Looking for an effective advertising medium? Well you’re in luck – Mesh Body Addicts, SL’s premier Mesh Body blog, now offers designers and event coordinators the opportunity to advertise on our front page!

READ THE MESHBODYADDICTS.COM STATS REPORT HERE –  (please note this only includes stats from August 2015 when the site migrated from to its own hosting).


Large Advertisement (top position, rotating per view – 250 x 250 px):

  • 30 days – 4500L
  • 90 days – 11,000L
  • 180 days – 20,000L

Terms and Conditions

1) Use of copyright, illegal, offensive and/or immoral images prohibited. Mesh Body Addicts reserves the right to refuse an image and/or location on these grounds.
2) Images showcasing nudity and/or adult services may not be displayed on advertisements. This is a family friendly show guys!
3) Payments must be made in-world to lildaria resident with transaction history emailed to, along with the chosen image to display in .jpg or .png format, and the link you would like it to point to (this can be a URL or a SLURL).
4) Refunds are not available for advertising services except in the event that is unable to provide the service.
5) Adjustments and/or changes made to any advertisement (such as link or image) can be done by the advertiser through their login screen.
6) Advertisements will be shown on the home page of and will randomly shift position along the left hand sidebar to ensure all advertisements are given the opportunity to sit near the ‘top’ of their zone.
7) Mesh Body Addicts will provide this service for the period paid for, including a link for the advertiser to view his/her statistics.

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