7 thoughts on “Weekly Fitmesh Finds are here!

  1. Again great finds! Unfortunately the Annex sweater did not fit my Maitreya body. In the package are only standard sizes and I am not able to edit my body enough to get it over my hips. So don’t be like me and try a demo before you buy! 🙂

    • Liv, try and notecard the designer it could just be a small error due to them having to much work on their plate. Addams had an issue with one of their shirts a while back for the Belleza body, people let them know and the issue got resolved and updated 🙂

      • Which Addams shirt had the problem with Belleza?

        I want to make sure it’s not one I passed on because of that problem… 🙂

        I really like Addams’ work, and I’ve been either buying it or putting things on my mental ‘wishlist’… so if there’s something I need to take another look at, I’d love to know. 🙂

  2. Ugh, there’s no comments sidebar, so I’m putting it here. Tableau Vivant has TMP appliers for bodies and faces, they were one of the first and should be on the male list, so should Aeros and Clef de Peau

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