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Someone once asked me what I would focus my blog on, if it weren’t for mesh bodies, and honestly I think if mesh bodies hadn’t come out I would have started focusing my blog on my other shopping addiction, HAIR!! It makes sense therefore that I am so excited about Hair Fair this year (like everyone else I imagine!).

Something is different this year though – and no, it’s not the Fair. Yes, they’re having their 10th anniversary, but the Fair is the same amazing event that is put together every year. The difference is that this year, we’re shopping with different needs. This year, we have mesh heads and mesh bodies, and strangely enough these two do have an impact on how hair looks on our avatars. How? Well Mesh Heads, that one is kinda obvious. We’re replacing the system head with a mesh head, so of course rigged hair (and the newly popular fitted mesh hair) is always going to be problematic, because it’s attaching/fitting to the invisible system head that lies under our mesh heads. Mesh bodies is another story.

It’s a relatively common practice now for hair designers to include ‘busty’ options with their hair. This became a ‘standard’ after the introduction of lolas breasts, because quite simply long hair that covered the breast area would just go straight though lolas. The thing is, the market has changed, and lolas are far less popular now that mesh bodies are in the mix, but hair designers are still creating using the ‘lolas’ busty option. So when will hair designers start editing their ‘busty’ options to be more mesh body friendly?

Whilst not a huge issue, it is an issue, because mesh body breasts (unless you have them exceptionally large) are typically much smaller than what the ‘busty/lolas’ equivalent hair has them set to be – yet they’re still bigger than system breasts. We need an ‘inbetween’. Now this leaves two options for designers – fitted hair for mesh heads/mesh bodies (of which there are too many combinations to make it practical), or making an ‘interim’ size, somewhere between normal and busty. Personally I think the latter is much needed, although it would be amazing to see some fitted mesh hair made specially for mesh heads (keep in mind that this would require models of mesh heads that hair designers most likely cannot get hold of, so it’s more a rhetorical suggestion).

All that said though, there are ways to select hair more suitable for your mesh head/body situation, and I decided that I would do this at Hair Fair!

If you’re not familiar with the terms, there are three types of hair:
Unrigged – this means you can edit/move their hair
Rigged – this means the hair is ‘attached’ to the system head, so you cannot move it up/down
Fitted mesh hair – this means the hair is fitted to the system head.

In my experience, I’ve had a hit and miss experience with the most common type (that being Rigged hair) – although more hits than misses – because it all depends on how the designer rigs it/makes the hair. Unrigged hair is your best bet for a mesh head, simply because you move it around and do what you need to make it not sink into the top of your head – where as fitted mesh hair almost always sits oddly on mesh heads. All that being said, it’s all about the designer and how they make it, so as with everything, demo!

For the Hair Fair however, here are some of my top picks for mesh heads 🙂


I’ve always loved Mina hair – it’s always so realistic and high quality, and I love the option of using materials enabled versions of the hair. The Mina hairs are all rigged, with the exception of the optional bangs on the Nicolet style – which I loved, because it meant I could adjust it a little to make it look more natural on my mesh head. That being said, all styles worked perfectly with my Lelutka head!

mina - lizzy mina - grace mina - nicolet
MINA – Izzy, Grace & Nicolet hairs – Hair Fair Link


Runaway makes some truly traffic stopping styles, and I love her use of blunt fringes and volume. All her Hair Fair hair is rigged but the Harley hair does include an unrigged version – not that I had any trouble with it fitting my mesh head anyway.

Harley and waterfall hair
[Runaway] – Harley & Waterfall hairs – Hair Fair Link

Spring & Harajuku hair
[Runaway] – Harajuku & Waterfall hairs – Hair Fair Link


Honestly, there are so many amazing styles at the Hair Fair that worked well on my various mesh heads – so I won’t list them all, lest we all be here for the next century, but I’ve included my final two top picks below – ‘I want you’ from Lamb (Hair Fair Link), and ’40’15’ from ( r e d ) M i n t (Hair Fair Link):

Lamb - need you RedMint - 40'15

So have you been to Hair Fair yet? What’s been your favourite?

<3 Daria

First Picture:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Skin – Reina Tan V2  by MUDSKIN – Lelutka & Maitreya appliers included – This skin is on the lucky board at Mudskin along with others, all include Lelutka & Maitreya appliers, so go check them out!
Hair – Izzy (busty) by MINA (Available now at the Hair Fair)
Sunglasses – Sunglasses PU2002 by Glamistry
Tattoo – Wing Tattoo by Infected Maitreya, Omega, Slink & TMP appliers included
Belly Piercing – Janine Navel Piercing for Maitreya by KC Couture (Fit 3 used – fitmesh piercing)
Top – Mermaid Holiday Bikini by HUCCI (Available at Collabor88)Lara & Slink sizes included
Shorts – Denim Short by [Cynful] Includes Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus; Maitreya & Slink sizes
Shoes – Columbine Sandals by Glamistry Includes Maitreya, Slink & TMP sizes
Pose – Seth 005 by Signature Pose

Subsequent Pictures:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Skin – Estelle (Mixed) by DeeTaleZ Lelutka & Maitreya appliers used
Lingerie – Dox by MAAI Omega, Slink & TMP appliers included

[Runaway] Pictures feature – Meyla eyeshadow by Slack Girl (Available at Apply Me) – Lelutka appliers included

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  1. Of course an easy pick for wearing with the LeLutka mesh heads is of course hair from.. LeLutka. Gorgeous in it’s own right, but now includes a second sizing which I realized is the perfect fit for wearing with their mesh heads.

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