Mesh Bodies 101: Mesh Bodies for Beginners

So last night I was wandering around the Maitreya store when I was approached by a girl who wanted to buy the mesh body, but wasn’t sure how to wear or use it. It occured to me that for many people, the mesh body topic is very daunting (hell, it was for me to start with), so I thought I’d write a really basic picture-tutorial on how to use the Maitreya Mesh Body. Most mesh bodies are similar, but if you’ve got one in particular that you’re struggling with, let me know and I’ll write one for that too <3 So here we go!

Step One: Unpack the bag/box of the body you’ve bought


 “Wait, are those blocks or feet?”

Step Two: Add the full body alpha that is included with the body


 “I think I lost weight…”

Step Three: Add the body, plus hands, feet and HUD



Step Four: Adjust your shape if you wish to. You can use your own shape (mesh body does not cover head, only neck down) and you can still use your normal body sliders to edit the shape if you like (for fitmesh bodies):


 “Yes, you can still make them really, really big!”

Step Five: Add the HUD for any applier clothing you wish to use and apply it (Maitreya will prompt you and ask which layer to put it on, I’ve chosen underwear layer because it’s underwear). Other bodies (like Belleza) the HUD will include options for each layer, so just choose the applicable one.

Not seeing the clothes even though you’ve applied them? Make sure the layer is set to visible on your Maitreya HUD. In my case, you can see the shirt and pants are active because they’re coloured in white at the bottom of the HUD. Make sure the appropriate layer is active! If it isn’t, just click it to make it active.


Step Six: Want to use clothing that has Omega Appliers? Go to LovenLust, join their free group then walk upstairs in the big building to buy the Omega kit applicable to your body (usually 1L or 3L).

Unpack it. For Maitreya, you must wear the HUD contained in the pack every time you want to apply an Omega applier. For Belleza and other mesh bodies, just press the ‘Install’ button on the HUD in the pack and presto, you’re done!


 “Helloooo up there!”

Step Seven: With the relay on your screen, open the product with the Omega applier, open the applier HUD and select to apply!


 “Yay I can still wear sexy underwear! Thank you Blacklace!”

Step Eight: If you wish to wear normal mesh, just add the appropriate size as usual… but wait, my butt is poking through!!! I can’t apply an alpha layer, what do I do? Open the Maitreya HUD and select the ‘Alphas & Layers’ tab, there you will see a selection of body areas you can click to make them invisible!


“My butt is not THAT BIG!”

Step Nine: Once you’ve applied alpha to the necessary areas using the HUD, you’re set!!


Questions? Suggestions? Something you’d like to see me do a tutorial on? Leave a comment! <3

In the final pictures, I’m wearing:
Skin –  Anna (No. 8 Natural) by AIMI Skins
Hair – RIN by Argrace
Lingerie & Dress – After Hours Leather Mesh Dress by ~Blacklace~ (Omega appliers included)

109 thoughts on “Mesh Bodies 101: Mesh Bodies for Beginners

    • No don’t give up! I have an inworld group called Mesh Body Addicts and a facebook group (also called Mesh Body Addicts) – join one of them and let us know what the problem is, there are so many helpful people around that will help <3

    • you should never give up with something fails always keep trying untill you get it right , i know it can be hard but giving up is not the answer after all you bought it and i m sure you want to use your body there is help join the maitreya friends group and we are always there to help people and to answer anything to do with mesh bodies clothes things like that

    • There is hope Deesse!! Don’t forget I also have in world group (just search for Mesh Body Addicts) with so many helpful people in it – a Facebook group of the same name too. Post your questions and I’ll always try to help!! <3

  1. I just found this page tonight, and THANK You! so much. I’m so old school. lol and have resisted mesh for a long time, just a few months ago I finally found mesh hair that I liked that did not look like the plastic hair on those little lego guys. My friend has been bugging me for months to update my Avatar and get a mesh body he says I’m so outdated.Pfft. Anyway I felt so lost with what applies were for or how to use them.. But i finally did break down and buy The Maitreya and Eve bodies ( I couldn’t make up my mind) . But, they have been sitting in my inventory for almost 2 months now because I felt intimidated after I unpacked them. That was until I read this step by step guide. Once again, thanks so much this website has been so helpful!

