Weekly Fitmesh Finds – 21st Jan 17

Hi Maddicts,

Well you asked for it – so it’s back, Weekly Fitmesh Finds are here!

Because I haven’t done them at all this month, I decided to put together some of my favourite finds for the month along with some of my favourites that have been released this week in this week’s finds! Now to make things a little easier on me, I’ve decided to put only the designer name and location name in the image title from now on. This means I’ll only include images that state what sizes they have on the ad itself (which vendor ads should really have anyway…).

Finds are beneath the credits!

Have a great weekend Maddicts!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Eva v3.1 by Genesis Labs
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Hands – Vista Pro Hands (Bento) by Vista Animations
Skin/Shape – Adelia by Genesis Labs (Available at The Epiphany)Rare gatcha
Make up – Sisters Eyelashes Applier (Common), Magnificent eyeshadow applier (Common) by Genesis Labs (Available at The Epiphany) Common gatcha
Eyes – (Eva eyes worn) applier colour is from Perfect Vision set by Genesis Labs (Available at The Epiphany) Common gatcha
Hair – GO106 by Tram Hair
Bra & Panties – Juliett by RealEvil (Available at The Epiphany)Common gatcha
Jacket – Maddie Cardigan by Lazybones (Available at The Epiphany)Maitreya size, Rare gatcha
Mug – Coffee Wine glass by Maddict (Available at The Epiphany)
Pose – Jas2 by RK Poses


This week’s locations:
MBA Bi-Monthly
Shiny Shabby
The Epiphany

7 thoughts on “Weekly Fitmesh Finds – 21st Jan 17

  1. I know this question is not about what you are wearing..its about where you are. What kitchen are you standing in? Who is the creator?

    • Hi Cheryl, good question I should have checked. I was standing in a skybox a friend made temporarily. I’m shocking at Decor so I never thought to check, but whilst I can’t answer this one, I’ll try include that info in the future 🙂 So for now the location is “Kai’s temp skybox underneath the Maddict platform’ LOL

  2. @Cheryl, @Nina

    Yep, LAQ Decor. We have one ourselves which thanks to, ahem, far too many land moves/put up the house/tear down the house/put the house back up again/”no it needs to go over there” type moments, I’ve had the “pleasure” of repositioning numerous times recently…

    • Hey Kozy, what you need to do is going to Genesis Labs store and buy the Eva mesh head, then go to N21 event in-world and get the Le-Forme skin (that’s a brand). I recommend getting a demo of Eva mesh head, and a demo of the skin, and seeing how you like it in world 🙂

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