A Mesh Body for Men – A hit or a miss?


Well it’s happened – TheMeshProject has released their first male Beta Mesh Body (and 5 heads) and as you can imagine, the rush to try them out is on!

I don’t normally blog men’s items, but given that I’m almost positive there are hundreds of SL Men wandering around the grid right now trying to work out if this body is right for them, I thought I’d write a few thoughts to give them a helping hand 🙂

Oh and thanks to my friend Mojo for letting me take this candid shot of him trying on the TMP Body 🙂

So some quick factoids for you gentlemen:

1) A mesh avatar is very different to a system body. You cannot use system layer clothing or skins on a mesh body and you also can’t use standard alpha layers that come with mesh clothes, you must use appliers! This means you will need to purchase new clothes guys (unless you buy the Deluxe body, which gives you alpha “cuts” – that is, sections of your body you can make ‘invisible’ so that they don’t poke through your mesh clothes).

2) The Free, 1000L and 2500L versions of the TMP body do NOT have alpha cuts, so you will NOT be able to make sections of your body invisible. This means, you’ll be making most of your mesh clothes useless, because as you can see in the picture above, the TMP mesh body has a different ‘skeleton’ to a normal system body, so it doesn’t work well with standard sized mesh clothing.

3) You will not be able to use your Slink Hands or Feet with the TMP body, so you will have to buy new shoes guys! On the plus side, the hands and feet with the body are nice.

4) TMP Mesh Bodies can only wear clothing/skins made by designers who are make their items using the special TMP system, and therefore clothing options are far more limited than other mesh bodies, keep this in mind, however having said that, the designers who do work with TMP are fantastic.

5) You can still use your normal shape with a mesh body, and you can still change/resize it using the shape editor just like you would a normal system body.

So all that aside, the body is stunning and definitely drool-worthy (reow), and I love the options for various muscle-types, but in all honesty my concern is that the TMP system is way too complex, and that in turn turns a lot of people off of the idea of getting a mesh body. Not all mesh bodies are like this, and in fact TMP is the only mesh body creator to use the shopping HUD, Style HUD and currency conversion system that it does (you must convert your linden to shops dollars in store before you purchase).

So the crux of it? If you have the perseverance to learn it and the cash to put into a new wardrobe – go for it!!! But if the TMP body isn’t for you, don’t despair, I don’t doubt there will be other male mesh bodies coming up in the future, and fingers crossed that they are Slink compatible, and compatible with a wider variety of normal mesh clothing and applier clothing (such as Omega compatible), just as many of the other women’s Mesh Bodies now are.

What do you think guys? Are you in love with Mesh? <3

3 thoughts on “A Mesh Body for Men – A hit or a miss?

  1. Great start and easy to use. Only things missing are, more body hair options, especially for fair haired av’s. No hair bases got guys 🙁 feet and hands are amazing!!!!

  2. I think other male mesh bodies are better than TMP. Gianni Signature for life is WAY better then TMP, plus they support omega.

  3. This was my first mesh body. I got their best version of everything. It is terrible and the best move I ever made was switching to Slink.

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