    • Desire you are so welcome!! I’m so glad you’re finding the tutorials useful!! I have both a facebook and an inworld group called Mesh Body Addicts, and both have lovely people in them that support each other while we learn about these bodies, so if you have questions or get stuck, join one or both and ask away. You will get it, it just takes time to wrap your mind around <3 Daria

  2. This article is wonderful, I am exactly the sort of user that you are talking about and very confused by mesh and all that comes with it. I found your explanations very clear and easy to follow and I am much more aware of the steps to follow. After reading your reviews, I have just purchased the Maitreya Lara Mesh body, which is adorable, I love it, but when I opened the package I was very daunted by all the pieces inside. However, I just went through the steps as you outlined them and in no time I was looking good.

    Thank you so, much and please keep up with the tutorials for people like me who are not stupid, but easily confused by the technical aspects of second life.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Mairachel, it means the world to me to know I helped! But trust me, at the start I was just as confused as you were (if not more!). Mesh bodies is a whole new concept to everyone <3

  3. You should properly explain how to apply tats . i have tried all sorts of tat s only ones that work are face ones i have a few full body tats i cant get to work i have the latest update and nothing. someone i know says they get a dialog box i am not seeing it anywhere on my screen . i use singularity and tried with firefox and nothing

  4. My lara body is turning different colors but its all in splotches, as if they whole skin isnt being fully applied on the body.
    Here is a picture…
    i love this body so much but the fact its doing this is upsetting 🙁
    and its not just the lighting, ive tried that too.
    When i first got the body it didnt do this.

  5. Thank you for this tutorial! It helped me greatly. I am totaly in love with the Maitreya Lara body. Easy to use and it works well with my fav skin, clothes and I don’t have to ditch my Slink Shoes. Happy here!

  6. I enjoyed your Tutorial, thanks it helped me. I got the Maitreya Lara body too – she’s great. I just want to know if now that I have a mesh body – do I throw away my collection of all those fabulous outfits and tattoos that never came with an applier?

  7. I’ve been dithering about getting a mesh body for a while, there are some lovely fashion blogs and I was jeal of the gorgeous models.
    Finding you and these guides tipped me over the edge and last night I bought the Maitreya Lara. Heaven!
    Thanks hunny.

  8. Hi, what if you get a dress and it has spots missing and skin showing and your hud is not doing anything to fix it but make the skin invisible and see through?

  9. I have read a lot, but can’t find anywhere that says if I can use my skin, that I love. I love how it looks on the whole body, with all the non-mirror image imperfections. Or, is it just the face that you can keep and you get the skin that comes with the HUD?

  10. Thank you for this blog 🙂 I am new to mesh bodies and I purchased the Slink Physique body. I am finding that the alpha buttons on the HUD do not quite cover all of my bits. I spend 20 minutes trying to get dressed now only to still have parts around underarms sticking through. Also when I move I often see bits of skin coming through like when I wear my AO. HELP! What can I do about this? I am yet to find a single outfit that fits perfect. Is this normal? Are my clothes never going to have a perfect fit? I have changed my body shape to try to fix but those underarms area is really tough to cover. Do I have to wear only Slink clothes and if so where do I even get those? Are all mesh bodies like this where you are constantly fighting the skin poke thru? Maybe I am doing something wrong, that, or I am seriously OCD about what I see wrong but it’s driving me nuts! Can’t appliers be made for the mesh clothing alpha that comes with the outfit so that I can use that alpha on my body for a better fit? The alpha on the Slink body is the only downfall I see, that and also I still see lines where wrist and ankles meet hands/feet even though I used the Omega applier for my skin on all parts. I seriously need help.

