Hair Fair 2016 & LAQ Review!

Hi Maddicts! As you’ve probably noticed over the past two weeks, I’ve had two amazing bloggers (ravenwings and multimuse) contribute to my blog in order to widen the scope of posts for you guys now that mesh has become such a huge part of SL Life. What do you think? Did you enjoy their posts? … Read more

After Dark – June 27th

Note from Daria: Hi MAddicts! I’m sorry about the recent downtime on the MBA page. Unfortunately we ran into a lot of bad luck that resulted in several days downtime, but WE’RE BACK!! Thank you all for you letting me know the page wasn’t working, and for offering help. You’re all amazing, thank you <3 … Read more

Weekly Fitmesh Finds & Latest News!

Hi Maddicts! How quickly holidays go, I can’t believe I have to go back to work *cries*. I swear time goes faster when you’re on leave, how cruel! But, I’m back now, and whilst I’m doing a few things at the back end of the blog (updating landmarks for the lists, updating a few reviews) … Read more

Lelutka update, Catwa & Bento!

Hi MAddicts, First up – Lelutka users, GREAT NEWS! There’s an update for your heads, and it includes (finally) DIFFERENT LASHES!!! You have no idea how excited I am about this, it’s the reason I stopped using my lelutka head really. The new HUD looks like this: Additionally, Catwa is at it again, and this time … Read more

Summer fun & Marketplace sales!

Hi MAddicts! A quick post today, because this girl is taking the weekend off – but before I did, I thought I’d share some info on a sale currently taking place on marketplace! SUMMER SALES ON MARKETPLACE: Lapointe & Bastchild – 30% – 35% off marked items – Items for Aesthetic & SLink male; Maitreya, Slink … Read more