What’s your ACI?

^^ Note – the calculations taken above include only the body mentioned and hands/feet – nothing else. DISCLAIMER – Measurements are taken from a baseline of 0 and using the same skin appliers (omega). ACI’s may vary. Hi MAddicts! Well it’s been a few weeks since I first posted about SL’s Jellydolls – the upcoming feature … Read more

Weekly Fitmesh Finds & SL’s new events

Hi MAddicts! First of all, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MUMS OUT THERE!! (Just in case it’s not mother’s day in your country, a big hi5 to all the mum’s out there anyway!!) Weekly Fitmesh Finds has rolled around again, and of course as the first of the month rolled around, so did many … Read more

Weekly Fitmesh Finds 26th March

Hi MAddicts! It’s that time of week again – Weekly Fitmesh Finds are here!! Now I’ve covered as much as I can in relation to Uber – unfortunately access and lag prohibited me from being able to showcase all the items there, but I got what I could! Coming up next on MBA – a … Read more