    • Hi Trinity! Aww you’re so welcome hun!! I know it’s tricky wearing a mesh body with standard sizing but hopefully this helps.
      1) Make sure your hands/feet are set to size XS (you can do this by opening the Slink Utilities HUD that comes with them, this is a different HUD to your body. You’ll see there both hands and feet have size options, click XS on both). That should smooth out the gaps/differences.
      2) The underarms can be alpha’d out don’t worry, they can just be tricky to see on the HUD. Try the sections I’ve circled here:

      I hope this helps!! Don’t worry it gets easier I promise!

  11. Thank you so very much for the tips. You know, I didn’t even know there were sizes in the feet LOL I tried that and it worked! Wearing mesh clothes is still perplexing me but I did find something that fits and fits well and no skin poking through (much) when I move. They were mesh made for Slink (and other brand bodies) and that seemed to make the difference. I apologize if I sounded a tad frantic in my previous, that’s probably because I was, sadly. Yes, there are problems in fitting clothes, yes it takes more time than dropping a folder onto your system avatars but I have to say that the way my skins look on my av and the way my body looks now ………….It is SO worth the trouble. My very good friend came over and on first sight of my new mesh body she said to me “Wow, your legs look amazing, you look so life-like! I’m jealous 🙂 lol” direct quote hehe I was showing it to her in hopes that she would get one too and we could shop together 😉 No seriously, thank you. I didn’t mean to sound down on mesh bodies, I’m actually not. It makes my pictures really POP now so it was well worth the time and money spent. Also, I love Slink and for me it was the right fit body as it allows me to more or less keep my old SL shape which I’d tweaked over the years and grown fond. Your blog is a joy to read and thank you for the tips!

    • You’re so welcome hun!! and never feel bad for feeling down on them – when I first put a mesh body on, I played with it for 2 hours and couldn’t even work out how to put clothes on, then threw it in a folder and didn’t look at it again until a new one came out that looked a bit more ‘user friendly’ haha. It’s a GIANT learning curve I know 🙂 But I’m so glad you’re starting to make headway!! I recommend checking out the MBA Sim, lots of bargain shopping for mesh bodies and tutorial information there too 🙂


  12. You know until I read this article I had no idea my regular shape affected my mesh body! I thought it was alpha’d out and so couldn’t make any difference. So the mesh body is actually a mesh “skin” that covers the system body?

    I tried a demo Lara body and found (as you said here) you can’t use clothes alphas with it, they have no effect. I did eventually find the alpha layers tab on the hud and worked out what to click on – it took a while though, I wish I’d read your article beforehand.

    Thank you!

    • Don’t worry Isobel it takes time for mesh bodies to ‘click’!! That’s right – think of the mesh body as being a special layer of skin over the top of your system body. It moves with sliders in edit appearance, and you can still change all those features of it – it’s just a new ‘shell’. This means system layer (the painted layer) clothes won’t show up, because the shell is covering the system skin, and the same with clothing alphas. The alpha hud is the way to go!

      There are some video tutorials on here too, that might help explain how the bodies work better than I can 😀

      Hugs! Daria

  13. Hi
    Thanks for the tutorial. I had worked out most of this on my own, however I have issues with the HUD just not working at all…. I click on it and nothing happens, when I first added it I couldn’t even see it. Very frustrating.

  14. I did the same as many. I bought the Maitreya, but was so lost when I opened it. I put it away. No instructions in there, just info on what it does.
    I am so thankful for your help here.

  15. Thanks so much for this blog, I am recently back from a long hiatus and am having difficulty understanding the mesh head with the Maitraya body. Can you review and touch on this for me, thanks so much

  16. Hi

    I recently noticed that Mesh Items (body, head, hair…) can be right-clicked and edited (mine) or inspected (object profile – others) . So is this new in second life, cos in past it was not possible to do so? and can others miss with my mesh items if they can right click??


