7 thoughts on “The 2016 Mesh Body/Head Survey!

  1. I’m glad you put the survey back.
    On your list of things people would want in a new body you missed an extremely obvious thing nearly everyone I talk to wants:

    Mod perms.

    Since I’m often a furry, I am very used to having mod perms. All of the fitmesh furry avatars have Mod perms. Lena Lush/Perky has mod perms.

    We want it, the other brands aren’t willing to give it. Frankly I have a body that looks good to me, so I have no reason to consider another one unless it had mod perms.

  2. I think you should have a separate choice for the TMP free body vs. the paid for ones. All my alts have the free ones. People who can’t afford to spend a lot of money in SL sometimes get the free ones. Differentiating between whether people have the free version or one they had to buy, will thus give a better indication of which bodies people are willing to buy, rather than whether they picked up a freebie because it was free.

  3. I see the ‘if you would buy another mesh body’… was either a misread on my part or has been rewritten to ‘if you were to buy a mesh body all over again for the first time’…

    That changes my answer because of my biggest frustration with every body I’ve tried other than Belleza and Lena Lush (and maybe Perky).

    The connection to the body under the bosom. I’ve been thinking of posting a series of slideshows that demonstrate just how amazingly bad this area is on almost every brand other than the two I’ve noted. The brand new SalinA also gets this area right… but then messes up with you lay down on your side (the upper bosom and the lower bosom move side-to-side at different rates, causing the your top breast to appear to have collapsed at the top).

    Most brands make one or both of two mistakes:

    1. The breast juts out and down, with the area under being flat and angled upward to the body.
    2. The ribcage under the breast moves along with the breast – and this can look amazingly bad with breast physics.

    This is why I settled on Belleza… and after I learned how to un-pear Freya and make her have a mroe natural hourglass (unlike the sharp hourglass of slink’s hourglass), caused me to settle on Belleza Freya.

    Belleza Freya is the only brand with really natural, normal looking bosom from small to large, from perky to bouyant, and including when you dial up the mass and gravity in physics (which is important to create both ‘sag’ and to keep the breast moving naturally rather than bouncing up and down like a silly yo-yo on a string as I see happen to many Maitreya/Slink/TMP people when I see them). TMP comes close, but not to the same size range, and has so many other issues…
    Lena… also comes close, but again has so many issues its a body only useful for ‘permanent nudists with giant breasts’ <- which IS a scene in SL, so at least they have that choice for an amazing body for their needs.

    So… yeah… as for needing Mod perms… it's number 2 on my list. I'm on a choice that isn't mod because not having freak-breasts is kind of important for me. 🙂

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