Altamura Mesh Body Review is here!


I’m always so excited when a new mesh body review is happening, and this one is no exception! This one was a first for me because the mesh avatar is actually a complete mesh avatar (head, hands, feet, body). Best of all, it had (seemingly) endless alpha cuts and it was finally a mesh head that has big, beautiful eyes!!

So make sure you give this one a read and head over to their store to check their mesh bodies out and let me know what you think. Do you think full mesh avatars will take off?

I’m chillaxing in:
Mesh Avatar – Rosa V2 by Altamura
Hair – Vent Hair by Lelutka
Outfit – Cosy Sweater by MUKA

7 thoughts on “Altamura Mesh Body Review is here!

  1. No, I for one will not buy this. I need to mix skins with tattoos and clothing layers for the body. I also need to mix skins and makeups for a head. But I already have TMP, Slink, Belleza and Maitreya mesh bodies, plus TMP, LOGO and Snow Rabbit head. The Snow Rabbit is gorgeous and the best made. The makeups for it is way too limited though. The Slink heads is the most mix and match friendly, but I dislike how they look.

    • I definitely agree with you on that one Marianna, the Snow Rabbit head is gorgeous, and if the LOGO head only automatically animated a little, it would be amazing too. I know the designer is looking into Omega and possible changes for the future, so for me, I’m going to watch and see what comes from them in the future.

    • The body is fitmesh, so will respond to shape sliders (I just try to use a similar shape for all body reviews to keep them ‘comparable’). The skins for it are gorgeous, but I do agree about Omega, it’s a necessity!

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