    • Hey hun! Yes you can inspect other’s mesh (or even go to the edit if you really want to) but you can’t make ANY changes whatsoever to what another person is wearing, don’t worry 🙂 All it does is identify the object, only the owner can change anything about it (and most mesh is non mod anyway so even the owner can’t change it) <3

  17. I have Lara mesh body and mesh head…..why doesnt my head color with the body? and why can i proberly connect the head with the body????

  18. i am preparing to get a Maitreya body and Logo head, but no matter how much i research i am totally confused lol what are relays? do you need different omega for head and body? help drowning in mesh

    • Hey lovely! Relays are a small HUD that allows an applier to communicate with a mesh item. For Maitreya, you just wear this little hud when you use Omega based appliers, that’s all 🙂 If you’re using LOGO mesh head, the Omega version of that head, along with the Maitreya body, will enable you to do that. Just make sure you purchase the omega installer for LOGO and the omega relay for Maitreya if you want to use omega appliers 🙂

      • thanks for your help. these tutorials are wonderful. one more question, for now lol, when i buy a skin, how do i wear it on my head and body? is it done all at once?

  19. After days of researching and reading several informative blogs (I’m new to all of this), plus viewing YouTube videos, I finally decided to take the plunge! I’m excited. 🙂
    I do have to add though, that the Omega mesh kits are no longer 1L if you become a group member. According to Love’n’Lusts own page, “11-04-2015 – Price Change: The group discount has been changed. Now ALL mesh kits are 50% off with group.” which means a group member’s cost is now 50L versus 1 or 3. Just a head’s up!

    Also, thank you and your followers a great deal for so much helpful information, it’s truly been a lifesaver, lol.

  20. I’ve been in sl for nearly 9 years and have a load of classic avs that always attract compliments wherever I go. TBH, most of this tutorial is beyond me, most clothing ‘just fits’ my classic avs. My main interest these days is helping beginners get up to speed and I can assure you that the effort required to make mesh avs look right as demonstrated in this tutorial will make some 95% of them give up. Heck, the learning curve is already steep enough without all of this and the potential for mistakes is tremendous. Many of the newbies I try to help look dreadful and it is difficult to explain to them what has gone wrong with their efforts to look OK. Often I feel powerless to help and I’m sure most disappear never to return. I know I would.

  21. I am having trouble with my maiterya mesh body.. i put it on and kinda look like a milk cow.. its going from white to tan.. do i need to buy some kindofmesh skin also? alsodo i needto buy a mesh head?

    • Hey Kira – hmm do you mean the body isn’t matching your head? If so you need to get a skin applier from the creator of the system skin you use 🙂 If it’s patchy, look in your graphics settings to make sure that you have hardware skinning ticked 🙂

  22. I’m still so lost, I may as well be on the moon. I bought Slink. I try to use it and everything turns white. Had my avi disappear completely right down to the eyeballs being all that was left. I gave up completely. I am new to SL ans even newer to mesh, so even the terminology has me buggered.
    I purchased Slink hourglass body, Slink arched feet and Slink elegant hands; I did not know that there were mesh heads as well. lol
    I give up.

  23. I have the Maitreya body
    From the neck to the ankles (im wearing the hands of the body) are white & I am trying to fix it :(.
    Is there a fix/trick or do I need to wear my skin again with the skin applier. To go from white to my skin of choice???

  24. *scatches* head… well I’m stumped too.

    Bought the slink male body, tried to get the hand and feet to match colour wise, well, I think I’d rather have my toesnails pulled out with pliers, cause that would be far less painful. Someone suggested I try Signature (Gianni) body, cause it comes with hands and feet and has the Omega (whatever that is) built in. BTW Got the Catwa mesh head too.

