ABAR – EBody v6.5

The Body:


 The Details:

Cost – 2500L
Designer – ABAR
Current Reviewed Version: v8.2
Includes – Fitmesh Body, 2 Fitmesh Bras & 1 Panty (with colour HUD), fitmesh feet, rigged feet (flat, mid and high) and hands.

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Hands – Yes (two styles, relaxed and closed)
Feet – Yes (three styles, flat mid and high)
Skins tones included – 12 system layer skins (for your head) and 12 appliers built in to the HUD to match the body

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Save Slots for Other Skins – 12 slots
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 12 slots (for the Ebody, the alpha cut and applier save slots are the same, so for example if you’re wearing an applier top and mesh jeans, and you’re using alpha cuts to make the jeans fit – when you save this to the ‘outfits’ section, it will save both the applier top and the alpha cuts)
Save Slots for Appliers – 12 slots (as above)


Omega – Yes for body/skin/clothing, built in compatibility – See the Omega page for more details about this body
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – Yes
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – Yes, included feet will fit flat, mid and high slink shoes
Compatible mesh heads – Lelutka, LOGO, Slink Visage, Genesis Labs, PUMEC, Eve’olution, Fiore & Rowne – pretty much everything!

 The HUD:


The best bits:
  • Fitting standard fitmesh obviously! It worked really well with the remaining ‘normal’ fitmesh I have in my inventory, which was great. Same applies for standard sizing, it fit really well.
  • The feet are compatible with Slink shoes (flat, mid and high) – which is a HUGE money saver for most!
  • Omega compatibility opens up a world of skin, tattoo and clothing options
  • The Alphas – finally some smaller cuts on the chest! Wearing low cut tops or corsets is much easier with the wide range of cuts on the breasts!
  • The skins included are beautiful (and have a system layer version included for your head) but they *don’t* come with Slink appliers, which makes matching your hands feet (as you’ll see above) very difficult. However, the body now comes with its own hands and feet, so that doesn’t matter really unless you’re set on using Slink!
The worst bits:
  • The body (because of the nature of the design – ie. making it fit standard size fitmesh and mesh clothing) is petite, and much like the system avatar, can’t really be made curvy. That said, it’s almost like a far better shaped system avatar, so if you want to fit standard fitmesh, there really isn’t another way to do it.
  • It seems to have a little more trouble than other bodies with getting applier clothing on it, however that said the new update (8.2) does fix a majority of these problems.
  • The alpha cut on the “lady garden” – it’s such a wide cut that it’s difficult for skimpier shorts and the like, would love to see a much smaller cut here confined to the actual vagina area.
Best suited to:

Users who like a petite and/or more standard SL sized body/shape and users who want to buy standard fitmesh rather than specific mesh body fitmesh (ie. like you do with Belleza/Maitreya). Users who are new to mesh bodies, this is a recommendation for you for sure, and users who don’t want to lose their Slink shoe collection!

32 thoughts on “ABAR – EBody v6.5

  1. That’s not just an invisible pony between the legs of that thing, that’s a whole elephant.
    Is that just the shape used, or can it be fixed?
    (ps: your arms are too short. Notice that you’d not even be able to reach far enough to wipe. 🙂 Fingers should reach to mid-thigh.)

    • The shape that’s used is a modifiable version of my own, however I couldn’t get rid of the thigh gap with muscle/fat/hip width sliders at all, so it appears that’s just part of the design in terms of fitmesh rigging. As for my arms, yes you’re possibly right, good thing my avatar doesn’t ever need to wipe 😀

  2. I tried the demo and had just left my Maitreya hands and feet on. Although the hands didn’t quite match perfectly, (they were a bit big at the wrist), the feet were a perfect match for me and no line. I just used the same skin I had on my hands and feet. It could be a good alternative for those mesh outfits that just don’t quite fit.

