Genesis Labs – Eva


Designer – Genesis Labs
Mesh Head Name(s) – Eva
Where to buy it – Genesis Labs
Reviewed Version – v3.0
Cost – 3,499L (currently on special, price will increase)


Expression Hud – 12 full face animations and 6 static lip/3 static eye expressions.
Blinks – Yes
Talking (mouth movement) – Yes
Omega Compatibility – No
Skin tones included – None
Make up included – Yes, eyelash, eyeshadow, freckle, lipstick and facial contour options.
Other Features – Tongue piercing, braces, bloody teeth and bloody tongue options, plus more.
Mod? – No


  • I found this particular mesh head to respond to most head sliders really well with no noticeable/problematic limitations.
  • I did notice with the lips (which tends to be on of the main things I change with bento heads), I was getting the ‘can’t close my mouth’ look that you sometimes get (ie. the teeth and poking out between the lips). To fix this, I noticed that increasing the lower lip ratio using the slider helps fix this.
  • This head has so many additional features included with it, and I looove that! For example, the head has the following accessories built in: Braces, a tongue piercing, a ‘blood on the tip of the tongue’ option, dripping bloody teeth option and facial contour/beauty mark options – all of which are incredible!
  • The animations with the head are quite nice, especially compared to some of the older head’s animations. I love the option to use either static mouth or eye poses and full face animations as well too.
  • I did experience a few potential glitches with the HUD, animations and layers – the head does ‘flash’ a lot when you apply textures to layers, though this will usually fix itself straight away. Also if you use the HUD too fast when changing tabs, sometimes you’ll accidentally click the wrong thing, so take it slow!
  • The head doesn’t come with any built in skins, you’ll need to buy one (there’s a selection of them featured in the Genesis Labs store from a few different designers), which for the Genesis Lab’s Eva skin will set you back another 500L (and the body appliers, however at 200L per body type for all skin tones it’s quite reasonably priced).
  • I think the HUD design can make usability a little difficult – the biggest issue I had was working out whether or not I had an animation active, and if so, which one. I eventually worked out to stop a full face animation I needed to reselect a static one, so that’s handy to know.
  • Don’t hate me for saying it, but I think the head is slightly a-symmetric (which realistically, most heads in rl are) but for some reason the eyes not being evenly spaced from the nose keeps causing issues with the eyelashes hitting the upper eyebrow with some shapes for me. Disclaimer – it could be a result of me messing my shape up, but I see it on the default shape too so who knows lol.
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