    I have the Signature body on now, and the Catwa head too. BUT this is where I get totally bamboozled… I start looking for a skin and got to 7 Deadly Sins, but… all I can find are TMP compitable. Nothing for what I have, or and I missing something here?

    Then of course I have to blend the head in with body, so next it’s appliers (I think that’s right)… by this stage I’m, well, you guessed it, at the point of ripping my hair out, thinking, Hell I’m a web developer, surely it can’t be this hard to set up a mesh body… So I go back to the start and try again, only to end up at the same point, as I am now… Where’s that you ask? In frustration city, that’s where 🙁

    • Hey Trezz! I know it’s confusing at first, but you’ll get there don’t worry! What you need is a body applier and a catwa head applier from the same creator, basically. At 7DS, the skin appliers are all on the wall and you can buy your tone from there. I recommend checking out stores like Clef de Peau, Avenge and the Skinnery too, they all make male catwa appliers 🙂

      Here’s a video of me showing how to set up the slink body – (second video)

  25. I’m a newbie to Second Life and totally hooked. Only started playing a few weeks ago. I’m a quick learner and have been picking things up as I go, but the frustrating thing for me is there is information all over the place and you have to search and piece it all together to figure out what to so with anything. A newbie comes into the game and has no clue when buying avatars and outfits that some are specific to classic and others are for full mesh. For example, someone needs to create a very basic tutorial that would help beginners. Explain what a Mesh is, all the components, how to apply, etc., but teach it in a way that someone totally new to SL can comprehend. There are a lot of tutorials out there but all of them explain things as if you have some knowledge about it.

  26. Hello! I have been reading your blog on and found it to be so informative! The only thing I can not figure out is when I purchase the Mesh Head, it comes with a skin tone but doesn’t show up for the Mesh Body but I see blogs on how they wear the same body, but with the Mesh Head skin tone. Am I doing something wrong? :/ Please and Thank you! Also great job with the 101 information! 😀

    • Thank you so much clueless! <3 Which mesh head did you buy? The problem you're having is that you to get the skin tone on your mesh body to match your mesh head, you need an applier for that skin for your mesh body. Which head are you using, and are you using a built in skin?

  27. I have just bought the Altamura Rosa, I would really appreciate a walkthrough or tutorial . I am struggling to get appliers to work .

    I am an experienced gamer , Linux user and I have to say that all of the mesh products seem to have a steep learning curve .Eve online is a doddle compared to this ?

    Many thanks for an attractive blog ,good to see you back.

  28. I have had a maitreya body for several months and still can’take get a lot of clothes on

  29. Hi, I recently bought the Lara mesh body and the logo Chloe head. Everything was ok until the other night. For some reason now, when I put the alpha mask on for the Lara my body and legs disappear. I can only see my hands and feet. When I take the alpha mask off, the old skin comes up. I don’t know what I am doing wrong now.

    • Hey Cindy! You probably have the alphas turned on in the Maitreya HUD. Just open the Maitreya HUD and press ‘reset’ on the layers tab (where you see the picture of the body all cut up)

  30. Thanks hun! I just figured it out watching your tutorial video. It was user error. I had all the attachments on but not the actual body!! And thank you with all my heart for responding so quickly. I now know where to go for help.

  31. Hello. I encounter with Firestorm (last version) but trouble with my mesh body Belleza Isis. The hud is blocked and when I try clothes mesh (created with appliers for Belleza) my breasts are visible with or without removing alpha. Have you heard about such problems and whether there is a solution?

  32. Hello – thank you so much for this tutorial. I just got the Maitreya body, and I’ve learned how to make appliers for my old cloths 🙂 by exporting my avatar to XML. But I have one question. On my system body, I can attach 2 tattoos to one attachment point, can I do that with a mesh body? Right now I have 1 on the tattoo layer and the other on the underwear layer.

