Women’s Mesh Heads

Please note – Compatibility with other bodies does vary a lot, so please read the reviews (if available) for more information and make sure you demo! 🙂

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  1. Hey Taznia – I see you found my ‘work in progress’ page! Mesh Heads for me are still very much an ‘up in the air’ concept. Many designers are making them for their own skin lines (for example The Sugar Garden, Genesis Labs) or for their own mesh bodies (TMP and Slink) at this stage, which means if you’re working with other Mesh Bodies it’s hit and miss to find a head that will match your skin tone, and line up with the body.

    It is a growing market though, and I’m in the process of collating information about Mesh Heads that are available (which will be on this page). Judging by the small glimpse I can see of you in your little wordpress picture, I would say to go and check out Genesis Labs, see how they look and fit. I know they have some free heads there at the moment too which is great 🙂

    <3 Daria

  2. Why are the noses, brows and lips so weird on all of these heads? The eyes are also always really tiny… I hope we see more variety but the problem will always be that it doesn’t look like how I want to look. I wish I could find someone who would make my real head and go hand and hand with me through the development process. I work in the game industry as an animator but I know how collaboration works.

    • I think it’s all personal preference really. Some heads have bigger features than others, and a lot of what makes a mesh head ‘work’ visually comes down what skins and make-up you use with it. Certain skins and make-up can soften a look, harden a look or make features more prominent. I tend to like a softer lip and a soft eyeliner to enhance the look of the eyes 🙂

  3. Well I tried all that you can’t make the right nose or eyes or lips without 3d modeling that aspect of it. That’s why so many rpg games have sliders like sl. You can skin the face a lot but the shape is there still. I’ve tried with the lelutka head. No matter what skin you put on and what combination of makeup appliers that same look is there, it is easy to tell what head anyone is wearing in SL, they look too similar, and many though they are made by different creators, all have similar sort of exaggerated features. I just have to find someone/somehow, who could make my head for me. I use sl to perform music sometimes so I want to have something unique and that resembles me.

  4. Might want to put an asterisk next to the ‘Yes’ on Lelutka’s third party designer availability since they are -very- selective/restrictive on who they give their designer kits to.

  5. Okay I am Looking for a Head that goes with THIS skin (using the Stylemode Hud) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EgozyHyoleeTanTMP/7828774 that will fit a Belleza Mesh body as Well I seen that she is possibly wearing the TMP “Fierce” Head however the Neck even with remove/hide the neck blend (slething) it Still does Not connect the neck to the head there is a Gap I have tried several combos on the Demo head and it still has a gap. Yes I am using all the Huds given and still Nothing. So does Anyone have a GOOD head that will fit that skin & body mesh?

  6. hello,
    i think some mesh heads are brilliant but i was wondering and doubting……
    will everyone in a short while have a simiar face then?
    Like when slink feet and hand came out….then they included it in a mesh body….so in the futere it might be all in one?
    can you edit your lips for example (make it more narrow)

    i am really doubting

  7. I have a Catwa mesh head, but it keeps disappearing. It flashes the whole time. I thought hiding the brains would work, but it didn’t. What could be the cause of this? My lag meter is green and my settings or on high. My Belleza body works great, so I don’t have a clue what to do.

  8. Yes sadly i will not use a meshhead, …my face is unique…i do not want to look like every other girl….i like to be me !

    • 3 months after your comment Bubs…neither will I. No matter what skin they put on them, they show so much resemblance to each other, it’s like the invasion of some sort of “alien nation”. Look at the faces in profile with the protruding upper lip and straight nose, female avis with mesh heads have lost all individuality and character. In time the facial features will be modifiable, until then I would like to keep looking like my original avatar.

  9. Impossible to adjuste NEA White rabbit mesh head skin color to Maitreya lara body’s skin color .. :((( Am I wrong ?

  10. I would like to know if there are any mesh head designers that would like to do a custom head. I super love my AV’s face would absolutely love to have the definition and emotion options available in the mesh heads. Plus with everyone coming up with appliers and awesome skins for them … Heck I don’t even know if it’s possible to do the exact head as you have in SL into a mesh …

  11. Please help, I got the Belleza body, and I have a Belleza skin head, but the medium doesn’t match. There’s a very distinct line. So I thought I’d try the Belleza mesh makeup for the cares Annie head. I got demos and I can’t seem to get my head to fit right. The head under it is showing through. I just spent an hour adjusting cheeks, nose bridges, head shape and size, to no avail. How do I get it so it doesn’t poke through. What am I doing wrong. Oh, and the skin still doesn’t match the body.

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