Belleza – Venus, Isis and Freya

The Body:


The Details:

Cost – 3999L
Designer – Belleza
Current Reviewed Version: v3.0
Includes – 3 Fitmesh Bodies – Venus, Isis and Freya. Each body is a different style of body, with Freya being the more curvaceous of the three; all bodies come with feet and hands attached.

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes (3 of them)
Mesh Head – No
Hands – Yes (16 styles/poses on each body)
Feet – Yes (four styles, flat mid, high & a JD size for JD shoes specifically)
Skins tones included – 7 built in skins to match Belleza tones (plus an additional 7 for their older ‘classic’ skin range)

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Save Slots for Other Skins – 7 slots
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 8 slots
Save Slots for Appliers – the body comes with a Wardrobe HUD! You can save up to 20 tops and 20 bottoms using the ‘Articles’ tab, and 10 full outfits (that is top and bottom together) in the ‘Outfits’ tab. Plus, you can just copy more Wardrobe HUDS if you want more space!

Belleza Wardrobe HUD - outfits Belleza Wardrobe HUD - articles


Omega – Yes, simply purchase the Omega installer and press the install button while wearing the body (available from love’n’lust) – See the Omega page for more details about this body
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – Yes (however please note torso/leg muscles must be at approximately 50 on the sliders for this to look fitted. To use just alpha out the hands/feet and click the ‘slink fit’ option on the HUD)
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – Yes, included feet will fit flat, mid and high slink shoes
Compatible mesh heads – Works with most mesh heads (Lelutka, LOGO, Eve etc)

The HUD:


The best bits:
  • 16 different hand positions and 4 different foot heights/types
  • For those that like breasts – three breast options (Natural, Perky and Pushup)
  • I am absolutely in love with the Freya body. The recent huge update to Belleza really made them stand out with their introduction of this body. It has to be the BEST plus sized body I’ve seen yet!
  • Omega compatible
  • The HUD has been hugely improved from V2,0 – it now includes Mask Mode, 8 neck options/sizes, the ability to save alpha combinations and 14 nipple options. The nipples are great, I love the mesh nipple option on these bodies.
  • The body can be worn with Slink feet, with is great for using your slink shoe collection!
  • The alpha options are fantastic, fitting standard mesh is far easier than with V2.0
  • Wardrobe HUD!!!! Save your appliers and flick through your wardrobe HUD to find them/apply them whenever you want, easily! Enough said 😀
  • Savers for nail polish!!! OMG I love this one – 8 fingernail and 8 toenail polish save slots in the HUD. Love love love this!
The worst bits:
  • The bodies are still little glitchy (mostly the Venus body, but an update is expected to fix those soon). They’re a ‘heavier’ mesh, so some users can experience difficulties with the bodies loading, but once cached this should be fine. Particularly with the breast options (because there are 3), using push up can cause layers to overlap and glitch a little.
  • Skin/applier creators are playing ‘catch up’ a little, as the hands/feet have now been changed over to SLUV (which basically means they used to be complex for creators to design around, but now they’re more widely compatible). This does mean there’s a bit of a backlog for designers though.
  • Honestly (and I know, most people will disagree with me) – I think there are too many options lol. Three breast options and three body options… this is great, but for fitmesh lovers like me, this means designers would be making 9 sizes just for Belleza if they did them all!! For that reason, most are only doing either one or two bodies, or the three bodies with the breasts at natural state (making them kinda pointless unless you’re using appliers).
  • Personal dislike here – the length between the knee and the foot seems too short for the legs
Best suited to:

Users who use Belleza skins (not required though obviously, other makers create skins for it), users looking for an amazing curvy shape (Freya) and users who just like to have everything saved in their HUD for ease of use really.

60 thoughts on “Belleza – Venus, Isis and Freya

  1. I purchased the Belleza Venus body and I love the shape however where do you get clothes to wear with it? Do you have to buy an additional applier? There were no clear directions of any of this. Any help appreciate

    • Hi Gabby! You can buy clothing with Belleza Mesh Body appliers, or you can buy mesh items that are specifically made for Belleza. I recommend looking at my Mesh Body Clothing Designers list (you’ll see it on the menu bar of my blog), I have listed there a bunch of stores with weblinks that you can purchase from (though there are many!). Enjoy your new body! <3

  2. I have another question how hard is it to add slink feet to my Belleza. I noticed there is another option but looks like I have to recolor my skin. Is it worth the hassle? Some of my slink shoes fit and some do not only leaving a small strap out of place.

