’t wait!

  2. So need more fit mesh creators for the Eve’s body… Don’t get me wrong, Ginger does some awesome creations, but you know human nature and shopaholics …. greed

  3. So happy about the MAddicts sim. I will love a place to visit with my friends and talk clothes. You do wonderful work for us all Daria, thank you.

  4. gorgeous lingerie from erratic, but i too wish they made it for BELLEZA!!!!! hope they will :PPPPP
    and to rose – most every designer in the world real life and second life takes inspiration and design ideas from other creators. this is not a copyrighted design or character or logo/brand. the SL designer obviously saw this real life creation and based her SL mesh design after this. but i find fault with your word copy. it’s not like someone made that mesh in SL and another copied it as their own for sale in SL. it’s not a copy, a copy would be a real life duplicate of same materials, stitching, fasteners and also the agent provocateur brand label. and it’s not as if this SL creator is portraying herself to be agent provocateur either. most every creation in SL has real life inspiration. of course it’s your right not to purchase things inspired by real life creations, but i’m afraid you will find yourself without much to wear (clothing, lingerie, shoes, jewelry, hair) or look at in SL (furniture, homes, trees, etc). that’s my two cents.

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