    • I totally agree, I love the concept behind this one! I just hope I can figure out a solution with slink hands/feet, otherwise it’s like saying you need to buy a Maitreya body to use the EBody haha

  3. I am a MBA for real ! I bought the eBody (being my 7th mb) @the fair I must say Love Love Love it ! Love the alpha having both thick and thinner cuts . I have worn outfits that I bought but could never wear until now , ty . I am having slight issue using my Slink add-ons (feet) but it’s nothing that I can’t figure out if I take the time but until I do I have sexy Slink shoes with ankle straps , lol . I love the fact that I am able to wear my other mesh that I had for my SL body , KUDDOS ! I just wish I had gotten eBody before I deleted
    10,000 items from my inv . Oh well just means more , can we say it ladies , SHOPPING !!!

      • I think I need some kind of intervention like 5 bodies ago , lol . I can’t help it !
        Before I buy body I get demo of course and try it on 5 or 6 times inspecting it
        making sure it looks good naked from all angels then I ask myself do I have
        clothes or is there a new wardrobe in my future ….Can I say HELL YEAH ~
        SHOPPING !!!!!

  4. Hello there,
    I am one of the poor souls in SL who doesnt own a Mesh Body. I have been collecting demos from all female mesh bodies i found exist here from this site and through Google. After trying all I thought Ebody and Maitreya was the best..but trying to wear my slink shoes with Maitreya was not easy..my high heels doesn’t fit.. Ebody on the other hand is a so much easier to wear my mesh clothes and my slink shoes..which has given this mesh body my five stars..So yes Ebody is going to be my first Mesh IF i get this just one hitch sorted out. My question is..oh yes I do have one..wink.. How can I wear my own skin..like GA etc? The shape that comes with it what purpose does it serve? Thanks for helping me out.. Another question is there a solution to wearing my slink shoes with Maitreya and also wearing my own skin tone.

    • Hey Simi! I know it’s confusing at first, don’t worry it does get easier!! AS for your questions:
      1) The shape that comes with EBody is just a recommended shape to help your body fit most standard clothing, but this body does that quite well anyway so no need to use this if you don’t want to (I don’t);
      2) You can use any skin that has an Omega applier with EBody. Unfortunately Glam Affair don’t sell Omega appliers at the moment though 🙁
      3) The EBody feet will fit slink shoes, the Maitreya feet won’t *but* you can use your Slink feet with Maitreya! Just attach your slink feet instead of your Maitreya feet, and set your Slink foot size to XS 🙂 That way you could use the Glam Affair skin that’s build into the Maitreya HUD for the body, and a Slink foot applier from Glam Affair for the feet, and still fit your slink shoes!!

      Hope this helps <3

    • Hi Simi!
      In case you didnt buy a mesh body yet and wondering about getting the eBody… and to the reply you got earlier… Anything that has a tango applier (that uses full texture, not cropped), and phat azz applier (or many other bottoms) can be converted into an Omega applier, which then can be used to apply skin on your body. Its a good example with the Glam Affair skins, which i had tango and azz for, and i converted them to use with my Belleza body 😀 tricky tricky 🙂 For that, if you are new to mesh bodies and body parts, might wanna ask your friends to help you out, or for example the Omega support group, they lovely people!
      ***All in all, i would highly suggest this body, its absolutely gorgeous!! Its default skin on the body is also gorgeous so you dont even have to worry about skin, you just need to color it through the HUD to match your head/face tone! Tadaa!!***

  5. Thank you very much! You have helped me more than you think… Big girly mushy hugs.
    I just read there is a MBA sim opening on Sunday?..

  6. Hi while I agree that the ebody is mostly a great body it does however have a serious flaw. The neck join, except for certain shapes the neck does not join correctly, leaving a transparent patch at the front of the neck. I purchased the body for a friend, and this problem made itself evident, rendering the body pretty much useless. She contacted Ebody, and essentially they said ”yeah we know about this, we’ll fix it next update, thanks for your feedback” not exactly helpful is it?, to sell a body they know is flawed, then to fob people off with the promise of an update at some unspecified time? I would strongly dissuade anyone from buying this mostly excellent body until the update appears, why should people waste their money on a body they may find unusable?.

