Belleza’s Jake Mesh Body is OUT!

Hi Man-Maddicts! The moment you’ve been waiting so eagerly for is finally here – Belleza’s male mesh body Jake is out!!! Yaaaay! (those of you who are part of the MBA Chat group in-world will know just excited Pondie must be!). Jake is Belleza’s first male mesh body, and I’ve been so honoured to be … Read more

Creative Releases & Weekly Fitmesh Finds

Hi Maddicts! HAPPY FRIDAY! We’ve survived another week and thankfully the weekend is now here – along with Weekly Fitmesh Finds!! Now you guys know how much I love innovation – in whatever form it takes. I think designer creativity in SL is just amazing, and I love seeing what everyone is doing with mesh … Read more

If I’m honest…

Hi Maddicts, Today I’m doing something a little different and not talking about mesh. I know right? How unlike me! So why am I not talking about mesh? Well, perhaps it’s because today I’m feeling a little introspective, or perhaps in need of catharsis, but either way, I wanted to talk to you all about … Read more

Weekly Fitmesh Finds & Blog Updates

Hi Maddicts! Halloween is around the corner, can you feel the spookiness?! Well in case you can’t, I recommend taking a tour around the grid right now, because there’s spookiness everywhere you go! Don’t forget to also check out Linden Lab’s Shop till you drop event to see what’s happening there. It’s a small event, but cute! Now … Read more

Talking about Animations

“Don’t focus too much on what you expect to happen, or you’ll miss the beauty of the unexpected.” Hi Maddicts, So let me start with a disclaimer (always good, right?). I don’t create animations, nor am I a scripter – I’m just a mesh body/head lover who likes to throw my thoughts into the ethos … Read more