  33. So, my friends all think I should get a mesh body. I am totally bewildered and frustrated beyond words by the whole process. I guess you need a body and a shape (in the old days that was one in the same??) and some kinda new skin (my skin is from a little known designer that probably doesn’t even exist anymore, it unique and I like that!) So i guess i have found shapes? but not an actual body. It seems the Maitreya Lara body (is that the right word?) is the one that seems to be about the one i am looking for (more on the petite side (I’m not even 5′ in rl, i don’t wanna be 6′ tall in SL) Can you buy a Maitreya Lara Body, and if so where?? I have scoured the marketplace for it and can’t find it anywhere, even on the Maitreya store?

    Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. I read your 101 tutorial and it was helpful, but it all seems SOOO complicated that I am disinclined to even bother with it. All my clothes and stuff fit fine and the idea of having to refit everything is perhaps worse than anything (i’m kinda obsessed with how stuff fits). I guess my old clothes won’t work anymore with a mesh body?

    I do have Slink feet and Slink shoes, so I am guessing those would still work?? or maybe not? And I have to go buy all new clothes, shoes, skins, hair?? I’m also not inclined to buy a generic off-the shelf head. I want to look unique and I have again spent years tweaking my face to look the way I do.

    I you have suggestions I am open to them, but for now… i think I am sticking with my old body, face, clothes, prims and all.. Honestly, I am inclined to simply stick with my old body that I have carefully shaped over several years and screw the whole mesh body thing. If people see me as a purple brick-pile, then it’s their loss!

  34. It’s confusing at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it and it once you have, you’ll find a lot more freedom in mesh.

    You can use your current shape with the Maitreya Lara body (this is not necessarily true of other bodies). The body is for sale in the Maitreya store – when you get to the Maitreya landing point, do an area search for “Lara” and zoom to it. It’s also for sale in the Lelutka store (Lelutka make heads for the Lara body but you can also use other heads such as Catwa). You can use your Slink feet with the Maitreya body, but you don’t really need to unless your shoes are made for Slink only and are not modifiable. You can use the same hair, but you will need a mesh hairbase.

    All your flexi clothes will work just fine with a mesh body, it’s the system layer clothes that don’t work and have been replaced by “appliers” to “paint” the layer on the mesh body. Many creators have added appliers for their clothes although there are still a large number who haven’t. You’ll need to check when you buy new clothes that they contain either “Maitreya appliers” or “Omega appliers”. Omega is a system that works with several mesh heads and bodies and many creators include Omega appliers for their clothes, but you’ll need to get an Omega relay for each mesh part creator, i.e. you’ll need a Maitreya Omega relay to use Omega appliers on your Lara body.

    If you get a Catwa head, you can use it with your system body so you can still wear your old clothes with a mesh head. I know you can’t do that with the Lelutka head, I don’t know about the others.

    You will need special skin appliers for mesh heads and bodies. Some skin creators (such as Amara Beauty) provide body appliers for free, others charge for them separately or include them with the head skin applier.

    You will never look exactly the same as anyone else because the skin applier you choose makes a huge difference to the look of your mesh head, just as system skins do to the classic avatar head.

    You can get demos of all the mesh heads, as far as I know, and try them with skin applier demos to see how different you can make your face look.

    Plus with the upcoming Bento feature, you’ll be able to create a new head to your exact specifications. Catwa already has a beta Bento head available that you can try, but only people using the SL Bento viewer will be able to see it. It will give you an idea of what will be possible though.

    I hope that helps a bit!

  35. Help! I have little orange triangles all around me! I’ve read the card that came with my brand spankin’ new Lara Maitreya body, and your tutorials….so i have a pretty good grasp ..buutttt….my lower right leg is not showing, nor my left shoulder and chest! And there’s those pesky trianlgles…..

  36. Sooooo grateful to find the MBA group and this website. I’ve been in SL since early 2003 as “Crissy Crossing” and the learning curve was steep THEN. Poor newbies now might just give up. I’ll pass them your MBA group info. and URL every time.

