Slink’s new mesh body – Hourglass!

Hi MAddicts!

Wow big week for changes! We have a new mesh body on the grid (we’ll get to that shortly), Lelutka has updated their mesh heads to include expressions (and gestures) and the Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly event has kicked off!

Firstly, a few updated/new reviews for you all, and don’t forget you can check out my Mesh Body/Head Tables by clicking on the title of the table you want to see on the right –>

Now that I’m satisfied that I’ve played around with all of Lelutka’s new expressions – I’m pleased to announce the release of Slink’s new mesh body, Hourglass for women! The body is now in store, and thanks to the very kind Siddean, I’ve already had the opportunity to review this body for you, and you can read the review here!

This is definitely a body for all you girls who love some REALLY dangerous curves! The waist is thin, hips round and breasts large without being oddly shaped. I can picture some amazing corsets coming out for this one <3

Make sure you grab a demo, and if you’re a Slink Physique user, make sure you get a redelivery, because both bodies now come with a fitmesh bra and panty fatpack made by the AMAZING Blueberry!!! Get a redelivery and body demo in store here!

Blueberry lingerie

So what do we think about the new body MAddicts?

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Stella v1.2 by Lelutka
Skin – Eline by Glam Affair (Lelutka applier – America tone used)
Hair – Esmee by Mina Hair (Available at Shiny Shabby)

11 thoughts on “Slink’s new mesh body – Hourglass!

    • lol well I have DD breasts in RL so the breasts are a bonus for me and the guys love it in SL also, I am so happy with this hot sexy body lol, I like to look like a real woman in sl not something with small teenager titties, the bigger the better, just not basket balls, these boobs I love the most LOL 🙂

  1. I am already wasting so much time each day blanking out parts of my mesh body so that clothes will fit, that this new hourglass one would be a disaster unless I intended to stay naked all the time on the nude beaches. WHY can’t the mesh community come together and create standard size/shape avatars that are easy to clothe? Plus when will the realization dawn on the mesh body builders and the clothing designers that they would sell a lot more mesh items if we didn’t have to struggle with appliers, alphas, huds, scripts, omegas, etc. just to get one (bleeping) gown on?

    • Honestly, because people want different shapes! That’s the point of mesh bodies really, it gives you the chance to have smoother and more ‘out there’ shapes than the system body could provide. That said, applier clothing particularly Omega, continues to work with each body 🙂

    • You obviously have absolutely no idea how 3D modelling works. You think it’s just all magic playdough that will morph to any body shape? Lol.

  2. Choice is nice, obviously, and I see this as a reasonable response to offerings along fantasy body shapes by some of the other body makers, especially Belleza of course. Also, Slink was always criticised by some as being too middle of the road in the shape – remember the “She’s got no hips!” in the days immediately following release?

    I do think there is quite a burden on clothing designers now – to decide what fitted body shapes they will support, based on the types of clothing they are making and the level of support for that body by wearers. Mainstream fitted mesh clothing support centres around the Maitreya / Slink / Belleza still, so I imagine existing Slink-designers will take this new body shape up – I wonder though if thats another factor in ‘crowding out’ support for the less popular bodies?

    It is interesting watching the continuing developments in mesh bodies. I’m probably typical though – I have built a fitted mesh wardrobe around a particular body and it would take a lot of amazing extra functionality to get me to shift to another body. I’d love to hear if many people shift from their everyday goto body to another body (like, a long term shift of body makers) – maybe you could survey that Daria? Love your reviews, always informative, Hugs W x

  3. My S.O.’s avie has been using the Belleza Freya body – I am trying her out with the Hourglass mesh. Torso has a nice ‘V’ shape from the back and shoulders seem to work better – with Freya I had to crank up the shoulder width and turn the love handles way down, resulting in some distortion. The butt is REALLY nice, with a firm, round ‘bubble’ shape. Might be bit much for some people, but I love it. The legs may be a little better on Hourglass, the calves look slightly slimmer and better proportioned to my eye. Slink hands and feet are a perfect fit (of course). I have mixed emotions about the breasts. You can enlarge them to almost Lolas Tango size, and they have a nice shape, not ‘pointy’ like Freya – except that they defy gravity too much at the higher settings. There should be a HUD setting that would rotate them downwards so they would lie against the ribcage more naturally. Tonic just about nailed this. The Slink HUD lacks Belleza’s ability to customize nipple shape/color – this is a great feature on Freya. Another issue is the Advanced Skin FX function in the HUD. THe Sheen and Detail can be overpowering in some lighting conditions (she looks like she’s been covered in baby oil) and is on/off only, can’t be adjusted. Overall, I like it, and it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a classic curvy shape.

  4. It looks like a good shape in general, but will of course require very different shape dials than other bodies, including from Freya. This is another body in the same camp as Freya: Curvy but realisitc.
    In my opinion the breats only look unreal in the image above because the shape being used is not ideal.

    I suggest medium to large bosom dials, but low buoyancy – whereas with Freya I used bouyancy of 100.
    Instead go into avatar physics – advanced and dial breast mass and breast gravity up to above 90.

    Putting Buoyancy too high results in bullet breasts… Sticking out rather than down. They DO retain mesh shape though, no weird triangles or stretches that other brands will have on large breast sizes.

    The breats are bigger than Belleza Freyas, so I suspect this body will pick up in popularity with the crowd that wants normal bodied busty avatars.

    You will need to dial hip width down to under 32 to remove the invisible pony between her legs… Use Saddle Bags to put the actual hips back.

    BUT you will need leg muscle between 40-60 (50 for normal, 40 for thin, 60 for strong).
    – and is is VERY BAD that the body requires XS hands/feet, because this will give odd wrists and ankles for the amount of muscle one should use with this body.

    I’ll probably get this one for an alt, and mess around enough to do a detailed breakdown of the plusses and minuses, and come up with a properly proportioned shape for her.

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