    • Hi Gabby -The Belleza feet are a little thicker than Slink feet, so you’re right you can definitely wear some slink shoes with them, just not all. Wearing slink feet with the body is something most people do. It requires your leg muscles to be set fairly high though. The best thing to do is put the slink feet on and play with the leg muscle slider until it looks right.

      In relation to the skin, just reapply the skin you’re using. The ‘slink’ version of the body is a different mesh object to the main body, so just apply your skin again once and you’re set to go!

      <3 Daria

  3. I have Lara on one of my accounts, and Venus on the other. I wanted to try Venus just to see how they compare, and now I wish I’d just bought Lara again. I still hold out hope that Belleza will update their product to include better alpha cuts (the cut on the breasts is especially horrid); that would make the body so much more usable for me. I manage, but I have to fuss so much more with Venus than Lara, which also gives me much less hassle with the HUD glitching.

    If you’re low-maintenance and don’t like spending a lot of time ‘perfecting’ your look, I’d skip Venus and go with Lara. So much easier to use, more fitmesh/appliers being made for it, and decidedly less glitchy.

  4. I bought the body because my friend told me I could still wear Slink shoes. Well, some, yes, but not so much. The feet are just a tad too large and look large as well. I agree with Anonymous above me that the alpha cuts are horrible, especially the breasts. They remind me of the first Slink cuts! I wish I could combine my Maitreya alpha cuts with the Belleza body.

  5. I agree on too many options but in a different way. Too many options at once…
    – As in, I think we need different bodies for different options, or to make the body mod so unused options can be deleted. Not hidden in a HUD, but full on deleted.

    Why? Lag.

    The more you pile in there, the more complex the mesh you’re walking around with, the more laggy it will be. Getting it cached won’t fix that… it might load in faster, but still heat up your computer just as much.

    On the knees…
    – I’ve no problems with the Belleza body’s knees.
    But the arms are too short in your sample pictures. 😛

  6. I just wanted to comment that my favorite among the 3 Belleza bodies is still Venus (personal preference on the natural shape) but it seriously needs an update to get rid of glitches like that awful bump on the waist and the seam on the knees.

  7. I recently bought the Belleza set of mesh bodies (Venus-Isis-Freya) and overall I love them. HOWEVER… When I am wearing an applier top (made either specifically for Belleza or with the Omega applier) that is supposed to show all or partial nipples depending on the cut of the top, the nipples disappear! This happens consistently. I use mostly Isis, sometimes Venus, and it happens on both shapes. It happens on both clothing and underwear layers (if I wear an applied top on the tattoo layer, the nipples show up on top of the clothing). If I hit refresh on the layer the applied top is worn on, it reappears for a brief time, then disappears again; same if I toggle nipples on and off, or turn on and off other layers like gloves or socks. I have submitted this question on the Belleza site and have received no answer. I haven’t tried joining the in-world groups yet, I thought I’d check here first. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • hi i need to know why my nipples show in almost all clothes i have freya and im so irritated lol and some of my ass shows lol ive tried changing the numbers on my body in these areas and no change ………

  8. I absolutely love the belleza body. My only issue I gave with the update us that the tattoo layers don’t seem to be working. Is this a known glitch.

  9. Hello, I currently use the Lara body and really love it and the glam affair skins. I am also interested in Belleza’s Venus body because I have Belleza skins that i love. My quick question is, does the lingerie pictured with the Belleza Venus body above, does this lingerie come with the Belleza Venus body? If not, does anyone know the creator? Thank you!

  10. Hello i have a question i have a belleza body and im trying to match it with my mesh head from adriana!! What can i do to match it??

  11. I am thinking about buying the Venus body by Belleze. My regular avi is very pencil trim. (I like that) I intend to keep my avi’s head as she looks more realistic than some of the mesh heads I have seen. My question is will I have to buy new clothes or will mine fit it? I have some lovely things and some can not be replaced. I would hate to not be able to wear them. The reason I am buying a mesh body is because I wanted my feet to look better in shoes. Can you just have mesh feet or do you have to have a mesh body? I have never done this so sorry for the lengthy write up.

  12. I just got my belleza body and I am using freya. Sadly when I buy clothes that has the freya applier for them, the clothes do not git the whole avi body leaving skin to show and the body is not big at all. Do anyone know how I can fix this. And also, I am having a real hard time saving my skins to the hud as well as aphas. When i click on an empty slot it says save but nothing ever saves. :'( I realy love this freya body but I dont know what I am doing wrong.