    After being away from SL since 2013, I’ve just returned and must now learn about mesh heads & bodies too. Even though I’ve been asked while on my “Classic/Standard” avi, “What mesh head are you wearing?”, I see all the truly Gorgeous avi’s and clothes and want those.

    Anyway…Just wanted to thank you for the tutorials! I wouldn’t have tried it without your help. *BIG hug* <3 <3 <3

    Off to shop for mesh head and body. =)

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to leave that comment Crissy, you just MADE MY DAY!!! I’m so glad they’ve helped, and don’t worry it’s a huuuuuge learning curve for everyone, we’ll help you get there!! <3 <3

      • I just recently found this tutorial and I have to jump in with Crissy. I too am coming back after being off SL for about 2-3 years and thought ‘mesh? why the hype???’. been looking around, got very disgruntled & discouraged and figured i’d just stick with my classic avatar but then gave it one more chance and did a search. Up popped your page-yay!!! Now I’m looking at mesh avis and look forward to giving it a try.

        I’ll definitely be back to follow your step by step.

        • Thank you so much Lori, you have just made my day! I’m so so glad you’re finding it helpful, and trust me we all started with mesh in utter confusion, so don’t hesitate to ask questions here or in the inworld Mesh Body Addicts group! <3

  37. Do you have any recommendations for guides for people that are COMPLETELY new to SL who are interested in getting into this sort of thing?

  38. Wow, thanks so much for this; I have been around for ages but feel like such a noob with my first mesh body (Maitreya). I had NO idea I needed to have their HUD open when I was applying clothing; that explains why nothing was happening, LOL.

    • I’m so glad you found it useful hun!! If it’s Omega, you need the Omega relay hud on when you apply the clothing, otherwise if it’s a Maitreya applier, just make sure the layers you apply it to are turned on after you apply to see it <3 😀

  39. I know that Mesh has been in SL for years, but I haven’t, so I’m struggling to understand the terminology that so many of you now find familiar.

    Fortunately, I do occasionally meet a helpful person who will answer a couple of questions for me, but I don’t want impose too much. So I’m just getting bits and pieces of information here and there.

    Even watching instructional videos and reading articles is futile if the instructions start with the assumption that the viewer has “some” knowledge of the subject and then goes on to use mesh terminology that is totally foreign.

    Just for a moment, imagine that you are a TOTAL newbie in SL who just opened your first account today. The learning curve ahead of you has always been considered “steep”. But now add to all of that, this new and incredibly technical process of trying to make a custom mesh avatar like the ones you’ll see and admire.
    You would have to quit SL unless:
    1. You have friends in SL who would mentor you up the hardest parts of the learning curve.
    2. You have a lot of time and patience.
    3. You have some prior knowledge/experience that applies to the challenges in SL.

    And we won’t even go into the discretionary cash it takes.

    I’ve been in SL since 2003 but I left in 2011 before ever hearing about mesh head/bodies. I’ve been back since Nov. 2016 and have made very little headway in understanding and far from enough to even make out a shopping list of what and where to find all the items I need in order to make a pretty mesh avatar.

    I’ve always had, what used to be considered, a pretty avatar. But last Nov. the first old friend who greeted me upon my return to SL said: “Your skin looks rough.”

    So many SL residents now have mesh heads/bodies that those who do not…are considered “Second Class” residents. That’s no fun.

    Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

  40. Can you use a mesh body with your regular old avatar, so as to keep the head? I really don’t understand how all this works. I see there are mesh heads. Do I have to use a mesh head too?

  41. Hey there.. I’ve been around SL for several years(5+) and never really got into trying out mesh AVs.. sounded way too complicated.. sure I have mesh clothes and all but a mesh AV sounds like a headache to me.

    I’m just getting back into SL again after a 2 year absence. I’ve logged in off and on during that time but just to chat with old friends so never bothered shopping or updating my look.

