Weekly Fitmesh Finds & SL’s new events

Hi MAddicts! First of all, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MUMS OUT THERE!! (Just in case it’s not mother’s day in your country, a big hi5 to all the mum’s out there anyway!!) Weekly Fitmesh Finds has rolled around again, and of course as the first of the month rolled around, so did many … Read more

The First Weekly Fitmesh Finds for 2016!

Hi MAddicts! 2016 is upon us, and whilst I’m still telling people ‘next year’ (meaning ‘this year’ now), I’m sure come December 2016 I will have adjusted just in time for it to change again 😉 I’ve been thinking a little bit about resolutions this year. It’s not something I normally do because hey, who … Read more