TMP’s Designer Kit is out!!!

Hi all,

It’s all been very hush hush till now, but the news it out!! TMP is sponsoring the MBA Fair – and they have released their mesh body designer kits!! These are out at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair (from midnight SLT tonight) and free for everyone to get and use! That means that not only can your favourite designers make items, but if you’re inclined to (as the fantasy community often are) then you can too!

In addition, there will be two freebies for TMP users, a shirt for men and a bikini for women!!

This is a huge development, after a long wait for the kits to be made available to designers – and now they’re public!! I can confirm that amongst no doubt many others, Blueberry will be making her future designs in a TMP size too!

So what’s in the kit? Well, the kit contains both the male and female bodies.

So while you’re there, if you’re a creative person, grab a copy – and here’s hoping we can look forward to some really good looking TMP fitmesh in the near future!!

If you use the kit and have feedback, let us know below and send your thoughts to themeshproject resident in-world via notecard, they’d love to hear you thoughts!

TMP is on Sim 1 –

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34 thoughts on “TMP’s Designer Kit is out!!!

  1. They finally understood they were not serving their interests in restricting the designers… I remeber, when I applied, I needed to have already a minimum of items set for sale in my store, so, their kit was not accessible to new designers, those who just started…
    I hope they will do the same for their mesh heads… I would love being able to design my own makeups….

  2. If only the Maitreya camp would follow suit and stop the restrictions on new designers or anyone who has ever sold a full perm item.

  3. They have failed in over a year and a half to release an update to a body that has been in beta since release. 6 months ago an update was close to completion according to the TMP account in SL. They have failed on an epic scale. It’s time to move on from their empty promises. TMP is dead.

  4. Who cares? Their time has passed. With an overpriced beta that has not received a single update since it’s release, a shopping hud that locks your lindens to which you cannot get refunded and a staff that ignores all customer related questions by saying BIG CHANGES NEXT MONTH every single month, TMP is a failed mesh body. Take it past 1500M and watch the tattoos flicker like Christmas lights, you have to ZOOM in and out to get layers to rez properly, the seams in the body show exposed and their only offerings of new releases are a shirt every 3 months, this body is no longer viable, nor worth 5K.

  5. Just a note to this from what I can see.
    I have downloaded the kit, and it only supplies the 3d models, and the UV maps sure.
    But unless I am out to lunch, there is nothing supplied in world, meaning, no applier templates.
    I was really hoping to make a custom tattoo for myself as i was able to for my previous mesh body.
    But without that final step, not being given any applier templates, we can’t get any textures, onto the body.
    So yea like this kit says, it really is just for people who want to make their own mesh clothing.
    No skins, no makeup, no tattoos, no clothing layer applications.

    Thoughts anyone, maybe I am missing something, maybe somewhere in world that will supply these?

    • I noticed this as well although I don’t have enough online time to check further but yeah, could a kind soul help enlighten us two here?

    • Hey Ddraig. I think (and this is total speculation at this point) that they may be making changes to their hud system as part of the update, and that’s why the applier kits aren’t out. That’s the only reason I can think of honestly, because right now designers have to have access to their system to enable the ‘installer’ to work. Maybe they’re changing that? Not sure 🙁

    • Without applier access, it’s a non-starter for me.

      Okay, this comatose company moved a finger. It’s still on life support. Perhaps if we are patient just a few years longer, they will actually deliver on their promises. I think they will. I do. I do. I do. It’s always darkest before the dawn. It’s waiting for us just around the corner. We just need to hold on. There’s got to be a morning after.

  6. This still won’t fix the glaring problems and the shady business practices, ntm how overpriced and not worth it their mesh heads are. don’t even get me started on the disorganized, unlabeled hud system. i bought a fair few other mesh hairs for cheaper that are way, way worth the price. the tmp one wasn’t. its static and NEVER have to had the manually adjust my eyelashes as much as i have with tmp. slight shape change and boom! gotta start all over again sweetie! all im saying as for what you’d pay for tmp you could get yourself another combo and still have money for some clothes, maybe even a nice skin.

  7. I have tried 3 times to get the kit. I am at the stall, I click at get the webpage link, I click ok to the terms and conditions and then it just sits there and spins … after a few minutes it times out and I get a message to go back to the kiosk and start again? I have been back 3 times with the same result.

