LOGO – Ethan


About the head

Name – Ethan
Designer – LOGO
Cost – 2,500L
Compatibility with Mesh Bodies – Compatible with Slink/Adam/Signature mesh bodies (possibly others also)


Blinking – Yes
Expressions (static expressions) – Yes
Animated Expressions – No
‘Talk’ Animation (mouth movement when typing) – No
Eyes Open/Closed – Yes (through expressions)
Mouth Open/Closed – Yes (through expressions)



Skins & Make-up

Skin tones included – 5 skin tones are included, plus one omega compatible head for applying external omega skins.
Make-up/Beard options included – 16 beard styles
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes (via Omega system)
Omega Head Applier compatible? – Yes
Mesh Body Skin Appliers included? – No


The best bits:

  • I have been waiting for a male LOGO head for like FOREVER, and they didn’t let me down! Ethan is masculine yet stunningly crafted, and the expressions on him (as with other LOGO heads) are just so much fun to play with.
  • He has an Omega compatible version included – for you guys this will be a bit new to you, but with LOGO, the Omega head is a seperate head (not shown in the demo). It will be white, so you’ll need to activate Omega on it by buying an Omega installer, and then you’re free to use Omega head appliers on it. Results can vary with Omega skin appliers though, so always demo them.
  • I love the beard options. Although they can’t be used on the Omega version (which I think is a real shame because they are a lot of fun), they give a lot of variety to Ethan’s already very high resolution skin texture.
  • It fits man bodies! I tried this with Slink, Adam and the new Signature Gianni body with no problem whatsoever (just make sure you turn off any neck fixes you may have turned on via the body’s HUD). In fact the fit was really spot on with all these bodies with no obvious gaps or issues, which is awesome! It even fits TMP body! (just make sure your neck is set to retrofit in your Style HUD under ‘Modify’)

The worst bits:

  • There aren’t any mesh body appliers available for LOGO’s own skin tones at the moment, which does mean you’ll have to tint your body to match (only if you’re using one of their skinned heads anyway). Max has said that they will come out but there’s no timeframe for them at the moment, which is a shame because there are so few Omega applier for men’s heads. Hopefully we get more being made after this release though!!

1 thought on “LOGO – Ethan

  1. I must point out that there are now skin appliers for their skin tones, I have them, however I feel they need larger variety in the skin tones, they’re too narrow in their range of colors, it needs both paler and darker skins than the simple 5 they offer, I love the head myself however and would not be commenting if I didn’t wish others to benefit from my experience!

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