Meet Dalena!

Stunning isn’t she? Straps are so in right now, and I *love* me some silver with my dresses!! This strappy number is available in two ‘moods’ as I can them… Dark, and light! Each Dress has a HUD with five texture options AND you can even recolour the straps and studs using the HUD! Here’s … Read more


OMG what is it with shoes this week? It could be the start of a new month (which is always busy fashion wise, after all there are so many monthly events to prepare for as a designer) or it could be that the SL Gods smiled favourably upon me. Either way, Who’s complaining? First up … Read more

Clothes… for bros!

Just about anyone in SL will tell you that it is difficult to find decent men’s clothing – but until you’ve lived it, you don’t realise just how true that is. A few weeks ago I created a male alt for myself to save having to find a male friend every time I wanted to … Read more