    I would like to get into mesh but even this short text tutorial is a bit headachey for me. I could use something more advanced and in detail on literally starting from scratch.

    Something like where to go to get them, what to look for, what’s what, what kinds of clothes will work, hair, eyes, teeth(is that even a thing?) and anything else I would need to know.

  42. Hahahaha – I so wish I had found this ages ago instead of having to struggle through like I did. Thankfully, I met some sweet and clever mentors, and learned a lot by by following your MBA blog as well as a few other Mesh specific ones. I was thinking that I would need to do up some sort of tutorial since I help out a fair amount of girls, newer to SL or to mesh – but you have done the work for me – yay! I will be saving this to share as a great resource along with the rest of your lovely Blog.
    Thanks for being awesome!

  43. Omg I cant do this I brought a SLink body mesh but its not working can someone do it for me I can gift you or pay you in lindens but can they do it for me plz

    • Hey hun – it’s okay you can totally do it!! I know it’s confusing to start with <3 Join the Mesh Body Addicts group inworld and hit me up if I'm around, I'll help you (lildaria resident). You need to learn how to use the body yourself so you can do other things later, but I can guide you 🙂

  44. You lost me at Step 1 because I can’t work out what I need to buy. Do I need a “complete avatar” ? Some are like $10 and some are like $2000. Very confusing.

    I just bought a demo “complete avatar” with “maitreya appliers” but it’s not a maitreya shape and maitreya shape clothing does not fit. It does not contain a mask layer like in your example.

    I need a Step Zero please. Sorry, you’re still assuming too much prior understanding (for morons like me).

  45. Well, here I am in 2018, returned after a long absence and I think the mesh body thing is an utter disaster. I used to be a creator so I’m hardly unfamiliar with the tools. I made my own skin. I made most of my avatar. I went and got the Maitreya demo and immediately realized you couldn’t skin it. End of story.

    The fact that there are no standards and so everything is catch-as-catch can makes me boggle that there’s even a market for this stuff.

  46. Brandi Lane, I’m in the same boat. I’m so so lost! If anyone has detailed tutorials or videos that deal with Omega, Mesh bodies, skins, heads…please point me in the right direction. Already invested in a Zoe Head, an AO and Omega (although not even sure what the heck that’s for) but I’m having difficulty understanding what else I need and how to mesh (no pun intended) it all together so I can leave the house!

  47. This has been a wonderful website/tool to link to new mesh body users. However maybe should be updated a little bit? The tab layout on the hud has been changed. Also the lists of head/skin creators could be updated, but, I know that would be a daunting task as people release new heads every week en masse.
    Love the work done, and still use to point confused/lost people to for some help and answers. Thank you for the time you did on this.

    • Thank you so much <3 I'm in the process of doing some updates, but to be honest I'm waiting for baked on mesh to be released first, because this will change a LOT about how mesh is used, so I don't want to recreate these tutorials only to have to change them again in a few months 🙂

  48. So does this mean you have to give up using the old bodies and faces? I wouldn’t want to discard my avatar’s face that she has had since 2008.

  49. Another old timer who’s come back after a hiatus, and is totally lost with mesh. I got the Maitreya mesh body and a demo bento head, but the two skin tones won’t synchronise. Do you actually use skins any more? I went to Belleza, but every demo I tried just wiped me out. They were also called ‘appliers’, not skins. I’m keen to learn but I just can’t make myself look human.

  50. I apologize if this has already been answered, but I didn’t see it if it was. I have a Maitreya Lara Mesh body. What do I need to do to make the configuration of the Maitreya Alpha be unique to the outfit I am wearing at the time. The problem I’m having is I’ll set it up for one outfit, save it in the viewer and if I change to another Mesh outfit, it has the Alpha I saved for the other outfit, not the alpha I had saved for the other outfit. It is like it only remembers the outfit I last wore. How do I save the alpha config to the outfit I have saved in the viewer?

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