Alex v5 Chloe v5  Sadie V5

About the heads

Name – Alex, Chloe & Sadie
Designer – LOGO
Version – v5.0
Cost – 2500L each
Expression Hud – Yes – 12 expressions *plus* mouth and eye expressions can be mixed and matched! (more expressions available by purchasing add-on huds)


v5 non-omega HUD v5 Omega HUD  v5 1

Blinking – Yes
Eyes Open/Closed – Yes
Mouth Open/Closed – Yes
Teeth – Included

 Skins & Make-up

Skin tones included – 5 (matching Maitreya, Belleza and Slink Physique appliers sold seperately). Omega version of the heads included.
Make up options included – 16 eyeshadows, 1 brow, 16 lipstick, 7 lash choices (Note – when using Omega version of the head, only eyelashes can be used, other included makeup cannot).
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes, selected designers and designers who make omega head compatible skins, which many now do specifically for this head.
Omega Head Applier compatible? – Yes, skin and makeup layer, plus eyes!


The best bits:

  • The heads are now Omega compatible, so you can use skins from designers who make Omega appliers! I love that you can also use Omega skin (using the included Omega makeup layer) and I’ve also noticed that I’m able to wear more than one Omega makeup layer if I wish to wear separate makeup appliers (ie. one eyeliner and one lipstick). It’s a little tricky (you need to apply, then remove the layer, add a new one, apply the next makeup item, then add them together) but still nifty.
  • Fits Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and most other mesh bodies well. The neck options make fitting the neck a lot easier.
  • The expressions! Without a doubt these heads are great to do photography with, especially since you can select a ‘lip’ setting from one ’emotion’ and an ‘eye’ setting from another by clicking on the lips/eyes of that expression button respectively. Soooo many combinations and much fun to be had there!
  • The built in make-up is really nice, and the creator has already released some additional make-up options that users can buy seperately. Unfortunately you can only use them if you’re not using the Omega version of the head though.
  • The purchase comes with the 5 skin tones and all of their accessories, plus blank Omega versions.
  • I love that the nose texture is changeable in the HUD for the built in skins as well, it’s amazing how different a face can look with a different nose!

The worst bits:

  • Though the head is now Omega compatible, and comes with an Omega makeup layer (of which you can use multiple). Now I stand corrected about the ‘zones’ of the makeup layers – the omega layer is broken up into multiple zones (forehead/upper cheeks, lower half of face, lips and eyeshadow/eyebrows) however for these to work correctly, the applier creator needs to use the new Omega makeup applier HUD (which allows specific zones to be applied to only, rather than one zone and an alpha over all the others, thus wiping out all your other makeup). So, I’d love to see more makeup designers taking advantage of that. The newer ones will have to (they have no other option for Omega appliers) but for those using the old kit, use the new one! 😀
  • There’s something about the eyes that always looks a little… startled to me (personal preference here), I’m a huge fan of Ikon and the look of his realistic eyes, so it could just be that they’re a bit too white, but I hope the creator comes out with other eye options and pupil sizes etc for this head.
  • I love the skin tones included, but it’s a shame there isn’t a really dark skin tone. The darkest (Cocoa) really isn’t that dark, and I know this head would look amazing with a really rich African skintone!!

45 thoughts on “LOGO

  1. If this head had third party support I would have been all over it. Can’t see why they don’t give out a dev kit so that other skinmakers can get things right (like for the dimples).

  2. I had to buy my first LOGO head now that there are Maitreya appliers! Alex is really beautiful, I’m impressed! The expressions HUD really is the best I’ve seen and it is a photographers dream come true. If I could combine the makeup blend options of LeLutka with the expressions of LOGO I would have the perfect mesh head! It is worth noting that the seam with the Maitreya Lara body isn’t perfect but it also isn’t the worst around (perhaps I’ve just been spoiled by using LeLutka for a while now). And I agree that a dark African skin tone would be GORGEOUS on this head, but I have to correct you that there is also the Cocoa tone which is darker than Amber.

  3. I do wear this head a lot since buying the Pink Fuel Appliers (Morgana) but i bought the head BEFORE finding out that the Omega Appliers are handled by a secondary head in the kit that has no makeup capacity. Thank the Lord that Mochi’s appliers offer a range of lipsticks and makeups and her skin texture is just wonderful, has a *satin* quality that makes the skin glow, (as do her body appliers to the Maitreya body) it really seems to bring both face and body to life. So on the one hand, really disappointed that the Omegas go to a head with a *downgraded* performance compared to the main head…. but then really brought to life and rescued by the Pink Fuel head appliers.

