Clothes… for bros!

Just about anyone in SL will tell you that it is difficult to find decent men’s clothing – but until you’ve lived it, you don’t realise just how true that is. A few weeks ago I created a male alt for myself to save having to find a male friend every time I wanted to … Read more

Lalita Dress

We all have a little good and evil in us, right? Well that’s exactly what I started thinking when I laid eyes on the new Lalita dress from Rowena’s Designs. This gorgeous, highly detailed dress has two versions – the Lalita, and the Gothic Lalita (both with HUDS that offer five additional options) and has … Read more

New from Le Petite Atelier!!

We’ve been waiting to see more from this talented designer, and I just love her latest release!! The gorgeous little number below is called ‘Take me home’, and as with all of her designs, it comes with a texture switch HUD, offering five stunning options to suit your mood OR your destination! The fitmesh options … Read more

Boots for slink feet!

I’m so glad that creators are starting to make boots compatible with slink feet, because I don’t know about you, but I hate taking them off just to wear boots, then putting them back on and arghhhhh. It’s for that reason that I had to check these gorgeous Slink Venus Boots (for slink high) from … Read more