Argh Paparazzi!

Okay so maybe not so much, but I feel I SHOULD be under attack by the ‘Razzi when I put this dress on. The mesh is incredibly well done, it fit my body like a glove (and the fitmesh version actually was mesh that fit for once!) with no strange body breakthrough (which we all … Read more

Drifting into the clouds…

…or at least that’s how I feel when I fall asleep hehe. The gorgeous outfits you see below include the new release ‘Peggy’ Camisole and panty set from the talented Rowena’s Designs. If you haven’t checked out her store yet, you’re missing out, so get your butt over there! Not only are her outfits highly … Read more

I was feeling a little sexy

… and playing around with this stunning burlesque freebie from +MACABRE+, when I just couldn’t help but play with my expressions HUD, and though I’m not a fan of them typically, for some reason this expression said it all!!  Sexy is fun… and fun, well fun is damn Sexy 😉 I’m wearing: Corset – by … Read more