  4. Rumor no more. It’s one layer, but better than nothing! Hopefully in the future it will have more parts to the makeup layer. That said, this head really does have the best expressions and I’m so glad to see this improvement. I had snagged one when the Omega version came out and this update is really good. Gestures like Lelutka’s, and a lot more. The head now can be tinted and more parts are integrated so it’s a little less confusing.

  5. Just got the updated Alex last night and man…what a learning curve. I understand how to wear it, the HUD, etc but does it not work with demo skins? I am not a big fan of the “base” look, even with the HUD options, and want to try on some demos, like Deetalez, Glam Affair, etc. Nothing happens. It says “Sending the blonde eyebrows” etc in Local, then nothing. They are LOGO appliers, but demos. Someone on Plurk said that maybe demos don’t work, but they do on Lelutka and Catwa. I tried it with the default Alex head, the Omega option, an Omega applier, anything I could think of. Changed graphics. Relogged, cache, etc etc, They are LOGO-specific demos. I must be missing something major, and feel so dumb! Then again, I felt like this when I first got a Maitreya mesh body, so it’s got to get better, right? Is there a tutorial anywhere? I have read every blog post and all the LOGO blogs, instructions, and posts. 🙁

    • Hey Sienna 🙂 It is a bit learning curve I know!! A few tips:
      1) Make sure you’re wearing the version of the head/eyes/tongue etc from the Omega Default folder (the logo head comes with like a billion folders)
      2) Make sure you have installed Omega into the head (though the appliers say ‘logo’, they’re just meaning they were designed to look good with that head in this case, they are all in fact logo appliers, so make sure you grab the logo Omega installer and install that first!
      3) If you’ve done all that and it still doesn’t work, make sure you take the makeup Omega layer off, just in case it’s blocking anything

      Hope this helps!

  6. Thank you sooo much! I think I did something out of order with the Omega part. Will try again tonight! I appreciate the helpful suggestions <3 <3

  7. LOGO has since released two more Mesh Heads…

    There is the Chloe, and the Sadie…

    So far out of all the Mesh heads that I’ve tried (Lelutka, CatWa, SLink, TMP) … so far only the LOGO Chloe comes even remotely close to matching the natural curves of my normal AV face. All the others just make me look like a totally different person.

    Now if only more Skin Makers will start supporting Omega Appliers (/coughs League! /coughs)

  8. Would also love to see these LOGO Heads come with other options such as include the hairbase and neck and ears, but no eyes… so we can use out own eyes. I have gorgeous eyes from Ibanez, that look fabulous with this head. But the only way I can use them is if (when using the Demo) I forgo wearing the hair base and neck attachment.. as that same attachment includes LOGO’s eyes… so if I could just lose their eyes, but keep the hairbase and neck attachment, then this would be absolutely perfect. I do not at all like LOGO’s included eyes, they’re way too bright, and too white… not natural looking at all.

    The Chloe head fits me best, while the Sadie head is a very close second place but has the better facial expressions that best match me.

    If LOGO included a way to mix and match expressions; such as allow different mouth expressions to be mixed with different eye lid & eye expressions… and allowed hair base and neck to be worn without their eyes…

    Then in my opinion they would have an absolute total winner in terms of ‘the best mesh head’ in SL.

    • With LOGO, you can select separate upper (eyes and brows) and lower (cheeks, mouth) expressions. To do this, you click on the eyes for upper and the mouth for lower. If you want the entire expression, click in the middle (the nose!). 🙂

    • Ok I really need to amend my statement as I did not realize that they had released a newer version since I picked up my Demos of their three heads. My demos are different… but I just picked them up on an Alt to see how they would look on that AV, and I found that pretty much everything I suggested being needed, has been added!

      You can mix and match the expressions, which this Review DOES state, I thought I was responding to a Review of an older version and completely missed that part in the review!

      Also the new Demo’s have their default Logo eye attachment now seperate from the Hair Base attachment!

      There is also now no neck attachment, as the mesh on the face now seems to include a neck, and it seams up flawless with my Maitreya Lara body on this Alt AV. Now I’m all the more anxious to see how my League Sia & Isla make ups would look on this mesh head, if only League would release Omega Appliers for Mesh heads, or at the least a dedicated Logo Mesh Applier… I saw Belleza has one specific for the Logo Alex Head; so if more skin vendors (League!) can release some for Logo’s other heads, then I’m buying!