    • I also have the eBody along with 7 others . I love that body except I am unable to use my slink hands there is a slight gap between hand and arm . Luckily the body comes with hands so no biggie .I find I can wear my fitted clothes for other bodies along with my regular avi mesh clothing . I am a mesh body addict for real and would recommend this body and have ….

    • I contacted the creator when i was demoing it, not because of an issue just about a suggestion, and he was as helpful as, he jumped right into the body mesh and made the change i suggested, showed it to me on a snappy if thats how i meant it, and he was really nice to me! So, i think if its something they can fix, they will fix as soon as its possible.
      I never noticed the neck issue but i think i tried a pervious version of the body where it didnt have yet the feet and hands.

  7. I, like many, went around to every mesh body location in world and grabbed up a demo. I had been away from SL for over a year and was amazed at all that had changed. Having always liked my SL shape, thanks to a high quality skin, I was not sure I would go Mesh. There was little problem wearing mesh clothes and so many shoes come with feet in them, that it was not a big deal. But, the one thing I have always abhorred about the SL bodies were the wrist and ankle joints and of course the feet. I fell in love with the eBody from the moment I put it on.

    As for the neck issue, I have the latest model and they have added a “neck on” “neck off” and two alphas one with neck and one without. I found it very easy to match my skin tone, no issues with seams at all. I do use my SL head so might want to keep that in mind. I cannot speak about seams with any of the mesh heads.

    For my money, it will be eBody all the way. Only my humble opinion.

    • Thank you so much for sharing Casiopa! The eBody is a gorgeous body, and being so compatible with standard sizing it’s a fantastic body to have!! I’ll re-check the neck issue with the latest versions and see how I go :))

  8. I’m super late to the eBody party… I already have Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass, the Belleza collection, and TMP. I’ve been eyeing the eBody for a while because of the better compatibility with standard mesh and I finally decided to buy it today after noticing a little while ago that L’etre put out appliers for it. I’d love to know if any other skin makers have or are working on appliers for the eBody? It has a lot of potential so it would be nice to see more love given to it, especially considering it is a great way to convert mesh body haters into mesh body lovers.

    • Hey lovely 🙂 I agree there’s a lot of potential with the body. I’ll have to take a look at the L’etre skins, because to the last of my knowledge the body only used Omega applier system and nothing else, so I’m not sure if these are perhaps just Omega appliers?

  9. Hi everyone..its been a few months since I mentioned I wanted to go mesh.. (I am still one of those poor souls who has not even one mesh body to bragg about) So I have decided to go with Ebody and Mesh head from Catwa Candy. (after trying all demos of mesh heads). I thought I would use Glam Affair skin Jamaica (Im a Jamaican..smiles) Does Glam Affairs have appliers for Ebody and Catwa? I saw LeEtre with Catwa appliers but didnt see one for Ebody..can you tell me where i can go to get both(appliers for ebody and Catwa) at one store..
    with love

  10. I did it. I bought my first mesh body and it was this one. I waited forever for Logo to make Omega body appliers and they finally did.

    I chose the Ebody because I’m not Barbie or a porn model. I tried Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza demos over and over and over and gagged every time at the exaggeration of my breasts, butt, and waist as well as the serious slimming down of my arms and legs. My shape is a solid standard M, I like body fat but I couldn’t get any of those bodies to look remotely real or like anything but an Amazon priestess with a shelf ass.

    The pros of this body – it looks great without forcing you into an oversexualized doll. If you want to just be a normal avatar with normal proportions on your jiggly bits, this is for you. It’s also very cost effective and Omega compatible right out of the box. The thick and thin cuts are wonderful and varied allowing for a variety of older clothes to be worn.

