Lena Lush and Perky

The Body (Lena Lush):

Lena Lush

 The Body (Lena Perky):

Lena Perky 2 Lena Perky

The Details:

Cost – 899L for Lena Perky or Lush
Designer – Kitties Lair
Includes – 1 Fitmesh Body (no hands or feet – compatible with Slink hands/feet), 5 skins (appliers and system layer), Shape, 1 dress and 1 underwear set
Number of clothing layers: 2 clothing layers (underwear and clothing) PLUS a skirt layer (the best part of this body – no more prim skirt attachments!)
Skins tones included – 5 skin tones and system layer skins to match
Save Slots for Other Skins – N/A



Omega – Yes, simply purchase the Omega kit, rez the body to the ground and drop the script in it using the edit tool (available from love’n’lust) – See the Omega page for more details about this body

SLink hands/feet – Yes fits both well


 The HUD:

HUD 2  HUD 1 

The best bits:
  • Excellent for users who like big breasts
  • Has a skirt layer which is OMG amazing!! This means you can apply skirts without needing a skirt prim!
  • Omega Compatible
  • Fits perfectly with slink hands/feet
  • Shapes are both curvy and voluptuous, with the perky being a little smaller
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Has 3 alpha layers (bra/panty layer, top/pant layer and skirt layer) meaning skirts can be worn using only appliers (and it looks like a mesh skirt!)
  • Many skin/applier designers make clothing for Lena bodies.
The worst bits:
  • The body is is a curvier body, with even the Perky version being quite ‘full’, so users who prefer petite are best to go with another body
  • HUD is limited – no save slots for skins, no built in appliers (all appliers are separate to the HUD)
  • The breasts aren’t as nicely shaped as newer mesh bodies – can appear somewhat ‘squarish’
  • No hands/feet included – must purchase seperately to get Lena hands/feet or use Slink hands/feet
Best Suited to:

Users who love their curves, users who intend to become pregnant (maternity version available is stunning!), users who want to keep their slink hands/feet and shoes and users who are on a budget.

17 thoughts on “Lena Lush and Perky

  1. I agree the skirt panel is the best thing about this body! It lines up well with the pant layer and also is rigged smoothly. The body a little on the curvier side, when compared to other bodies such as Slink, but you can adjust your shape to get it slender, as I do, with just a lil junk in the trunk lol. But I also would like to add that, although you mentioned it as a con, I think is it nice that the HUD is small and compact. I can wear it all the time without it getting in the way, unlike most HUDs of mesh bodies that take up the whole screen – and if you change outfits a lot, finding and wearing the HUD on each time you change your outfit can get annoying.

    • Muscular… well they all can be muscular in different ways I suppose. Have you tried a demo of the Lena? As far as making the body ‘bigger and bulkier’ Lena would be a good one to look at, EVE Pulpy too 🙂

      • I want to make this girl pretty much tall, slim and toned….Lena seems to fit what I’m going for hmmmm but I’m pretty undecided about it cause the other options might work too xD the drawbacks of being OCD about making the perfect avi LOL

  2. I have this body, and you are correct- it is awesome for a curvier shape. However, I’ve noticed that with some Lena Appliers (not Omega, but sometimes also Omega) that the layers do some weird trick and look absolutely horrible; I’ve noticed this mostly with ADN Designs that about 50% of the Lena Appliers go wonky when applied. I’m not sure if anyone else has problems with it, or if it’s just me, but it’s annoyinhg.

  3. I do love the Lena body for it’s shape and it’s my favorite!

    But yes, I sometimes notice glitches too when applying clothes. Also the crotch area is lower than most so rigged panties can’t be used and it would be nice to have more and smaller areas for alpha’s.

  4. I use only lena perky as it suits my needs and is cheap. I have many things i like about it. The applier system is great, and i like the twinkle cave, and the fact it is sculpted. I could say a million things more…but i wont yet.