  9. I agree the eyes look rather startled, I tried the demo version and I didn’t like the “crazy eye” look. Apart from that it is a nice head. If they can change the eyes then I would consider buying it

  10. Hello!! as I get the version V5.0 of my head Alex ?? 🙁 I have bought this day 21 / March and there comes the version of omega !! please I beg your help! Thanks!

    • Hey Mittry – you’ll see an ‘Omega’ folder in there that allows you to use the Omega functions 🙂 Just buy the installer from Omega and install it and then you’ll be able to use it

  11. This mesh head looks so beautiful. I loved it. But too much script didn’t let me in some event areas. Rendering cost is too much too….

  12. Also I should make note here that… after spending some time researching the various skin vendors that support LOGO…

    I have found that pretty much regardless of whether they say their applier is for the ALEX head, which most of them do; the Applier works with ALL the heads. I also found a store, Izzie’s, which is producing a really nice make-up applier kit for the Omega heads which by default have no make-up options on them.

    So Izzie’s came up with a make-up applier with about a 10 different lipstips and eye liners on one applier and they can be mix and matched and they work with ALL of LOGO’s Omega heads; Alex, Chloe and Sadie. Also the Lip sticks come with 5 levels of “shade” on 5 different appliers and these in turn can each be altered with the Omega Make-up Tinting options on the LOGO HUD.

    Here is a link to their DEMO – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Izzies-DEMO-LOGO-Alex-Make-Up-Appliers/8085785?page=1

    -and again it SAYS its made for Alex, but it DOES work with all three as I’m using it with a Glam Affair’s Tecla Applier for LOGO Omega, that was available at Shiney Shabby last month; which in turn looks absolutely gorgeous with Glam Affair’s skins on Maitreya Lara!

    Izzie’s also has some other applier kits available for LOGO’s heads, including an additional hairbase pack; a freckle pack, a face “glitter” pack and you can buy the lip stick and the eyeliner as seperate packs, or together as a single pack.

    I’m starting to see that LOGO’s heads are starting to catch on, and I’m looking forward to seeing more vendors coming up with some of these add-on applier packages like Izzie’s has been producing!

    They REALLY go a long way to enhancing the Omega versions of these Heads!

  13. For those who complain about the eyes… you can just take them off and wear your system eyes with the LOGO head! Just wear the “Visible SL Eyes” alpha included in the “Extras” folder.
    For me, with the SL system eyes this mesh head is simply perfect! 🙂

    • I get eye animation clash with any 3rd party eyes including Ikon. It’s all in the texture anyways so with the Logo Omega eyes and a good Omega texture (easy to dev and apply yourself), they work and look fine.

  14. Praying for a Bento update on these fabulous LOGO Heads!

    I think … no I, HOPE.. that with Bento… LOGO might be able to reduce the number of attachments this Head has. I absolutely love my Chloe Head, and there are so many great appliers out for it now too! I found LAKSHMI Appliers at the first MBA Fair, had never heard of them before so tried it out; then add in some make up appliers from Izzie’s and oh my god does it make me look good, with my LOGO Chloe on a Maitreya Body!

    Warning this pic is NSFW! 😀


    So pleeeease LOGO, if you guys read this. Pleeeease consider updating for Bento if at all possible! 😀

  15. I’ve wasted so much time trying to get the eyes on the Sadie head right, I think it will have to go. I have two mesh heads, both Omega friendly, neither of which have given any problems. It’s the eyes on the Sadie. I have followed their instructions to the letter, used omega eyes, mayfly and avi glam eyes….whatever makeup I apply (with of course their Logo installer) the avi has white patches under the inner corners of both eyes running almost to the centre of the eye socket. Used every makeup applier I have, same! I even tried the Logo skin, there they are again. I tried their template for the eyes, all the shapes they gave, same problem. These patches are really very prominent and gives a wierd look to the head. Sorry Sadie.

  16. Ive wasted soooo much time & money on the LOGO head, I had to delete it because it was just collecting dust in my inventory

  17. I have the sadie head and I look awesome lol . You may just have to give it another go. I use Pink Fuel appliers and it works great. The great thing about their skins is that it comes with makeup and everything as well.

  18. i have the sadie mesh head from LOGO i couldnt be happier, is all in one hud, make up, eyes brows etc, is worthed in my opinion is easier to learn for new mesh head users than most of them

  19. I want to try one but I am a little confused in regards to the omega appliers I have found an amazing L’Etre skin in the perfect tone. This L’Etre skin has omega appliers but does it have to be specific for Logo? Or am I way off base?

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