  13. I have: free TMP, Slink Physique, Maitreya, Belleza and Slink Hourglass, purchased in that order. Of course, they all have pros and cons, but I keep coming back to my Belleza. Why? First, amazing shape and I’m not talking just what I do with my sliders. For me, the curve of the breasts and butt are what keep me coming back to use this exclusively. I prefer Venus, but recently started using Isis and like it, too. I don’t play with the breast options, but do use the flat and high feet a lot. I love that I can change my hands, but rarely do. Relaxed is good. The other reason I come back to this is the attachment point issue. One point with Belleza, multiple points with all the others. This can make a big difference in what I wear and use. Changing my feet via a hud is a bigger plus to me than the lag others claim. A tap on a button changes my nails from short and sweet to deadly pointed as well. But, over all these things, it’s the shape of the body. I have tried using my same shape and numbers with Maitreya as well as using numbers of others that I have admired. Nothing gives me the same curve around my whole butt. the Maitreya butt just looks flat no matter what I do. Since I love to be naked or in skimpy clothing, this is a big deal to me. Now, if only my HUSH skins worked with the Belleza! lol

  14. After reading all the reviews, I wonder why no one has mentioned the genitalia for the V3 update of Belleza. To be frank, its awful. It looks stretchy where the labia meets the thighs, almost like burn tissue. Applier textures bleed into the thigh. It’s dark and distorted. Maybe some don’t care too much about have a pretty pussy, but I do.

    Venus was perfection in version 2. Version 3 changed the shape a lot. The length of the buttock was shortened. The softly pale breasts appear darker, as if she spent a lot of time in a tanning bed, naked. The hip bones are more pronounced. They look shiny.
    I am sadly disappointed in the update, and have been using version 2, as I wont walk around with a dark distorted pussy. I like to get naked and have avatar sex with my partner. Can’t do that with version 3.
    Take a few screen shots of the different mesh genitals, and line them up. Belleza really messed theirs up in the update. I hope to God they fix it.

    My other issue is the number of extra bodies. Designers just don’t want to go to all that effort in making so many different versions. I’ve had to buy a Maitreya body, just to keep up with the current fashions.

    I love the Belleza breasts, and butt, as another person mentioned, they are sublime. And I pray they fix the problems and make Belleza with a “sweet pretty pink pussy,

  15. I love the “Freya” I do prefer to be curvy, but I also tend to wear the other versions of the the Belleza Mesh Bodies as well; but often I find myself having to switch to Maitreya, for two main reasons..1. there are more designers whom make mesh clothing for this body and 2. the alpha system in which Maitreya uses is in my opinion is better, they way that you can select the different cuts is what I like most. Additionally, the update progress of Belleza on the mesh body is extremely slow; what are we almost over a year later and not one update….unacceptable.

    • Initially, one would buy Venus, and it would contain Venus, Isis, and Freya. Now, however, they are selling the bodies individually, in both a full and light version.

  16. where do i find underwear for my belleza body…yes we can click the parts we dont wanna show but my skirts are to short and my legs are missing skin ..

  17. I am not sure if anyone knows yet, but Belleza has a new update. The huds are different and I think the fatpack(buying all three bodies together) isn’t available anymore. I am not totally sure about that, because when I went to the store i saw that each body had their own poster. I did not notice a fatpack bag or anything.

  18. help I am new at this but just the tips of my nipples show up even when I have the whole chest blocked out by and alpha and I don’t know what to do… I am getting very discouraged please can some one help me

  19. Hi there,

    Anyone know which is the best fitting bento hands you can get for the Belleza freya body? I have Pumec skin that has appliers for slink and omega. I tried the slink demo and despite the applier it still has a little line between the arms and the hands when i zoom in. VISTA has no applier option for the demo, so i dont know if it would fit or not, i dont want to spend the money for a hit or miss.
    Any ideas experience?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hey lovely, Vista is Omega compatible, so you can apply the skin using the Omega applier (even if it’s a full body applier) and it will work fine 🙂 Oh and you can also get install Omega on the demo version I think to test it. Just buy the Omega installer.

  20. Any updates on when Belleza will release their bento hands??? I have slink and it’s cool for now BUT it would be a lot easier if I just had bento Belleza hands lol.

