Video Tutorials

Tutorial – Getting started with mesh bodies and bento mesh heads!

Tutorial – Understanding what Bento is

A brief guide into what our mesh bodies are made of, and why these extra ‘bones’ are so important.

Introduction to SLink Physique for Men!

A very basic beginner’s guide to mesh bodies: how to add your mesh body, how to use the HUD and understanding how your mesh body works vs how your system body works.

How to shop at The Mesh Project and use the Style HUD

A beginner’s guide to Mesh Bodies

A very basic beginner’s guide to mesh bodies: how to add your mesh body, how to use the HUD and understanding how your mesh body works vs how your system body works.

13 thoughts on “Video Tutorials

  1. Hi Daria =) I’m watching your video: “SLink Physique Male Intro” and stopped it at 1:29 mark to ask this question:

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but I thought adding an Alpha layer makes something Disappear.

    But you only wanted the Head to stay visable so you applied the Alpha to the Head and the Head stayed visable while everything else disappeared.

    Thank you so much for creating this site!

    Crissy Crossing (in SL)

    • Hey Crissy! You are correct, Slink just have theirs named a little differently that’s all, so by selecting the ‘head’ one, I wasn’t alpha’ing out the head, I was actually alpha’ing out everything BUT the head. Confusing I know 🙂 But typically if I selected an alpha that said ‘head’, it would alpha out the head 🙂

  2. Hi Daria – Love your videos and your voice is so easy on the ears. =)

    I was just watching your YouTube video on the “Genesis Lab “Eva” head”. The part I really need to understand as a newb about mesh heads is the “unboxing and placing of necessary Huds” into the folder at the very beginning of that video.

    If only I could see you start with a Classic Avatar, the folder with the head and all the Huds needed for wearing the head. That’s where I’m stumped.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  3. I am buying the Catwa Mesh Head Catya, it comes with green eyes how do I change the eye color to brown my avitar race is black, do I have to buy brown if I do can you please give me the name? I was looking at one called Coffee Mesh eyes from Catwa is that the right one? I’m also buying the Belleza hour glass shape full. The Mesh Bodies and Heads are beautiful but it’s so much to learn and it’s giving me a headache from doing all this research and trying on demo’s.

    • Hey Janessa, I know it’s stressful to start with but you’ll get there I promise! For the eyes you can use any omega applier on them from any brand, or you can buy the Catwa Tears/Eyes pack for 1500L and that has a bunch of built in colours and styles 🙂

  4. Hi, I followed your directions to contact my skin maker to request an applier. The maker is not responding to my notecard. That means I won’t be able to make my system head skin color match my maitreya body skin. None of the three maitreya skin preset are anywhere close to my skin color. Where do I go from here? Please tell me what the next step is. I don’t want to change my system head or skin color if I don’t have to. Thank you for any help you give.

    • Hi Khe, oh damn! Okay so the next step is to apply the lightest skin in the HUD (the first one) and go to the tinting section and try to tint your body to match as closely as you can, unfortunately that’s the only thing you can do from here, but you can get really close!

  5. Thank you so much for replying. After going to multiple stores and trying on demos, I stumbled upon the tinting section. 🙂 I wondered what it did and couldn’t believe it when I stumbled upon a pretty good match with my system head skin tone! It’s not perfect, but very close! I saved the color in an empty slot, too! Woohoo! 😀 Here is another question: I purchased the Omega Kit. When I “wore” it, a purple ball appeared in my hands. I’m told I have to wear it whenever I change clothes! What? I have to have this purple ball in my hands all the time? Obviously, I’m missing critical facts! Please explain this to meeeeee! 😀

    • You’re welcome! Okay so Omega – firstly rezz it and unpack it (you’re holding it because it needs to be unpacked). Then, add the relay hud that’s in the folder, that’s what you need to wear when you want to use Omega appliers. If you’re going to use them a lot, right click on the relay and go to ‘edit’, then move it. I hide mine under my chat box so it doesn’t take up important space (it just needs to be there, you don’t need to do anything with it). Again that’s only when you’re applying omega, fitted mesh and maitreya appliers don’t need it <3

  6. Thank you so much for the instructions on what to do with the Omega Kit! I thought it was unpacked! I’ll never understand why there are no instructions. I’m quite humbled by my ignorance in experience. 🙂 (…whips brow…) Thanks again! 😀

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