    The cons of this body – I cannot get Slink hands or feet to fit perfect, there is a small space between the body and the hands/feet and while it’s barely noticeable it still bugs me. It bugs me a lot. I know I could use the included hands but I have some old nail polishes that are not Omega. This seems to be more of a Slink not wanting to fit issue than an Ebody one though.

    I’ll still be going back to my system body for some clothes but it’s nice to have a mesh body that looks exactly like my system body proportion wise.

  11. I’m really tempted by this body. I have built up a good collection of nice clothes for my classic body, lots of which also fit the demo EBody but not other mesh bodies, and I really don’t want to throw most of them out. I love the choice of shoe fits too, classic and Slink. The HUD is nicely designed too. The only thing is that the body (v 8.2) is a bit crudely drawn in places – the breast curves are angular in places and the ankle and neck seams are not smooth. That could probably be easily fixed in an update, which I look forward to.

  12. I cannot swim in swimsuite. It makes me all white under water. RGB works very strange always set up to 255 255 255 and is relative to starting skin. The numbers have no absolute meaning as it should, perhaps only if i wear all white skin first. I miss alpha which does not cover feet and/or hands. It would be good to have such alpha to be able to combine with others then Slink extremities. I would even use classic for hands.

  13. Hello I have the body mesh ABAR – EBody v6.5 will there be many more clothes ??? Which will be well adapted

  14. I came here because I am looking for a mesh body that has a better alpha cut in the breasts. I was going to try this one, but as I don’t pay for my trash, I won’t pay for a demo. I looked at the HUD picture here above and it seemed to be good. Yet, I am going with Maitreya. The demo is free and 90% of the clothes are made for Maitreya anyway OR standard size clothes will fit that body perfectly with the help of the alpha cut in the HUD.

    To the Jamaican girl, Glam Affair does Catwa appliers, yes. But I know they made appliers body for Slink, Belleza (separates) and Maitreya (in the HUD).

    Also, you’re not the only one. I still need to get a mesh body myself. Most people living in US or Europe think we have a lot of money in smaller, poorer countries, which is not true. But people tend to base the world by the size of their own wallets. One told me once that “SL is for rich people” and that “if I can afford internet I can afford a mesh body”. I didn’t even waste my time telling them my internet comes from a free service from the nearby school…. and that my computer has only 2 gigabytes of RAM. Total disrespect, but never mind. May these people be happy with their own riches instead of being a bit generous, if not with their pockets, with their hearts.

    • I don’t know if this was true then, but the eBODY Classic and eBODY curvy are wearable demos. They cost $1L but are functioning bodies, like the TMP free version. It doesn’t allow you access to the thin alpha cuts, but lets you use the thick ones. Additionally, you cannot use the built-in OMEGA relay, which is preloaded on the full version. I would encourage you to give it another try as I use it on an alt avatar. You can’t really beat a functioning mesh body for $1L, especially for newbies.

  15. I found eBody Curvy back in Oct 2017 I seen a ad but every one was talking about it. I have to say I love the Body April 2018. eBody Curvy is easy to shape and in the right places you want. I really love eBody Curvy there is so many clothes now. I know there update with a hud in the works for eBody 8.6 but we can’t wait. I am curvy women in real Just I could not be the old standard body Just we have be a women as we are in real Us Girls should be able to be who we are.

    If you are looking for clothes for eBody Curvy.



  16. I started out with maitreya which was very petite and i didnt like it, I then switched to hourglass which at the time i really liked it, used that until around the beginning of 2018 when i first seen e-body curvy demo at one of the shopping events. it was only 1L so i bought it, and too my amazment i thought it looked 100 times better then hourglass the shape is more lifelike and not a pin-up body i immediatly went over to the store and bought the full version. I am still waiting for some great clothes for it a few have caught my eye and check their store pages every week for something new, but i suggest creators who want to make money from me switch to ebody curvy i have a fortune to spend on this body alone.

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