Reviews – Kimberly and Lilo Vlogs

Hi Maddicts! Just a quick one this week – I’m dealing with some family matters at the moment so bare with me while we get through this, I may be a tad slow. <3 I have made a new release (pictured above)! It’s based on Cher from Clueless (one of my favourite 90’s movies) and … Read more

Weekly Fitmesh Finds & Holidays!

Hi MAddicts! First things first – I’m on holidays! YAY! As some of you might know, I’ve been redesigning the MBA Sim (which will reopen on the 8th June), but once that’s done, I’m going to take the next two weeks to focus on an exciting project of my own – Maddict! That’s right, we’re … Read more

Shopping with men

Hi MAddicts! I have been WAITING for these Blueberry yoga pants to be released, and finally… they’re HERE! That’s right – it’s the second generation of yoga pants from Blueberry – and they have a sexy yoga top to match them, PLUS she has released some yoga shoes as a group gift too! You can find … Read more