GA.EG – Adriana

About the heads

Name – Adriana Mesh Head
Designer – GA.EG (Gaeline Creations and ElleGance)
Version – 1.o
Cost – 2,500L
Expression Hud – Yes




Blinking – Yes
Eyes Open/Closed – Yes
Mouth Open/Closed – Yes (Closed, Open)
Do the lips animate? (Move when Talking)? – No
Sliders – Both Head Stretch and Head size sliders work

Skins & Make-up

Skin tones included – 8 skin tones (tintable), Freckles option
Make up options included – 8 lipsticks & eyeshadows, 8 brow colours (2 shapes), 5 hairbases (tintable), 4 lash types (alpha blend and mask)
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes via Omega
Omega Head Applier compatible? – Yes – you can use your favorite Omega Face Skin, Makeup and Tattoos Appliers with it.


Note – this head uses an almost identical system to the Kirsten mesh head, so some review information is the same.

The best bits:

  • I love the HUD for this head. It feels very intuitive to use, and the option to save up to 8 presets in the HUD makes switching ‘looks’ a lot easier.
  • The lashes are gorgeous!! The longest of them has a very dramatic look to it, which is something we haven’t seen much of with mesh heads.
  • The head operates an ‘add-on’ system, similar to the Logo heads, which means you buy additional make-ups etc from GA-EG, and the best part is you can save them into your HUD just by clicking on ‘install’ (like the TMP system almost) and bam, it’s there. No fiddling around with extra HUDS or scripts, I really liked that.
  • I love the hairbase alpha, there’s nothing worse than having your scalp poking through when you try to fit hair lol, so I’m always all for that.

The worst bits:

  • Structurally, I find the head quite angular on this release, which neither a good or bad thing. It’s a definite style choice, and whilst I might have become very accustomed to the ‘softer’ style new mesh heads, I think a lot of people who were hesitant to move to mesh heads will like the familiarity of the look and feel of Adriana.
  • I would love to see GA.EG release a softer face, which softer makeup options. I love subtlety and softness, but again that’s a personal preference so it doesn’t matter in terms of review 🙂

3 thoughts on “GA.EG – Adriana

  1. Totally agree.. the lashes are gorgeous!! The Adriana is SO CLOSE to my ‘real’ avi face, which was super important to me, and I LOVE how it looks!! I only wish it came with more expressions!

  2. Dear Fellow Meshinizers,
    I got a question about this Bento Mesh Head and corresponding Omega Applier hud…
    I am Using a Maitreya Body, together with the Omega HUD relay for Maitreya which works very well.
    Recently I bought the GA.EG Adrianna head and the corresponding Omega Relay system for this mesh head.
    Now, when trying out different Demo´s of Head and Body skin appliers, it seems that the appliers for the Maitreya body works, though not for the GA.EG mesh head, I keep seeing the standard 8 preset skins already inside the hud. It seems as the head skin is not set from the applier…can anyone help me with this?

  3. I have a Yabusaka Petite 3 mesh female. The head is bento with no hud, so my question is this will your hud work on my AV. I like the fact it lists everything from eyelashes, to cheeks and so forth, look like applying makeup to face would be easier.

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