Dear Shopping Addiction!!!

~Lauren.celeste~ My most recent findings   Hair.! +Spellbound+ Toothbrush // Brunettes (Newest Release) Cute Mesh Dress Rowne.Katia – Sienna. :Face Chains: [Keystone] Valde Chains Necklace *KB* Mama Africa Necklace Location: Hazardous, Hazardous Inc (132, 133, 20) – Moderate Might I add that this is one of the most amazing sims =)    

Elegance in silk

I’m a sucker for a good mesh dress – and one with a gorgeous bow at the back just couldn’t help but fall into my shopping cart this week… The mesh is perfect – it’s rigged to the legs but doesn’t split or break off when you walk (a pet hate of mine) – or … Read more

Summer meets couture

By now you’ve most likely picked my love for quality fashion sold at a decent price – fashion is best when it’s accessible to all in my opinion! With that in mind, the stunning dress I’m featuring today is by a collaboration by two talented designers with a range of gorgeous and well priced clothing to … Read more

When good nights go bad….

Ever imagine the wildest night of your life… all dressed up, looking hot and strutting around town with the girls…. only to end up getting your mugshot taken? I’m going to have to play with the idea some more I think… If you woke up in a jail cell, why would YOU be there? Comment … Read more

Casual Chic

Some outfits remind me of certain times in my life – like this gorgeous little zip up number immediately reminded me of studying at University. In that vain, I teleported myself to the nearest online campus and threw some tunes on! I love the mesh and the texturing options on this one – the grey … Read more


I don’t know about you, but I love a little latex…. and I’m a little over the standard black, so when I saw the opportunity to put my Domme on with some white – I jumped at it. A big thank you to Dean for acting as my footstool for half an hour… good boy … Read more