Catwa – Catya


Designer – Catwa
Mesh Head Name(s) – Catya
Where to buy it – Catwa
Reviewed Version – v1.05
Cost – 5,000L


Expression Hud – 24 full face animations, 4 default eye & 6 default lip options
Blinks – Yes
Talking (mouth movement) – Yes
Omega Compatibility – Yes – More info here
Skin tones included – 5 tones with various eyebrow colours
Make up included – Yes, eyelashes, eyeliner, blush & lipstick options
Other Features – A variety of teeth options, includes rigged eyes to use with the HUD
Mod? – No


  • The Catwa Catya mesh head is definitely one of my favourite bento mesh heads. I found the sliders worked well when creating my own shape, and that I was quite easily able to make a shape that was more ‘me’. The eyes, nose and lips (which to me are the main features I change) all moved quite well with minimal distortion, which was great.
  • I love the alpha options with Catwa heads, I know a lot of people use mesh addons for all different kinds of products (teeth, ears etc) and the ability to hide these makes it more accessible for the ‘mod’ or ‘roleplay’ crowds.
  • The Catwa head range is very widely supported across skin and makeup creators, so finding the right skin for you (if you choose to change skins that is, you can use any Catwa/Omega applier on the head) is very easy.
  • The animations that are included all include a pause button, which to me is a bonus because it allows me to use them both as static expressions and as animations as I choose.
  • The HUD is full of save slots for your own appliers/skins/eyelashes/lipsticks etc, which is important to me personally because I hate finding each applier again every time something goes awry!
  • I can’t wait to see what other fun addons Catwa creates – the uh, naughty gestures and the bubblegum are just way too much fun to play with LOL.
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