TMP – Mesh Heads

TMP Soft Head
About the heads

Name – The Mesh Project – Deluxe Mesh Head Range (Babydoll, Classic, Fierce, Moody, Soft)
Designer – The Mesh Project
Version – Beta
Cost – 5,000L each
Expression Hud – No



Blinking – Yes
Eyes Open/Closed – Yes
Mouth Open/Closed – Yes (Closed, Open, Open Wide)
Do the lips animate? (Move when Talking)? – Yes
Sliders – Both Head Stretch and Head size sliders work

Skins & Make-up

Skin tones included – 36 skin tones
Make up options included – 1 eyeshadow
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes
Omega Head Applier compatible? – No


The best bits:

  • Like all meshes from TMP, the mesh is exceptionally well done – the smoothness of their mesh really is amazing, and it makes the clarity of appliers you use on it so much more crisp.
  • Whilst the wardrobe/Style HUD system is a bit tedious to get used to, it really is kinda cool to change makeups and skins etc. visually within the Style Mode HUD. Saves searching your whole inventory for it, which I’ve been known to do.
  • I love that the lashes are modifiable within the HUD, so if they’re not fitting correctly because of your head size, that’s easily fixed. Lashes are so important to a head!
  • I love the lash options, this is probably the best set of lashes I’ve seen on a head yet, and the ability to change that up and make them bigger, smaller or take them off altogether is amazing.
  • I do love that the TMP products come with so many skin options, that’s always a bonus for me.

The worst bits:

  • For the price tag, I wish the head came with the basic make-up (a few lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows or at least some different eyebrow colours). It seems a shame that after paying $5k you need to sink at least another $1k into products for the head (whether they’re from TMP TheShops or from another skin maker).
  • The system is hard to get the hang of at first (the shopping and style mode systems), however I have a video tutorial for that HERE.
  • I would love some expressions with this head, but I’m hopeful in future updates this will happen anyway, because it’s the natural progression of mesh heads really.

6 thoughts on “TMP – Mesh Heads

  1. After a long hiatus from SL I came back and was trying to find the whole mesh body/head. I settled on SLink Hourglass shape and wanted to get TMP head, the fierce version. Instead I had to go through a rigamarole with buying lindens putting them into the TMP HUD then going back and accidentally picked the wrong damn version not realizing that after the purchase I was going to be having to do all the damn details. So here I was $12 usd poorer and no mesh head to go with my purchase b/c I still can’t seem to find a skin I care for at Glam Affair that matches the classic head. The HUD is a head ache and of course customer service wont do anything about it, even tho in the past I spent money on the body, hands, feet and the last was a head that I ended up disliking. Very disappointed.

  2. You didn’t “accidentally” pick the wrong version, Amanda, the whole set-up is DESIGNED to make you make mistakes. You did exactly what TMP wanted you to do.

  3. TMP is one big scam. They charge to much and their bodies and head they are only “ok” at best. They never send out updates and they have terrible customer service. The HUD is tedious and frustrating and what you get with the head and body is a big fat nothing! You will have to continue to sink money into a body that really no one creates for because they want creators to send them full perm textures to place in their hud! Do yourself a favor and buy another brand, any of the other brands out there are more worth your L’s and you will be happy.

  4. The review here says that 36 skin tones are included with the TMP-head.

    THIS IS NOT TRUE. What you get are 36 places where the skins “go” after you buy them (at an outrageous price).

    Please correct the text! (It should say “Skin tones included – none”

  5. I like the TMP head, but there are no expressions. I see that other creators are looking to Bento for their head updates. If there were more timely updates, I would be very happy.

  6. After purchasing several other heads from the popular creators, I realized that for make up and over all smoothness, TMP was one of the best. The others have weird shadows and a pasty look. If I were to take photos, the TMP is the best. If they had updates for bento and expression they would be perfect. The hud is great once you get used to it. The learning curve is horrible, but manageable.

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