The News – Belleza's Big Update & Eve's Mesh Head!


Happy Saturday MAddicts!!! Two main points to discuss today…. The Belleza update and Eve’s new Mesh Head!! Click below to read the goodness!!

1) Eve’s new Mesh Head
You read that correctly – Eve has released a new Mesh Head that is (of course) compatible with the Eve Mesh body. Now there have been Eve mesh heads in that past, but I can genuinely say that this mesh head is simply amazing. It does lack some bells and whistles (expressions and the like) but it’s a gorgeous shape with three ‘face designs’ with skin tones included (each with three eyebrow colour options). You’re going to adore this head – it’s fresh, realistic, and best of all – will be compatible with Omega and the Eve Developer’s kit, so other skin creators can develop skins and makeup for it!!

Another point of interest is that whilst it is designed for the Eve Mesh Body (obviously) I found it worked just fine with my Maitreya, my SLink and my Belleza with minimal tweaking, so I’ll be very interested to see what skin/make up designers do with this one!! (Mesh Head Review is on its way!). Keep in mind, this head is 50% off whilst it is still in beta (meaning, whilst they are still working out the bugs and flaws) so definitely worth grabbing at Eve!!

2) Pondering the long awaited Belleza update
We’ve all heard that the Belleza update is coming, and that it has been coming for some time – well, the official news is that it will be coming out in the next two weeks! The Developer’s Kit for the body is about to be sent out to Designers, and there have been many changes. The body itself is getting a huge overhaul, which for a variety of reasons is necessary, including layers, alpha cuts and UV Mapping (not something that as a customer is relevant, but for other designers who make Belleza compatible products, is very relevant). All of these are great things, but it does create one major issue – the body shape is going to change. How major or minor the changes will be, well that’s unknown, but the issue is that fitmesh clothing Belleza Mesh Body Users currently own may no longer fit the updated body.

In my honest opinion, I think the end result will be similar to the SLink rollout – the body will become incompatible with existing fitmesh designers have made for it (certain parts poking through the mesh etc because of weighting changes in the model itself). Now keep in mind that I could be totally wrong – I’m merely musing aloud here – but certainly something to consider for consumers and designers alike, I think. The only advice I can give is to perhaps put off buying any new specialty fitmesh clothing (ie. fitmesh clothing made to fit the Belleza body specifically) for two weeks, until we see exactly how incompatible the clothing becomes. Sure, some designers may update their items to fit the new body, but keep in mind that for a mesh clothing designer, fitting clothing to a brand new body type (even if it’s clothing you’ve already made) takes a lot of time to do, so it’s understandable that some designers either won’t backdate their catalogue, or will simply charge users for clothing items again. I know, it’s not fair, but remember guys it’s not fair to the designers either <3

<3 Daria (lildaria resident)

I’m shadow dancing in:
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Left Hand – Slink (Bag pose) by SLink
Skin – Milla by League (Maitreya & Lelutka appliers available)
Tattoo (forehead) – Sacred by Passion Tattoos (Lelutka & TMP head appliers included)
Earrings – Birdcage Earring Bicolour 1 by ^^Swallow^^ (Available at The Arcade)
Hair – Genia (bun) By Pr!tty
Jumpsuit – Strapped Jumpsuit by Blueberry (Slink, Maitreya & Belleza sizes included)
Shoes – Eranthis by Glamistry (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & TMP versions included)

Pose – Heels by OEM Poses

6 thoughts on “The News – Belleza's Big Update & Eve's Mesh Head!

  1. Great post as always!.

    Such a comprehensive rebuild – it sounds like they have almost started over, based on your comments here – it makes me wonder if this will be a Venus update, or is Venus getting a sister? It would (almost) make sense to maintain two bodies, especially if the upgrade was going to put serious wardrobe investment at risk. Fit mesh clothing on average costs around 300 an item, and most of us pick up a large proportion of what is on offer (given that is still fairly restricted) so on top of the 4500L initial investment, most people would have made a minimum further investment of 3000L or more (thank goodness shoes are *presumably* not at risk).

    If I was a serious Venus wearer I’d be hoping to have some good news in an incremental upgrade on the current build as an option to tide me over till the dust settled on the major revamp / sibling. This will be interesting to watch and see how it plays out, since you can’t force people to take an upgrade, and the perception of wardrobe risk is going to give some people pause for thought.

    Did the Belleza fairies whisper anything about HUD design Daria? The Venus HUD had some usability issues and was prone to failure, so let us hope that has had a serious bit of effort put into it. Have they addressed the alpha issue in some innovative way

    I think Belleza have done themselves and their customers a disservice by not communicating much more frequently and much more informatively over the last 5 months, lets hope that improves as well. I know there is a huge group of Belleza wearers who have been waiting for this, I hope its awesome for them – they really deserve it.

    Venus was an amazingly innovative body when first released, so hopefully this ‘update’ will get her back into competition, it would be great to have serious choices again. After the legal battle Belleza successfully fought on the body and the organised griefing that has been mounted against their store in-world, I have a very big soft spot for the Belleza team and the incredible work they have done in the face of all that, and I’d love to see Venus back in play with Lara and Physique as a tier one body.

    W xx

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