  5. I love this body. Try the demo with your own shape. When I wear the body it looks nothing like these pictures here (Perky). It must be the shape. You’d think from the shape used here that this body is small and skinny, but it’s not which was described well in he blog even though the shape in the pic would make some think this is a petite, skinny body it’s not at all. You can be slender but with curves. I am not a small girl inworld at all. I am tall and slightly hippy and this body retained my system shape but just smoothed it out and gave me more breasts,thighs and butt but not to where I look full figured (but close). I haven’t tried it but it says in the notes when you purchase the body that your partner can interact with your body?? It sounds cool even if I haven’t tried it. Apparently they just need some hud? Anyways, great purchase and thanks for your blog, that is how I found this body!

  6. What I don’t understand about most shapes is:

    1. From the hips up they are most proportional but the legs are super skinny or one is large than the other and the knees always look knock kneed.

    2. Even if you use the style cards that come with most shapes they don’t come close to looking like the model.

    I am looking for a full figured female that is completely proportional. BBW type. Curvy, big breasts and nice rear but also with the thighs and legs that go with that type of body. Any suggestions for what I should look for?

    This body’s legs are really, really skinny. they remind of me of a preteen at that awkward stage.

    • I have the belleza Freya body, and have managed to get a very nice BBW shape out of it. The big thing is to make sure you are not only moving the fat slider, but adding muscle to the lower body, as well as saddle bags to the hip and thigh area. You can have an amazingly beautiful BBW shape using Freya. I get a LOT of compliments on my shape, from both women and men. I had the Lena Lush, and agree with the knock kneed look once you start to make the legs thicker. Its possible to get curvy with the Lush body, it just takes some work.

  7. I have tried all mesh bodies (demos and actually own), Lush is the best for my tastes. It’s sad however, that designers limit clothing selection to a few bodies in-world, mainly Maitreya, Slink and Belleza. That’s fine (I tend to rebel against mainstream), after wearing Lush since it was released, I get soooooo great many comments about it, with the usual follow-up reply: “I love that look and body but I can’t change my Maitreya because all mesh clothes in world are made for it”. Not to mention, batting off men who can’t stop staring at me lol.

    I use my own shape I have created through the years, it fits perfect with Lena Lush.

    I also own Perky, but there is a con with that one: the seam between upper and lower body. Lush is flawless in that respect.

    Yes, the alpha part of the hud is more general, it could be more detailed BUT the applier system, the dev kit etc, are totally editable which is very important, it allows me to customize more, unlike TMP.

    After awhile, you learn to adapt, use appliers, make appliers and adjust shapes for some mesh clothes. I disagree about the con for the breasts above. This was the one selling point for the Lena Lush body for me: the breasts. They are more similar to Lolas Deliqs, and are not squarish. In fact, they are more full, more realistic and rounded then Maitreya’s, which to me looks more like pushed up 1950s exaggerated bras. If you know what you are doing, this body, by far, is the sexiest I have (and I have plenty of others that to me, were a waste of Lins but that’s my fault). The proof is in the daily comments and IMs.

    I hope one day, in SL, there will be fitmesh or mesh for clothes that will fit ANYBODY regardless of body type. I spend so much money on clothes, it’s too bad I can’t share that wealth with some stores because of the limiting to Maitreya bodies. Oh well, makes it a challenge.

    I respect everyone’s tastes, it makes the world go round, but I prefer a body like Lena Lush to all others.

    • Hey Anna, I hear you, the Lush is a really nice looking body. The problem unfortunately isn’t that designers aren’t choosing to make fitmesh for it though, it’s that the creator kit was never released by designer (so designers can’t make fitmesh for it). The bodies have kinda gone quiet with the creator not updating or having any new activity on them in over a year, but I totally agree that I’d love to see her release the kit so users can get some fitmesh!

      • It is a shame that the creator has stopped doing any updates with this body. It was the first mesh body that I purchased, because I could get a full figured shape out if it that looked real. I had hoped that she would be doing more with mesh clothing, and doing updates to the alpha layers. Had she done more in development and released a creator kit, I think this body would have taken off. There are a lot of us out there, who want sexy bbw shapes, and there just aren’t enough good options out there for us. Freya is good, but Lush would have been great has it been allowed to really take off. I still have my Lush body, and used it when I was pregnant. I just hated having to give up my mesh wardrobe for those few months. This was a hidden gem of a body.

  8. Any news from Kitties Lair? She gave up on this body?
    Lena is my all time fav. Really afraid she suffer from an heavy avatar complexity sindrome.
    And there is no cure for it…

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