    • Seriously. Belleza already released their Jake male mesh body, complete with Bento hands. One would *assume* a Bento update for the female bodies would be right around the corner, but the devs at Belleza just keep churning out skins for whatever reason. What’s the hold-up? I’ve heard *zero* mention of an update. And do they have any plans to fix their neck seams? Regardless of whether the “neck fix” is enabled or disabled, it’s a real problem area for all of their models. At this rate, I’m probably just going go crawling back to Maitreya…

  21. Belleza is my favorite mesh body in SL, no other mesh body beats the way it looks and how well it works even with extreme shapes, from very thin to very fat. It has really beautiful shape and detailing. BUT as much as I don’t like Maitreya for the fact that is made ONLY for skinny shape (it looks ridiculous with thicker shape, the shoulders are huge and…. it just looks very bad), I’m so jealous of how many and fast updates it gets. Maitreya works! The HUD works fine, the body loads fast, it has bento and it is updated often. And here I am biting my nails, hoping that Belleza will FINALLY update their female bodies to bento! Because I don’t want to wear other bodies, I have Maitreya gathering dust in my inventory, but I like thicker shapes so no thanks.
    I keep checking their site in hopes we’ll get an approximate date at least, SOMETHING!

    • I hear what you’re saying but I don’t really agree about the updates thing, Belleza has had more updates than Maitreya. Yeah waiting for bento hands is a drag but they’re working on it, they just wanted to give the boys a body first 🙂

  22. I love belleza body shape more than maitreya too, but hud is very laggy and the body does not have a bento structure. I’m waiting for new updates, please! If they add bento to body, and fix neck part, they will be have the first place in the market for producing bodies.

  23. I just purchased the Belleza/Freya body, and I cannot get any tops to fit correctly. I have a ton of Belleza/Freya tops, but when I use the alpha, it will either hide too much, or too little. I have both the Maitreya and Slink bodies, and when I buy clothes for them, they just fit. This is not the case with this body. I like to wear skimpy outfits, and I like my clothes to fit when I buy them. I don’t want to have to change my shape every time I wear something different, and even if I did, it would not work with this. I really like the body shape, but I will pretty much have to walk around topless all the time if this was my only body. Again, please don’t tell me to use the does not work with really cute, skimpy tops. There has to be a solution to this. It is not like this body is cheap. I should be able to wear clothes that are made specifically for it. Can you provide me with a solution for this please?

    • Hey Red, make sure your breasts are in the ‘natural’ position unless the item you’ve bought says otherwise, most creators fit for that position. If that doesn’t work, troubleshoot by heading to my store Maddict (because I know they work) and demo’ing a freya item. If that fits well, then it might be that the creators you’re buying from aren’t rigging that well for Freya, or that your body shape is too extreme for their items to work. tp –

  24. I bought Freya yesterday and noticed she doesn’t have bento hands, and have indeed noticed the weight issue, every time I cilck something on her she freezes my screen for a few seconds. I also heard in the Belleza creators group that stores are dropping Belleza from their clothing lines, which is very worrying because now along with the lack of bento and possible lack of clothing I feel like I wasted my money on this, even though I love the body and the shape 🙁 Can someone please contact me about this? I’m worried and feel totally ripped off at the moment….

    • Hey Maria! DON’T panic, Freya is very popular (second or third most popular female body on the grid). Lots of stores carry stuff for her and more are starting to all the time. Belleza are working on the bento hands issue, so there’ll be an update for that (it’s just taking a while because they have three bodies to rig). So all in all, don’t worry, you haven’t been ripped off and you will find tonnes of amazing items for her 🙂

      • Hi, thanks for getting back to me, that’s good to hear that Freya is up there with the top bodies, I was so worried there’d be no clothing for her. And they’re working on the bento? that’s great to hear too, so I guess it’s just having to wait. What a relief!

  25. I have a problem. I own the Mayreal bento mesh head Nadia and, even when i bought a matching skin for both (head and body) the colour in the neck just didn’t match my Venus body! It’s such a shame, because I really do love them.
    I don’t know if it has a way to fix it 🙁

    • Hey Lottie, I’m not familiar with that head, but if it’s the neck fix on the Belleza body that’s the issue, try tinting the neck colour (there’s a little white box with a paintbrush next to the word ‘neck’) to match the skin colour a bit more <3

  26. i always loved belleza bodies, but now i’m using Maitreya because the bento hands … but i’m waiting to go back to my lovely Isis shape… i’m waiting the new belleza bento hands! plssssssssssssss !!!

  27. Just wanted to say I love my Freya body! It will be nice to have the Bento option. Do you know if it will be only the full bodies, I have the Lite on one account. Thanks for everything!!!

  28. I am having issues particularly with the breast options (because there are 3), using push up can cause layers to overlap and glitch a little. Are there any clothing lines that work with the push-up breast options of the Belleza Freya body? When i buy dresses when I use the push up option the breasts always stick out of the dress.

  29. Hi I’m new to Freya mesh body and having a problem I was wondering if I could buy diff nails for the hands but don’t know if I need to buy hands for it because it’s not like my maitreya bento where I can just add my hands then buy the nails I want. Does anyone know how to find which hands I need

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