Eve Slim and Pulpy (v8.4)

The Body:

eve v21_001 side

 The Details:

Cost – 1690L (for starter pack – includes one body, slim or pulpy version) or 3000L for full pack (includes Slim and Pulpy body)
Designer – Absolut Creations
Includes – Starter pack – 1 Fitmesh body, HUD. Full Pack – 2 Fitmesh Bodies (Slim and Pulpy), Shoes, Dress, Underwear, HUD with 3 skins, shape). All bodies include hands/feet.
Number of clothing layers: 3 layers – Tattoo, underwear and clothing
Skins tones included – 6 included
Save Slots for Other Skins – N/A
Alpha HUD Save Slots – 6
Feet included – 4 – 3 heights (flat, med and high) plus one ‘adapter’ foot which enables the user to wear other common shoe types



Omega – Yes, just get the activator from Omega (available from love’n’lust) – See the Omega page for more details about this body

SLink hands/feet – The included adapter feet are compatible with most shoes on the market


The HUD:

Eve HUD2   Eve Wardrobe

The best bits:
  • The wardrobe HUD, never scramble for appliers again. You can save applier tops/bottoms etc (yes even Omega ones) in this wardrobe and scroll through to select!
  • You can purchase two body types for one purchase in the full pack (Slim and Pulpy)
  • The breasts don’t ‘square’ off or distort when smaller or larger as much as many bodies do
  • Omega compatible
  • Powerful HUD system with ability to colour all aspects of the body including nails, using RGB panel
  • Fitmesh clothing for Eve is now becoming more widely available and is amazing quality with perfect fit!
  • The body includes one set of hands and four sets of feet
  • The creator regularly releases free fitmesh clothing for this body in store
The worst bits:
  • The Alpha cuts around the pelvis still aren’t overly ‘jean friendly’. The curve of them makes it hard to fit low cut or even normal cut jeans or pants.
  • HUD system isn’t overly user friendly for beginners
  • Most mainstream skin makers are not making appliers for Eve (except those making Omega appliers, which can be used with Eve)
  • The gap inside the armpit (ie. between the side of breast and arm) is unusually wide, which feels odd and can look a little bulky, but that’s a personal preference only.
Best suited to:

More experienced mesh body users, users who participate in role play/fantasy play (the body has a lot of fit mesh clothing for this genre I’ve found), users who wear skins that have Omega Appliers available.

5 thoughts on “Eve Slim and Pulpy (v8.4)

  1. I have Eve Pulpy my guy loves the thickness and all the junk in the trunk which is great
    however the toes on my Eve are gnarly looking although Eve didn’t cost as much as
    some of my other bodies ( I have 7 ) I don’t think she should have gnarly toes nor should
    I have to wear boots at all times to cover them . When I had asked for help that was the
    solution one person had to deal with her gnarly toes, lol

  2. I have both the Slim and Pulpy versions. I’ve had the Slim for a year now and just got the Pulpy a few months back. Sadly, I am not happy with either of them. I tried to give the designer another chance by getting the Pulpy, but the Pulpy seems to be worse. The body proportions for the Pulpy is very strange, no matter which shape I try to use (even with the shape given with the mesh body). The butt is shaped very weird. The body does not have much texture to it either and it contorts oddly when in certain sitting poses etc. The avatar complexity for EVE is the highest of the top mesh bodies. I hope that there will be an update to fix some of the issues above.

  3. I just bought the shape and skin. I use the Slim, which is editable, so I was able to correct the proportions and make her look pretty darn good.

    Only problem I’m having is with the nails – no matter what I do, I can’t change their size or put color on them – nothing happens.

    Aside from that, I’m very happy with it – even though I’ve only been in SL for not quite 2 months, it wasn’t too hard to figure out.

    Admittedly, it took a couple days to stop having temper tantrums and be more patient while working it all out because websites explaining how to do it, just make it sound more complicated than necessary.

    All I need to read is, “go to this folder, add or wear that, then do that with this, press this button, you’re done”.

    I just don’t need the history/background lessons before getting to the nitty gritty. I like my nitty gritty straight, on the rocks, stirred, not shaken… 🙂

  4. This is the best body in my opinion and I’ve tried them all! Best if you want a slender avatar. Best if you want to look rockin’ in a bikini. Please don’t be swayed by the hard push for all things either Slink or Maitreya or Belleza, there are super pretty mesh bodies out there like this one and the price can’t be beat. I’ve owned the Lena Perky body, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass and Lucybody (which is not even featured on this blog, yet has the lowest price and the prettiest feet of all bodies and comes with Bento hands with drawback of no Omega appliers which is why I bought Eve because they are similar bodies) and this one is my favorite. It’s realistic and reminds me of how I looked pre-kids lol Love it, give it a try! Tan skins look amazing on this body!

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