  8. for those who are wondering about the appliers you still have to apply for those kits this was just the mesh kit for making mesh items

  9. The files do not open in the blender and does not have anyone to report anything. tmp does not help. only delays.
    has no instructions on how to use and where to open. I looked everywhere.
    TMP abusing its customers and only think about winning. 🙁

  10. The files work fine for me in Blender. I think the issue is, people that have no idea how to create mesh are opening the files and thinking magic will happen. If the average user only uses Blender w/Avastar they may be unfamiliar with FBX . This really isn’t something you can fault TMP for. The fact is, you can still use Avastar and work as you normally would or Blender without Avastar, Maya, Max whatever your preferred program and method are providing they have the capability to open FBX.

  11. I have to agree with most comments here. The TMP body and heads are way overpriced for what you get. The HUD system is a disaster. And the fact that you have to buy their credits to purchase anything and then leave money on the table if you don’t or can’t (to few credits) buy anything is just unacceptable. TMP is a really nice body that I like a lot and I think it has a lot of potential. It was the first mesh body that I and many of my friends purchased but TMP has been left in the dust of other mesh body and head creators. My TMP body and heads are just collecting (digital) dust in my inventory. I am hopeful that someday I can “dust” them off again for use. If they start making updates that would be great but it will take time and significant effort for them to overcome their self inflicted awful reputation. I certainly will not jump back in with TMP until I see some sustained effort to serve their customers in a way that is respectful and worthy of the prices they charge. Also TMP – please please figure out a way to not take our money and leave us with no way of getting it back because we have no way of spending it at your convoluted shops.

  12. TMP is a gorgeous body, but 2 years of beta is way too much especially with a progress we have with everything on SL. Yes, we all knew we are buying the BETA but really the major updates are needed especially to alpha hud, layer system. TMP mesh kit is out a great news but is it really? On TMP chat when ppl were unhappy about lack of updates and no mesh kits the answer was always the same from TMP side ‘wait a major update is upcoming you will be amazed and THEN mesh kit will be out’. Well mesh kit is out… but not even a sign of major update they were talking about each time to calm down frustrated customers. That makes me only wonder since kit is out without said major update if they really do it someday.

  13. While I am happy TMP decided to release a designer kit for mesh clothing makers, I wish they would come on board with the Omega applier system as well. Just as most of the other major mesh body makers have. As a tattoo designer, it’s the only additional applier I have to make, outside of the Omega applier. Even Slink has eliminated my need to create an additional Slink applier now. The TMP applier creation system is too involved and requires additional textures to be uploaded in-world just for their HUD swatch (icon) and a lot of the setup has to be done outside of SL, via a secured web site. I feel their StyleMode HUD is very comprehensive, however it can become overpopulated with applier icons very quickly, displaying only 6 slots per page. Especially when creators offer multicolour options for hair bases, tattoo intensities or different styles of make up, etc. I don’t know how users with hundreds of styles find what they need, when they need it. The TMP designer kit is a positive step forward and I hope they also review their applier system.

    • As a Blogger I have to agree here, toby makes a lot of sense and if they would go to the Omega system and also allow the on and off of an item like usual because when you have to use an item and then it’s there and on the server too and tbh after a while with so many skins /tattoos / clothes etc it makes it reallllllly hard to get changed fast!

  14. The body has a small size when importing the program ‘ ‘ Blender ‘ . A tiny thing impossible to increase . What is the secret to fix it ?

    O corpo ter um tamanho pequeno ao importar ao programa ”blender”. Uma coisa minuscula impossivel de aumentar. Qual o segredo para concertar isso?

  15. If you got the fbx files that say 08-01-16, there is a newer version out now. The models are much improved.

    When importing the models into blender, there is an import options panel at the bottom of the tool shelf. On the first tab change scale from 1.00 to 100. On the armature tab check Automatic Bone Orientation. This using Blender 2.77, earlier versions might look different.

  16. I got the kit and have no idea what to do with these, as there are no instructions.

    I’m an ordinary tool-using primate, and I was able to create Tango appliers with no problems, but with this kit I don’t even have an idea of how to get started. Any help?

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