The Details:

Names – Sofia (female)
Cost – 2499L
Designer – Altamura
Includes – Fitmesh body with attached hands (non bento) and Feet (Flat, Mid & High), Body HUD.

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Hands – Yes (non-bento, 3 poses)
Feet – Yes (Flat, Med & High)
Skins tones included – 8 tones

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 4 – Tattoo layer, Lingerie layer and 2 Clothing layers.
Save Slots for Other Skins – Unlimited – save slot box system enables user to save all alpha/applier/skin settings
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – Unlimited – save slot box system enables user to save all alpha/applier/skin settings
Save Slots for Appliers – Unlimited – save slot box system enables user to save all alpha/applier/skin settings


Omega – Yes – Installer activated
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – No
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – No

 The HUD:

The best bits:

  • Altamura make a range of bodies designed to either be headless (ie. you can use other heads with it) or as ‘full body’ mesh, which is convenient for some people.
  • The save system is a neat idea and works well with Firestorm
  • Although the body may not have the same level of support as the bigger brands, the body itself is nice and having the hands/feet attached does save on attachment point usage.
  • The neck size options are handy, I found the top one (R) worked well with my Catwa head.

The worst bits:

  • The body doesn’t have much fitmesh available for it in the market, so if that’s a must for you consider that.
  • I didn’t love the hands, but that’s more of a personal opinion than an objective issue with the body itself 🙂

Best suited to:

Users who want to minimise attachment point usage, want Omega compatibility and use appliers a lot.

14 thoughts on “Altamura

  1. Way to slender for my taste but it looks nice. I am glad that people are making all different types of bodies. Will you be reviewing the Ursula Luckless mesh body as well?

  2. This series of Avatar is born to dress clothes mesh, why has the body of a model that fits standard size. Is already working on another project that will include different combinations, but does not reveal further. Omega system: has 256 alpha layer? If not have them, it can not meet the fashion mesh. An avatar with omega sistem can only dress clothes mesh manufacturer’s or dresses in texture. With this series of Avatar “Altamura mesh avatar” you are free to buy clothes mesh wherever you like. We will definitely an avatar easier with omega system suitable for clothes dressing in texture for other types of requirements.

    • Oh I completely agree Rumegusc 🙂 Like I mentioned in the review, this mesh body is intended for wearing standard mesh clothes, and the extensive alpha options allow users to do just that, which is wonderful! The faces are gorgeous too. Omega is intended for applier clothing, which is very popular especially for underwear (I always have applier underwear on, it’s easier than trying to use mesh underwear which never fit anyway). You guys have done amazing work <3

  3. do have Omega now it show on the market place and facial expressions are with it now love it to real cool not over done look natural great job

  4. This post was about an old body. Altamura Sofia is born on 2016 and it is so different than the above comments. I encourage all people interested to visit Main Store and/or Marketplace to try demos! I wear Altamura body and heads and I’m never naked or without shoes^^

  5. Hello!

    I wear Altamura mesh body and head with bento. With Altamura you have the choice of a full body with bento head, and a body without the head. Slink shoes are compatiable with altamura Sofia body, and you can flip between hourglass, maitreya, or freya, Isis, and physic. If you use mirco on your body hud, it will alpha out little parts of your body. If you use Marco on your hud – it’ll alpha out the bigger parts all at once. The hud is done super nice you have a back and a front, and you have a zoom in to get the nipples to alpha them out. as stated we don’t have our own brand of clothing, but omega is compatiable with the body. When you purchase the omega relay from Cheyanne, you get the Installer for Altamura and the relay for altamura for 99Ls. Or like she says on her webpage 50Ls in the main store with the group tag. It’s all about playing around with your body and finding out what suits you the best! I have fallen in love with Sofia, and Monique Mesh bento head, and I couldn’t be happier with them!

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