Time for a poll – Mesh Bodies/Heads!

In order to provide more specific information about the most popular bodies/heads moving forward, I thought it might be time for a mini survey! So guys, what you wearing? 😉

Note – Make sure you hit the ‘vote’ button at the end of each poll!

Females - What Mesh Body do you use on your main avatar?

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Men - What Mesh Body do you use on your main avatar?

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Women - What mesh head brand are you wearing?

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Men - What mesh head brand are you wearing?

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<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Keme by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Georgie by Glam Affair (Available at Collabor88)
Hair – Nap Queen by Spellbound (Available at Frou Frou)
Tie & Top – Y2K set by Maddict (Available at Rewind Y2K event) Includes Belleza (Isis/Freya), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
ArmWarmers – Y2K Bento Arm Warmers by Maddict (Available at Rewind Y2K event) – Includes Maitreya, Slink HG and Slink Physique bento sizes
Jeans – Sammy Jeans by Blueberry Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pose – Ethereal by Go&See

10 thoughts on “Time for a poll – Mesh Bodies/Heads!

  1. Confused about results that say no votes for Lelutka Bento, when I voted for Lelutka Bento. I don’t own Catwa. Will never own Catwa. I have 5 Lelutka Bento heads. Simone, Chloe, Kate, Greer and Spencer.

  2. Why isn’t the ::dev:: FitnessNana body on the list? I have met a lot of women wearing it, but the movers and makers in the mesh community almost seem to be ignoring it on purpose.

  3. You should have a pick for “Still using System head”, until Bento heads make use of ALL head sliders, I won’t be buying any.

    • Pepys thats impossible. LL doesn’t give you the exact weightings when you take a kit to dev mesh stuff. its only an approximate meshup. having all sliders isn’t possible because they don’t provide the tools for it.

  4. In all fairness I use a variety of body’s and heads and I have pretty much all brands of mesh body’s and heads stuffed in inventory. I’m not going to talk bad about any of the ones I don’t ever take out and dust off because maybe I got lazy and didn’t put enough effort in making them work. That said the catwa/aesthetic combo and catwa/lelutka on signature are my primary go tos. Aesthetic is hard to find good clothing and the designers that say their items fit aesthetic and only use the alpha to chop away the shape of your nicely built avatar is cheating.

  5. To whom it may concern,
    I do not normally comment on things but for whatever reason today I felt like I wanted to. Possibly because in the last few weeks much like every couple of months I have been contemplating my decisions on my bento head and mesh body. Either way I have been through so many different mesh bodies, heads, and bento heads and they have all had their advantages and disadvantages and finally settled on a maitreya body and catwa bento head however that is not the reason for this comment. The reason is that while I love my avi there are things that I believe creators should know about the reasons some people choose their product over other peoples at least in my opinion and based on the opinions I have heard from others in SL. The reason I have a maitreya body is mostly because of the fact that sooo much of the content in sl is made only for the maitreya body if I could have the same content for the hourglass or belleza I would switch. Don’t get me wrong the maitreya body is perfect for some but it lacks the ability to be curvy and look natural being so it also lacks alpha cut outs in crucial areas. I was really hoping that in the update they did about..I think a year ago when they added bento hands this would be one feature they would update as well but so far no luck. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be in the next update. As for choosing my catwa bento head; prior to bento heads being released i was constantly switching back and forth between catwa and lelutka as I loved both above the others I own. The biggest downside to lelutka was for the longest time it was not omega compatible and I would have buy separate items for it then my other mesh heads. This downside was however fixed eventually. One of the main reasons I ended up with a Catwa bento head is that when lelutka released the simone bento head they gave credit to all of the people who had bought the simone mesh head. Having been a customer for over a year i was put off when it was decided that the only people who got credit towards buying the simone bento head were the ones that came in towards the end of mesh head releases and bought that particular one (since the simone head was one of the later mesh heads released). Other reasons I own a catwa bento head rather then another is because of the duel makeup layers and all of the accessories that are available be it from the creator themselves or other creators. Much like with the maitreya body there are not many creators that do not make things for catwa. Before ending this I do once again want to state that these are my opinions I am not putting down any creator they all do wonderful jobs creating their products my soul purpose is to inform others of why I made the choices I did and what they may be able to do to improve upon their products.

  6. I must agree with Kittenly. I own most mesh bodies and only bought the Maitreya body because for some reason I can’t figure out, most clothing coming out is only for Maitreya. I like almost all of my bodies but I do think that Belleza makes the superior product. The alpha cuts are so much better, the breasts can be moved into 3 positions etc. I would also suggest that the Belleza Jake is by far the best male mesh body and it’s good to go right out of the box. I think maybe they just weren’t marketed well enough? I don’t know why more creators and residents aren’t using Belleza.
    I love all of my Catwa heads, Bento and non Bento but I do have some from Akeruka, LAQ,the new Vista head and Genesis. I just find that the Catwa has everything I could want in a mesh head. If I did change, it would be to Lelutka, they do such a beautiful job and there are so many amazingly talented creators making some really stunning skins for them. Thank you for this poll, it was very interesting to read the results.

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