Vista – Lia


Designer – Vista Animations
Mesh Head Name(s) – Lia
Where to buy it – Vista Animations
Reviewed Version – v.1F
Cost – 2,500L


Expression Hud – 24 mo-cap animations, plus four mood options that animate the face in a sequence.
Blinks – Yes
Talking (mouth movement) – Yes
Omega Compatibility – Yes – More info here
Skin tones included – 15 skins (3 options by YS&YS, Avenge & 7 Deadly Skins in 5 tones each plus browless options)
Make up included – Yes, Eyelashes, hairbase, tattoo, Eyeshadow & Lipstick options included.
Other Features – Ability to upload your own textures and the like and drop into the ‘Personalise HUD’ that is included.
Mod? – No




  • Vista bento heads offer a lot for your 2,000L – 24 built in animations, 4 moods, bento eyes, three skin brands with 5 tones each and a lot of customisation options.
  • Omega compatibility! Something that I never thought I’d really care about (if you’d have asked a year or two ago) has now become so important to me, not so much for skin options (because we know they can vary in quality) but for makeup! I’m a total smudgey eye make-up junkie, and if it weren’t for having bought my faves in Omega appliers, I’d be forever buying new eyeshadow – so a great feature!
  • You can tell that Vista wasn’t an early adopter of bento and/or mesh heads. By this I mean, they’ve taken some of the best features of their competitors (Catwa/Lelutka etc.) and given it their own spin in their HUD design and features.
  • I like the makeup collection that comes with it personally, I like my eyeshadows a little more smudged, and ARTE’s make-up blends quite well when I take the blend down on them, which is nice.
  • The ability to save your own makeup/skins/tattoos and the like is a bonus too. You can create these using the SLUV (because it’s omega compatible) and upload them using the personalise HUD, which is great.
  • The animations are quite nice, I really like them as animations but they can be a little over exaggerated as ‘poses’ (that is, when paused for photography). I’d love to see some more photography-centered animations/poses included or available as add-on packs.
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